Sunday, November 30, 2008

i got "hit" by a lorry

Thursday, 27/11/08

I was on my way to college driving. I was using the middle lane and need to keep left lane to go to Sunway. A lorry was at the left lane, he put right indication and there was a gap between the truck and the car in front. So, I put my signal and slowly move to the left lane. I guess the car was abit close to the lorry. Driving normally suddenly I saw the lorry right beside me REALLY near, purposely hit the side mirror and even scratched the car! The driver dashed off to subang road after hitting the car. WHAT THE HELL MAN!??!! I was shocked. Luckily it didn't cause any accident. My grandparents were in the car. I curse you till the day you die and never rest in peace. Even if you are mad I "take over" you or too close to your bloody truck, you have no right to HIT THE CAR!! I couldn't get the car number plat.....

Lesson learned.....never try to cut or take over a LORRY, TRUCK or any big vehicles.....Most of them are immoral people......sikit-sikit tak suka..... sikit-sikit mau gaduh. This is how Malaysian drivers are......
Reached block M, quickly hug hubby.....*cries* T-T

Friday, November 21, 2008

Red Christmas!

Christmas is coming soon! Decorations are up at Sunway Pyramid. I assume red colour is the trend now. The christmas trees are in red, the stage is red, the cloth is red....everything is red. After seeing Leo off, walked around awhile and stopped by at the main stage. The performance caught my attention decided to looked on. Jolly songs were played along with performers wearing fancy costumes dancing along. For some reason, I felt unhappy....

I did my life sketch in class using artline pen for the first time. Difficult to control and can't erase once you did a mistake. Not too bad.......but certain part of the figure is kinda distorted. I'll just stick to pencil for the moment. Did another two life sketch at Pyramid then headed to library to complete my last design workshop thumbnail. Then, I took a nap and overslept. Library is about to close and I'm the only one still there. Mum was about to leave me if I don't pick up my phone. When I woke up it is around 6 can't expect me to set my phone in loud mode in the library......... will take better pictures of the christmas decoration when I bring camera next time......

nothing serious! confirmed!!

Thursday, 20/11/08

Mum picked me up from coll after lunch to Assunta Hospital to meet Dr. Kishnan. I did ultrasound again and very much confirmed with the previous test I did at a medical centre. It is a solitary fibroadenoma and measures about 2 cm big 0.o......... swt.....did it grow..? Not cancerous but still have to operate it out. The surgery is just a one day thing. Within few hours I can return home......(yes!! I feel uneasy staying in the hospital) Before I go for the surgery, there is a place I got to go first. That is.......Sunway Lagoon!!! Gonna enjoy gau gau first because after surgery cannot go play water~ and also my membership card expires this year. The membership card is only free for ONE year...-_-.....
Gosh.....I waited for more than an hour plus for my turn. There were many people waiting for their turns to do x-ray. I practically fell asleep there......what's more I didn't bring my sketchbook.......adds on my boredom. Mum bought a pink ducky for contribution to breast cancer. Pink ducky became my company for a day........

Friday, November 14, 2008


I went for ultrasound test at Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre to check my chest if it's really a lump at my left side. It turn out to be true......NO WORRIES!!. Nothing cancerous but still need to remove it. Thanks to aunt Phyllis who worked there so I don't need to pay the x-ray. The consultant gave me a letter to hand it to the surgeon when I need to operate later. Don't think will be doing the operation that soon.....most likely during holidays. Can't afford to miss any lessons and it is where all my final project and final exam comes in. Worried if you ask me? Well....who is not worried about this kind of thing happened to them? May not be harmful for now but what if it grows bigger and......I dunno....I just want it out from my body ASAP! When will I do the operation? Who knows......... having some issues now =/

Thursday, November 6, 2008

College Tips 101 from Dominoes Pizza

Study Tips:
  1. Be involved in your classes
  2. Take GOOD notes
  3. Review your notes every day

Assignment Writing Tips:

  1. Start early, don't procrastinate.
  2. Plagiarism is a NO - NO! Quote your cources.
  3. Before printing your final draft, run spell-check and proof read.

Preparing for Exams:

  1. Review your notes.
  2. Rework problems.
  3. Do not stay up all night studying. You'll be less clear-headed than if you don't get some rest.

After reading, I checked myself whether I am the good and hardworking person. I attended every single class, take notes all the time due to practice back in high school but hardly look through the notes XP. Sometimes I procastinate, sometimes there's just too much work to complete. Plagiarism? I bet most design ideas are quite similar..... Yes.....Checks every single detail of art. Since I draw more than I write so it is the other way round. Nah.......what's there to revise for exams unless for history and calligraphy class exam. We don't stay up late to study, we DRAW TILL DEATH COMES UPON US! XD

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get a new evening dress?

Browsing through sis's old post in her blog, saw her wearing a blue-ish and green-ish (don't remember the specific name for that colour) dress she wore for her college night ball. Reminds me the brown dress I saw in Asian Avenue. Liked it at very first glance. Thought of buying it but......probably won't be wearing it anytime soon since no formal night function at my college. Never heard any of it YET. Hard to find one when you needed it most but easy to find when you dont need it at this point of time.............. Buy or not buy? =/