Friday, January 30, 2009

my first orchestra =p

Sunday, 11/1/08

I attended my first ever orchestra concert with my sister at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. I went for A Viennese New Year : a selection of music by Strauss. I've always watching and listening to orchestra on tv. Now I get the chance to see it live XD. My dearest sister paid my ticket for me as her treat to me. She bought the RM40 ticket since the cheapest ticket is sold out (really fast). We took LRT from Asia Jaya to KLCC. The to-and-fro ticket cost about RM5. We had to wear semi-formal. Strictly no casual wear. I still find it hard to walk on heels. It hurts my feet if I walk any longet than half an hour =/. I saw a man having the same ticket in the train. He must be watching with the same concert too. We reached the hall just in time.

KLCC CNY deco. I'm only fascinated by the 2 big tanglungs

the FREE booklet

Here I am, sitting in the hall, experiencing the astonishing performance by the orchestra players. The conductor, Martin Sieghart leads the orchestra. There are about 13 music pieces played. I'm familar with some of the music pieces. Heard it before when I was young. Arpine Rahdjian, a soprano singer makes the performance even better. Her voice is so powerful that blew my mine away. Both her and the conductor had to walk back on stage to bow to the audience as we clapped our hand longer. Flowers were given to them to show their appreciation. He had 3 encores to play. The final piece was interesting. We tagged along, clapping our hands by following the music beat. It was fun!

After the concert, sis and I went to Isetan to buy some sushi to eat. We walked awhile since sis needed to find a present for her colleague. At last, she bought a handmade necklace. The pendant has a flower shape in it surrounded by 2 swarovski crystal along the necklace. Took LRT back to the station. feet aches! I have few blisters on both feet =/. Anyhow, I enjoyed the concert. Hoping to attend another =)

smile smile =)

Upcoming concert: Symphonic Fantasies

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad luck wei....

Friday, 9/1/09

Yet another outdated post of mine. This happened last friday (look up above at the date) and I'm posting it today, Friday. I am getting lazier and lazier day by day. Why did I name my title in such way? Well, let's just say.......IT'S BLOODY BAD LUCK LA! The other day I got followed by this indian school boy and now.......I hit an indian man!!! Haiyoo....why so dark wan??

My friday class starts at 2pm. Can sleep more and no need to rush to college that early in the morning. I hate driving out in the afternoon. There were more cars, jamming their way here and there. The road I used to go is lined with cars and I can hardly have a chance to crossover. So, grandpa asked to take another route. I turned left out from my house road, go straight, I was confused of what turning my grandparents were saying. They wanted me to U-turn from one of the housing road to the main road. I was about to pass the housing road until grandpa pointed out it's that housing road. I put left indication and turn my stering. As I made my turning, a motorbike came from the left and hit the left side mirror and fell down. I was careless. I didn't look at the mirror before turning. I was so shocked.I quickly got down from the car to check if the man is alright. What made matters worst the driver is an indian -_-. A few people came and help out. I insisted to take him to the clinic or hospital. He was ok still able to ride the motorbike. I was practically late for class. I didn't want things to be worst. I led him to the 24 hours clinic near my house. Called Howe to informed that I'll be late for class. Grandparents were saying just give him some money then go to college. They didnt even want to pay coz saying it's his fault coming fast from the left, scratched the car and made the side mirror came off (the wire is hanging it). They wanted to report him. He got pissed off and want to report. I said there's no need for it since it's both our fault. Why want to make it so serious? He said he doesn't just want us to give money. He just wants us to pay his medical fees. Ok fine, I accompanied him to the clinic which I shouldn't have gone to.

The service sucks. The doctor and nurse was busy chatting. They were taking their sweet time. His right arm and leg was aching. The doctor suggested to check with x-ray to see any broken bone or something. Logically, if his bone is broke, he wouldn't be able to ride the bike after the accident. Grandma paid the RM70 medical fees. I told him after you went for checkup give me a call and bring along your receipt and I shall pay it back to you.

Grandpa took off the dangling side mirror. Later then, I headed to college. Grandpa drove the car instead of me. I was 1 hour late for class. My first time late for this semester. I have a good reason for that. During class, the indian man smsed saying he's going for another clinic than having his checkup at Assunta Hospital because it's expensive there. I told dad and mum the accident. They asked me to ignore him. If he calls, pass the phone to dad. At night, he called my phone few times with his house number. I didn't want to pick up. Until, he called using his handphone but I wasn't in my room. He smsed asking me to call him back. And so, I called him asked what is the matter. He replied I dun need to pay his medical fees. He thanked me for taking him to the clinic. Most people dun bother taking them to hospital or clinic. He asked about the car, if Iwant to claim insurance I have to make a police report and so does he. There's no need for it. He even insisted to pay back the RM70 medical fees. Nvm just forget the whole thing. Finally, the issue settled. He's not that bad. I'm pretty lucky I met an kind indian man. This accident really brings down my confident in driving. Dun really want to drive after this but no choice. For the sake of grandparents, I shall drive CAREFULLY.......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dangerous walking alone.......

Tuesday, 6/1/09

I took a bus home after having lunch with hubby. I didn't want grandpa to drive all the way to Subang Jaya just to pick me up. I also didn't want to wait till dad to pick me after his work as I have yet to have assignments to do. Might as well I go home earlier and rest more. The bus reached my area, I came out and walked the same way back to my home as how I always did if I take a bus. As I was walking around the housing area, I saw two indian secondary school boy stopped at a car to sort out some textbook or something. I continue walking. One of the boy came walking the same road. Suddenly he got near me and asked what is the time. I faked the time and kept walking. I walked slower on purpose so he would be in front of me. I find it weird when he slowed down making me taking the lead. He start asking many questions where do I live? Where I come from? yada yada. His action was very suspicious. He tried to get my attention saying "Excuse me. Sorry" I ignored him and start walking even faster to the condominium. He used another entrance to the condo. While I was about to enter the condo, I tripped over the stairs (how clumsy can I be at this time??) Ahhhhh!!! I didnt bother the pain. Quickly got up and guess what, I saw him!!! He walked to a shop and flipping through some magazine. I dunno if he's pretending or what coz he is facing me! I quickly went down the escalator stayed at one corner near Picadilly and take a look if he is following me. Stayed awhile, wanted to call hubby but he's having class and too far away from me. Wanted to call Win Ceok but not sure he's having class too or even bring his darling phone to school. I was worried......but I remained as calm as possible. No sign of him I fast fast walked back home. Constantly looking behind to check he's really hiding somewhere and follow me. Finally, I reached home safe and sound............ Really an unlucky day for me. Don't think I want to walk again. This is the first time happened to me. Either follow hubby's car or dad's car. I dun wanna be the next victim at my area. Thanks to my clumsiness, I had a big pinkish, purplish and bluelish bruise on my knee..... it's so darn swollen. So ladies out there, PLEASE DO NOT WALK ALONE.
Lesson learned : Never walk alone to anywhere. Find a friend to walk with if possible.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new semester begins.....

Monday, 5/1/09

Semester 3 finally begun......I got my timetable on the results day. I am in AD085-1, same class with Zhi Ling, Meng Shen, Chris and Chin Yau. It sucks badly...... Friday class starts from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. That is crazy!!!! There is Saturday class this sem again!!! Mom scolded me for not letting her know early and immediately ask me to change. I wrote the letter and submitted on Saturday.

As Monday come, I went to check if my letter approves. Howe and Mei Linn's letter was approved except mine. But the person allowed me to attend class 2's digital design class. Good that I dun need to go college at the most jam hour and go home at night. Sadly, remained in my class having Saturday classes =/. Weeee~! Met my ex-classmates and gave them hugs. I get to see hubby again!! XD *BIG HUG* Really missed him alot. College times can see him more. Although not much due to different timetable timing, we still can see each other awhile =3. Since I remained in my current class, my first class begins at 2.30pm. Howe, Henry, Miki and I went up to student lounge to kill time. Henry was playing Left 4 Dead in his laptop. I played his nintendo DS while waiting for hubby finishes his class. We then had lunch together and I attended my first class which is Perspective Studies.

We had to draw at least 2 areas that show perspective. I did 3 because my 2nd piece didn't show much of perspective. I saw the Edmund's GODLY work. He drew Pyramid view. So detailed~! I felt abit left out coz everyone speaks mandarin except a few. I can't understand a thing they said. Went back home feeling abit unhappy. Just gonna know the class better.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

gathering with me gfwens =D

Sunday, 28/12/08

Messaged Wing Yann, Zuang Mei, Kathryn and Lydia free to go out walk walk. Semua pun ok. If tak ok, I sepak you guys. December not free meh. The plan was to go out 2 weeks before but Kat attending Comic Fiesta on both weekends =/. So postponed 2 weeks later lollllllll. And finally we meet up on Sunday.

Supposely we meet up at Mc'D at 10.30am. I woke up around that time =p. Quickly had chee cheong fun for breakfast, changed clothes then ask cousin bro to drop me there. I am the late one XD. Sorry XD. Changed meeting spot to Carl's Junior. Nah....I give presents to you guys. So, dun marah marah =p.

Zuang Mei the organizer XD ahahhahah

Kathryn, Lydia and Wing Yann (look at camera your pancake later =p)

Our movie starts at 12.55pm. We had lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes. I wouldn't say it's lunch because the pancake we ordered is not filling to me. My teabreak appetite. Delicious but too little for all of us. Ordered wrongly. Not cheap wei. They paid my portion as I gave them presents XD. Thank you guys. Love you all~!!. We watched Beverly Hill's Chihuahua. A funny and your typical movie. Not too bad actually. Lydia paid the ticket for me. Thanks Lydia =). We hanged around at MPH bookstore. Kat had to leave early coz have to celebrate her mom's b'day at Red-box later. Cool eh~? My tummy making noise liao. Hunt for more filling food: Spagetti!!! Search around where have spagetti to eat. Delifrance tak mau.

We ate a quarter of it. Weee~ bananas, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and stg stg......

Finally, we went in Dominoes Pizza. WY, Lydia and I orderd the carbonara spagetti set with mushroom soup with a glass of iced lemon tea. ZM ordered the pizza set. Rm10 for each set including tax. Quite worth althought the spagetti not the best. As long can fill up my stomach can liao. Michelle's spagetti still the best XD. About 5pm, we say bye bye to each other. Sigh...although we can't spend longer time together but happy to see you guys in good shape XD. Next year gathering coming up! Make sure you reserve some days for us all ; ).


Goodbye year 2008!! And Hello 2009!!
Wish everyone have a prosperous year.
Never forget the fun times we had together
See you somehow somewhere in this year
Fellow CD085-3 -ians let show them how bonkers we can be XP
Enjoy your life~!

A new beginning for everyone as we had finished our 6 months of Foundation in The One Academy. We will be majoring a course that we chose. We will have parting ways and move on with our lives. We get older and mature in years pass. We learn new things and gain more knowledge in anything we study. We have covered the very basics or aft and design in our selected school.

I've learnt alot through my 6 months time in TOA. I learn how to sketch and shade properly in college. Something that I wouldn't learn in my high school. I think I said this before......bahhh who cares =p. I've been through the first stage of my toughest life in TOA. 1st semester was really a hectic. Tons Of Assignments coming in your way. Restless semester but it was fun. I meet many new friends. I enjoy working with them especially in group works. I had fun hanging out the crazy group I met (you know who you are ; p). We are the noisiest whereever we go. 2nd semester.......hehe...a lovey dovey moment =3. Never forget my ex-schoolmates who knew me for many many years =).

Long-winded post coming up like now( or not) XD. I am really happy I picked something that I really like to study. Many people thinks people who take up art & design will not earn a living and thinks your job is draw on the street. What you see around the world is ART. I am proud to have a family that support me. Without them I wouldnt be here. I wouldn't be on one of the best college in the country. Nevertheless, I hope they keep on supporting in whatever I do and be proud of me.

Oh the good thing of 2008, I didn't fall sick at all! It's just almost almost XD. Weehehehe my antibodies strong eh... XP
I stayed at home the whole day...bored......Not allowed to go out.....I have headache somemore...make the feeling worse. After dinner, still got headache. I can't take it took 2 pills of panadol and rested awhile. What a waste le.......the condominium blocked my perfect view of watching fireworks. I can only hear the explosion sound. Wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stayed awake until hubby comes back home. Chat chat awhile then sleep. I miss you hubby *huggies* =3