Saturday, February 28, 2009

CNY weeksss

Right.......a thousands of apologies for not showing initiative to update my blog and to the ppls who reads my blog. Thank you! The reason? I dun have to say. Zhi Ling, I finally updated my blog!! XP Gonna talk about CNY celebration. This year, there were slight different in decorating my house. I made 18 koi fishes and stuck it on my living room wall. I saw the idea outside Vision Art. I didn't followed how they did coz I forgotten how it looks like. So, I modified and created my own koi fish and it turn out well =). Much better than the ones I saw at Vision Art. Heheehhe.... I proud of my work XD. Grandma bought 2 new lanterns and 2 fake firecrackers to hang. It was a bad choice to buy the firecrackers. Whenever you turn off the lights and on it back, it must play the explosion sound for few secs. It's annoying and can frighten ppl. I must say, it may even attract the policeman attention =x. Aunt's friend brought 10 flowers to our house. Very colourful but too bad I didnt take a picture of it while it's still alive.
First day of CNY, my family had "chai" for breakfast. We only ate vegetarian for half day. After breakfast, get changed into new year clothes and ready for relatives to come over. Yay~! angpau time! =p I served my relatives with drinks and foods we have. Naughty cousins came over. Walking around my house and simply enters room -_-.
2nd day of CNY, my parents, sis and I goes back to Ipoh to visit my relatives from mom's side. Enjoyed delicious lunch and dinner cooked by my aunty. Yummy~ Drank my grandma's soup. Didn't go anywhere since everyone is tired from the trip to here. Cousin bro brought Nintendo Wii to Ipoh. My little cousins, nieces and nephews were hogging the Wii to play. Fighting each other to snatch the wii controller. Did a lil figure at night and went to sleep. Oh by the way, I drew Gordon Ramsay the founder for Hell's Kitchen. Sis didn't want to sleep in air-con room coz she can't stand the cold. I took over the queen size mattress!!! weeeee~! *rolls around* =p
3rd day of CNY, I went visit step- grandma at wo fung. Had 2 pink hard-boiled egg. The pink eggs is a remembrance of step-grandpa. He loves to eat egg according to mum. After that, we headed to grandma's sis rumah papan. She has to renovate her house coz the white ants drilled her wooden house till her ceiling is gone. Gah! forgot to take the missing ceiling picture. We had this funny looking colour fish for dinner. Seriously, the colour makes it like a aquarium fish. Is it edible? Is it poisonous?? The fish turn out really tasty. Can taste the freshness and the softness of the fish with aunt's sauce. Did figure again almost done with the face. Mom wanted to stay one more night. I told her no way!! I have to rush stop motion!!
The next day, went home after lunch. The weather was darn weird. It was raining heavily halfway then sunny, raining and sunny again. Yes~!! Home sweet home~ Roarie~ I miss youuuuu *huggies*
Last day of CNY, my aunt belanja my family to have dinner at the newly open Imperial Garden Restaurant under Tai Thong group. A high class place I would say but too bad the structure of the building sucks. The entrance and exit to the parking is so tight and it's opposite. It can cause accident if you didn't look at the mirror hung on the wall. You have to look at the mirror for incoming cars. The rooms are hidden. I dun even know where am I leading to. Everything is red in the room, the curtains, the lights, the napkins...... well...except the chairs. It's made out of leather......I wonder if it's genuine? What's good is there is washroom in every room. What's bad is there are mirrors near the door. If you're sitting near the door, you can see your reflection and that is distracting.
End of CNY 2009.
ps: pictures will not be uploaded due to unable to boot up my comp that contains all the pics.