Saturday, September 11, 2010

Symphonic touch

Just as I do my daily surfing on my personal interest of CGs, I managed to find out a particular MMORPG name that I forgotten years back. I came to know Zera: Imperan Intigue as its character art got me interest. This game is developed by Nexon and sadly, it has been closed down. Another reason than just beautiful artworks, never to forget music plays a big part in games too. I'm very captivated with symphonic music. It just give me a great sense of emotion. I would always feel I'm in the ballroom with dancing my partner. hahahah XD typical fairytale imagination. Here are the two different version of the character selection in Zera. The difference is the solo part either its played with violin or clarinet. Both have its unique melody =D.

Clarinet solo

violin solo

credits to uploaders XD