Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Shen Shen!! =D

Monday, 22/6/2009

My first post after a long hiatus. I must blog already before anyone more start to bug me to update and really proud ppl do read my blog XD. I shall blog about Meng Shen's birthdayyyyy!!! yayyyy!! XD. His b'day is actually on 21st June. Since it's a Sunday, our fellow classmates will be busy doing figures LOL. I'm such a bad friend. I actually forgotten his b'day!! Seriously lo...aiyo...until he invited to join him karaoke baru ingat. Jangan marah Meng Shen, no matter how busy I still celebrate your b'day XD. Arrived at the Red Box entrance, Shen Shen, Chris and Yoke Wan were the only ppl there. We entered the room first and started to pick songs to sing. Once again, get to hear one of the karaoke king singing. Yoke Wan also sang solo. Gosh....all the familar chinese songs I heard of. Yvonne, Ah B, Jonathan, Jun and Yee Jin joined in later and sing together. Sorry to have you hear my childish and cacat singing. Suprisingly, Aaron and his friend was in the other room singing as well. Yee Jin and Chris collaborated to sing few duet songs. WOW! Damn nice and powerful~! Show your powerful voice Yee Jin!!!Sang a couple of english songs since that's the only language I can understand. We left at 3 pm then MS, Yoke Wan and I went to cinema to buy tickets to watch Terminator: SALVATION. Decided to take a one day break from doing figures. MS fell asleep for 5 mins at the beginning of the show XD. I guess all of us are tired after singing like mad. What I can about the movie is.......Christian Bale and Marcus Wright are hot~! haha!! Let say the resistance won the war this time. The movie ended just nice at 6.15pm and headed straight to class. Mr. Tay brief us about our 3rd assignment. Need to construct a packaging design. Trace the images, create the effects, patterns....etc Luckily he revise us our basic illus and photoshop skills or surely do all wrongly. Had dinner with the others then Yvonne and I went up to 2D lab to kacau Daniel. Not long have to come down coz dad's car came. Here's a pic of three of us before watching movie XD

What can I say about you? Haha...we were same class since year 1 till now and our friendship is still strong. There's much to share with you. You encourage me in many ways, telling me not to be afraid in anything, your philosophies =p, giving all the support you can and makes lots of jokes during class XD. You've made my college life enjoyable. I hope our friendship remains =). Really thank you for the day. Great to have someone to be born in the same month XD. Once again, I wish you a very HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to you!!