Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at His Sanctuary of Glory

On the 23rd of December, I attended Hannah's church for christmas event in the morning. This is my second time going to her church. The event started at 10.30 a.m but my dad totally forgotten to fetch me as he went to the car showroom right after breakfast at one of the shops. I was really late and missed the first 15 minutes of the event. Luckily, i didn't missed out Hannah's perfomance^^. At first, i wanted to take pictures of her but i sat quite far from the stage. She was dancing and it's hard to take moving pictures. So, I decided to record the performance using the camera. And there it is, you see pretty Hannah and her sister dancing again^^ (Hehehe......). Now I do realise that the skirt you wore that day looks like curtain cloth......... Victoria arrived an hour plus later. She couldn't decide whether she should come or not. It was a very last decision. Anyway, glad that you came and join us Vicky^^

Hannah, Victoria, Me =)

After the event, her parents invited us for lunch around OUG. We ordered noodles for ourselves and some side dishes like cha siew, meatballs, wanton, prawn wanton and fried chicken (yummy!.....delicious! XD). Her father was chatting with us while eating lunch. He is very friendly towards us as well as her mom. He also offered to fetch us back to our homes. Thanks for the lunch!! I finally found out where Vicky lives. Hehehe......I will sure come to pay a visit to your house for New Year next year. Prepare angpau for me ya =). By the time i reached home, my family is back from eating 'DIM SUM' again (Haih....... can't my grandma get bored of dim sum).

*sorry for the blur picture. I'm such a bad photographer >.<

*gah!!......blogger reduced the resolution of the video and it turn out blur!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dancing Trooper in Japan! XD

My sister and I watched this video of a trooper from Star Wars dancing in Japan. He chooses places where they are many people always walking the streets and dance right at the centre. He really has the guts to do that. i can't even bring myself to even dance in front of the stage >.<. The first video is shot at Akihabara Tokyo. The song he used is Let' Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind and Fire. The videos were recorded recently this year. You will later see a group of cosplayers joined him dancing on the streets XD. It must be coincidence to have meet them while filming. The pedestrians stopped by and recorded him using their cam-phones. He is always dancing the same moves but in other videos he start doing popping and robot dance. The second video is recorded at Shibuya using a faster song. One of the famous place in Japan. This is one of the funniest home video i've ever watched XD.

Dancing Trooper in Tokyo!

Trooper in Sibuya! XD

Vader and Trooper in Harajuku Tokyo

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eternal Love...........

My aunt saw something in that caught her eyes. It is a news about discovery of two skeleton by an archeologist. What suprised me is that these two skeleton is facing face to face and embracing each other. Look how romantic they are. This must be an unseparable couple. It was a rare find where you don't often see dead couples died with such position. Well....doesn't this remind you of Romeo and Juliet ?

" Until death do us part"

For more infos click the link below =)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maybanks' secret exposed!?

During dinner today, my aunt came to me and my sis with a leaflet that has something to do with Maybank bank. The leaflet is published by National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE). This workers want to boycott Maybank for charging exobitant fees on the customers. They were implying how Maybank earn so much with high profit. They made a comparison charges table between few banks. Since, our country is multiracial, they made the leafet into four different languages. You can choose to read it in english, malay, chinese or tamil. Even the picture of a guy at the bottom left-hand corner according to the race. I'm not sure how true Maybank is robbing the customers' money. But I do know the Maybank employees who supported this union will be in trouble. Feel free to check their website if you're curious =P


*will post up the leaflet as soon i scanned it

Sunday, December 16, 2007

FFXII and versus XII new trailers!!!! XD

While i was busy downloading manga i decided to drop by one of ff13 websites. There hasn't been any latest news about the game until recently. Someone has uploaded the both new trailers in Ahhh......the main character in versus 13 is really leng chai =) Did i tell you he is a real hottie XD. This trailers is something similiar to what i've watched in any old trailers with some new footage. You get to see the main characters in action! (oh yea! show your power to them leng chai!!! XD) Here are the trailers. Enjoy them =)

Final Fantasy versus 13 new trailer

Leng chai in action with his 11 swords (i think...according to the picture) fending off the soldiers who invaded his country to steal his family crystals. His name has not reveal yet but rumors says that his name is 'Storm' o.0.........

Final Fantasy 13 new trailer

Lightning (codename) expert with mastery of gun, sword, hand-to-hand, and magic based combat as shown in the old and new trailers. Square-enix have not reveal much on this game. Seems like they made it into action RPG where you are able to move around. An unknown blondie guy came to the rescue at the end of the trailer.

credits goes to tigersnake86 for uploading good quality trailers ^^ thanks alot!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

That's how you know ~

That's how you know ~ *singing tone*

That sentence is stuck on my head after watching Enchanted by Disney in GSC at Mid Valley. Jasmine, Victoria, Jun Pei, Hannah, Mabel and I hanged out together today. At first we decided to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks but it was fully booked. Mabel had to join us to watch the movie again (too bad for ya XP). The story is a mixture of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The animation art style is more like The little Mermaid cartoon.


The movie started with a short clip of cartoon. Princess Giselle lives in a forest dreams that she would one day meet her prince charming and have their true loves kiss. At the same time, Prince Edward was hunting down ogres with his servant Nathaniel and heard her singing voice. He ran towards to Giselles house. Nathaniel released the ogre to stop the prince from meeting the princess. Just like the typical fairytale story where singing comes in, saving the princess and all those stuff. Oh...and not to mention she has good relationship with the animals exactly like any other old disney princess. Edward saves Giselle and decided to get married the next day. Prince Edward's step mother, Queen Narcissa is afraid that Giselle will steal her throne. Just before Giselles's wedding, Queen Narcissa disguised as an old lady, tricks her going to the wishing well and pushes her to a place where there are no happily ever after, New York City.

She got into New York City through a pothole! (ewww.......) There, she met Robert and his daughter, Morgan and learned many things of the real world. Robert had someone he wants to marry who is Nancy after his wife left him many years ago. Giselle believed that meeting someone for just a day and sings like her (lol!) will live happily ever after. But in reality, as what Robert told her, life is not as easy as that. You don't get married with someone the next day just because you love him at first sight. Before marriage, she should date with Edward to understand and know him better.

And so......... Prince Edward along with Giselles's pet friend, Pip (chipmunk) jumped into the well to save his princess along with Nathaniel who is actually serving Queen Narcissa. He acted strangely treating the bus as the monster, stabbed the bus from the top which almost killed an old lady inside. Pip can no longer speak out like how he talk in the starting animation. He can only make squiky sounds just like a real chipmunk. Giselle slowly gets angry, frustrated and thinks differently about true love. She started to have some feelings towards Robert. Edward finally found her and want to bring her back to Andalasia (their world).

After Narcissa failed to kill Giselle several times using the poison apple, the evil queen decided to come over to the real world to kill Giselle herself. The queen arrives and head to the ball. Nancy and Robert have arrived at the ball as Giselle and Edward make their entrance. They switched their partners to dance. At the end of the dance, Edward and Giselle plans to leave and he goes to get her wrap. The old hag appears and offer a apple to her to make her forget all the unhappy moments she felt. She bites the apple and falls asleep. OK....the cliche part.

The only way to save her is to receive her true loves kiss before midnight. Edward kissed her several times but failed to wake her up. Robert knows that he is the one and kissed her. She woke up and kissed him back. Narcissa gets furious and turns into a dragon having Robert in hand. Giselle chases Narcissa up the top of the building. Pip helped save Robert by standing on Narcissa's hand to put more weight. The pole couldn't stand the heavy weight and broke. Narcissa falls to her death. (pretty easy death eh......)

In the future, Edward and Nancy went back to Andalasia and get married (you will see them in cartoon characters). Giselle opened her own fashion boutique with her animal friends helping her make dresses. Nathaniel at his book signing about his life and then Pips book signing about his time in New York City in Andalasia. The last part is of Robert, Giselle, and Morgan in the apartment having fun and living happily ever after.

This is my first post and yet i write so much about the movie. Oh well......that's all for the spoilers. Until next time ^_^