Saturday, July 26, 2008

sleepless nights

This past 3 weeks was a hectic for me. I only slept for about 2 hours just to finish up assignments and somehow all turn out last minute work. I did it a day before the dateline. Bad....real bad....... well of course, the result turn out bad same goes for the marks. Tangram assignment was difficult to design. Lily didn't want us to follow the reference she showed us on the whiteboard. So, I figured out an interesting pose using the 7 pieces tangram. I admit the designs SUX and I deserve low marks T-T. A few of my classmates tangram shape is senseless.......and yet lily accepted it. Only 4 ppl in my class have full 5 marks for it. The rest mostly got 2.5 that includes me =/.

Howe and I were partners for communication class. We did the assignment just before tuesday =p and it's not finished yet. We only had bread for lunch and was late 20 mins for class!! In actual fact, he did most of the typing. I felt useless for not doing much for the written assignment. Eventhough he didn't mind, I feft bad for taking credit out of it......... You're too nice Howe.....>.< *pokes* I had to run down to the printer shop twice just to print the content page: wrong numbering and works cited: no book reference and not arranged according to alpabetical order. It was my mistake for not checking the written assignment properly.

I stayed back until 5.30pm everyday to do my work. I knew I wouldn't do it at home. The bed is too tempting and I'll ended sleeping the whole afternoon. KK and Howe were always staying back late. So, the three of us would stay in the college and....SLEEEPPPPPP not meeee LOL XD.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunway Splash day!!

3/7/08, Thursday

Whenever I hear of Sunway Lagoon,I wouldnt think of going there. Why so? There's nothing much there to play except water. I can't swim so I don't own any swimsuit. I don't want to drown myself there unless there's a hot guy who would save me =p. None of my family goes to Sunway Lagoon. Eventually, I have no interest of going there. The entry fee is not cheap cost about RM60.....I think. Since I've submitted the membership form, I have free unlimited access to Sunway Lagoon for a year. My college organised an event Splash! at Sunway Lagoon. I took this chance to release stress and find out how the lagoon looks like after how many years haven't been there and...HAVE FUN! XD

I went to college as usual at 8am. Zhi Ling came early in the morning just to accompany me. So nice of you =) *hugs* We chatted, went to her house to put back laptop, walked back to pyramid and we saw KK. Zhi Ling made me used up my reserved energy for the event later on just to find a hairband!!! sigh.....I was hungry throughout the game. We were separated into groups to play something like Amazing Race. Miki, ZL, Howe, KK and I are in the same group. We had to search four places using the clues given by the TOA staff. Ashley's group won at the end. Most of us stayed back to enjoy splashing each other. Got wet again and again XD. The weather was cloudy and drizzle abit. Still, we continue to play in there. ZL,Ruz,KK,Adib and I enjoyed standing under this......I dunno what you call it. All I know once this big bowl above us filled with water, it will pour over our heads. A heavy shower!! The man-made beach water was warm. I like it~ =) While at the beach Ryan and the others were busy throwing Howe's shirt (made into a ball) around, me, ZL,Ruz and Alex went for a short slide around the beach. weeee~! *splash* Let's go for another round! *SPLASH!* eheheheh XD.

We had to wait an hour plus just to get the sunway lagoon strap to wear it around our wrist before entering.
Some of the people who waited until damn sien......

While waiting for that bloody strap, I took my chance to snapshots a few of my classmates =)

Peace! Peace! XD XD

Ruzhafir & Adib

Dial "333" for half devil XD

Cool Chin Yau and cute Meng Shen =3

Kok Jing and Syafiq

Back row (left to right): Leonard, Chun How, Ryan, Kok Kin, Chris, Chun Hau

Second/third row: Adib, Ruzhafir, Hon Wai, Miki, Wai Yern, Ashley, Mei Linn, Meng Shen

Front row: Howe, Me =), Zhi Ling XD

Chris & Chin Yau looking cool with their sunglasses =p
Leonard face kena blocked! hahah XD

The "Black shirt" group

We left around 4 pm. I had to leave first coz grandma was nagging at me not to stay to late. I was really tired, quickly took a warm bath, and sleep!! It was fun and I enjoyed it very much =).
Not to forget, a group pic again^^

Sunday, July 6, 2008

skating = butt pain XP

It was around 1 am, Ruz told me Howe was bored needed to go out (ya..I can see that in his nickname). I was feeling bored at the same time. No mood to do any assignment. Slacking!!! XD I thought of going skating. So, why not invite them to join me? I managed to invite Ruz, Howe, Kok Kin and Adib and Zhi Ling. It was late at night. Don't expect me to call up ppl just to ask whether they want to join us.

Adib and I were the first to reached sunway. We chatted for almost an hour, waiting for others to come. He lended me Evangelion: 1.0 movie. I can't wait to watch it =). The shops were still closed when we went in. Howe came at 10am and we went in skating first. Zhi Ling wore shorts on purpose to avoid skating. I'll make sure you skate the next round I asked you. She sat at Mc'D to finish her figure drawing. Ruz and KK came in much later. Howe's main objective was to make us fall. I became his first victim......I can't sit properly thanks to you. I may failed to make you fall but....... you fell on your own. Not just once but twice on your knee! XD Big impact indeed..... Everyone stopped just to look at him LOL! He couldn't walk so he was dragged out of the ice rink. Adib brought him some ice to ease the pain on his knee. Adib said "Hey, not blue enough" and smacked the ice on Howe's swollen knee. Obviously, Howe in pain still he jokes around lol..... The four of us fell at least once in the ice rink. Mission accomplish for Howe. We met two new friends, Tarid/Tarik and Leia/Laia (sorry!! i dunno how to spell your names >.<) from err........somewhere in Arab, came to M'sia for holiday. They talked about how serious gangsterism in Saudi Arabia.

weee~! cute black & white bunny~ XD

After 4 hours of skating, Zhi Ling was practically rotting at Mc'D waiting for us to come out (She called me few times asking when are we done skating XP) . We had lunch at Mc'D since all of us are STARVING and Mc'D is the nearest and fast. Zhi Ling merajuk coz we didn't take group pic while having lunch. We'll take later ok? Food comes first...picture later. We were asking each other what are we gonna major after our foundation year. The three mc chicken guys are going into digital animaton. Big Mac eater and fillet-o-fish girls are into advertising design.

Mc chicken, mc chicken, mc chicken = major in digital animation

We sat somewhere between the old and new wing after trying to search flexible magnet for Lily's class next friday. Group shot again =D Ruz had to leave first so he's not in the picture.
My columbia gangster styled cousin came to fetch me at 5 pm. Head back home, took a shower then sleepppppppp. arghhh....butt ache!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

a tour around KL

28/6/08, Saturday

After Drawing 1 class, my friends and I had lunch at Ming Tien. We stayed there quite awhile till 2.30 pm chatting and goofing around. Our bags practically took over a table. While they were still sitting there, I took out my camera and took random snapshots of them. Pictures tells it need to write much XD

Starts of with........ not in an order but who cares!!

Zhi Ling, Yoshi!, Me =) and.......ruz hand behind -_-(im too lazy to erase i'll let you off this time ruz)

Miki's silky hair~ jealous jealous XP. aww...don't hide yourself =p

Haha! caught ya XD

Not you too KK

You can't hide from me...... =) *snap*

since when you start dressing like Leo?

Mark, KL.....Why so depressed ah?

Howe and his "opened can" so cheesy~ XP

Finally with a groupie pic =)

hmm...where's KK?

I didn't want to go home early so I joined Mark, Zhi Ling, Kok Kin and Kar Leong to K.L. By the way, it is EXPLORATION WEEK. The time where we "explore" to get ideas and have fun. We took bus no.10 dropped off at Puduraya. Mark wanted to go back to hometown at JB. We accompanied him there to buy his bus ticket. Miki told me of her past. It's good that you are making a change in your life =). Since we are in K.L, why not we head to KLCC or Times Square? Miki lead us to the nearest train station (not exactly near). There was alot of walking. The weather was hot and sunny *sweating* sigh.......

Hah! We walked even faster than you cars XD Enjoy traffic jamming =)

Abandoned prison

We've reached KLCC!!! Ahhhhhh!!! air-con!!!! We walked around, went to Kinokuniya and I met Kat!!!!!! Munyuuuu~! *huggies* I miss nyuuuu~! Apparently she was there to watch Beauty & the Beast broadway musical with her family. How I wished I could watch the musical... Tickets too expensive. No money so dun watch. Her jap teacher was there too. I heard her speak jap for the first time. Nyuuuu~! Proud of ya =) All of us was thirsty thanks to the long walk around K.L. Our bottles were dried up. So, we walked all the way to the ground floor to buy drinks. Zhi Ling drank the whole mineral bottle in one shot. Damn thirsty! dehydrating..... We went home around 4 to 5 pm. I took LRT straight to Asia Jaya wherelse they had to stopped at KL Sentral and take bus back to Sunway.

some cultural art rehearsal

weee~! the largest PLASMA TV in the world!!! Look at how big the tv is!

group pic again^^ *smiles*