Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Orientation for 2 days!!??? WTH!?

I didnt know the orientation last for 2 days. The letter did not write about 2 days and said to come to the college at 2 pm. The registrar told me to go to 2nd floor to collect my student ID card and a list of art materials. The moment i receive my student ID card, i was shocked to see missing photo on my card. They must have forgotten to stick my picture on the card. The registrar told me to stick myself and can change to another photo whenever I like. There I met my first friend, Zhi Ling in the college. She came up to me and we start talking to each other. She's from Penang =). I get to meet some new friends during orientation. Two of them are from Taman Sea school and the other is from Terengganu.

First day of orientation on Friday, they had some introduction of the college, principals speech, dont remember who else speech........welcome you to the college and all. Lastly, Tatsun Hoi, principal of TOA came and have a talk. He was saying how to prepare a workplace for ourselves. Place a coffee maker at the corner of the room?! How could you encourage students to drink coffee everyday? Do you want us to be killed by cafeinne?? It was boring after sometime and I fell asleep the last few minutes, plus I'm was sitting right in front. I guess he saw me.....hopefully not.

I had no choice but to skip my trip to Singapore. My grandma got angry and start babbeling that I promise to go and I'm breaking the promise by making an excuse I have to attend college on Saturday. Sigh.......old folks......what can I say..? I have not gotten any timetable from the lecturer in charge. And so.........guess what, we went through the student handbook for the whole day!! They were strict on student attendance and assignment datelines. None of the lecturers called my name. I had to personally get the timetable from the SRA. I wasn't the only one asking for timetable. Many of the students did not get their timetables. Zhi Ling is in the same class as me =). At least I dont have to feel lonely in class. Practically, the 2nd day of orientation is just a waste of time. I should have gone to Singapore!!!!! get a new hairstyle!! hunt for high heels!!! sigh....... =_="