Saturday, February 13, 2010

news news~

what you're about to read is yet another not so good news. really....whats wrong with this year...? and its just early of the year. I'm reviving my blog with BAD NEWS rather than good. Not that I wanted to but thats what have been happening around me. I've heard nothing but more bad news. Regarding my grandpa's situation, I would say he is "quite" stable up till now. Its been about 3 weeks he admitted to hospital. My family almost had a heart attack two weeks back. It was great when we see him getting better day by day, able to move his left side of the body and gain his concious back. His feelings came back as well and thats where it is hurting. He was crying, angry at himself of his position when he was still in ICU.

A couple days later, he was transferred to HDU, not so serious as ICU. He responded our calls with nods, hand gestures and even try to talk but couldnt. Blood pressure goes up and down. The bleeding in his left brain have stopped which is good news!! As he knew he is sorta getting better, he began impatient, moved vigorous showing off by moving his legs that he is moving!. Oh...the next thing I heard, he even tried to come down from the bed!! gosh!!! Due to that, his pressure got much higher than before. He also tried writing but not so clear. He was moved to normal ward a few days later.

On the day he was moved to his room, around nighttime he wasnt responsive. We call him, shout at him, shake him yet no reaction from him. His breathing and heartbeat was very shallow. About 30 secs later, he took a deep breath, heartbeat back to normal for few secs and he goes back shallow. This goes on for as along as we are there. Immediately call the nurse, gave him oxygen mask and was sent back to ICU..... For that moment, we thought we were gonna lose him. To be truthful, Im not ready.... I'm still hoping the best from him. Despite hearing discouragement from others, I believe he can heal and it is not his time to leave yet. I would not expect him to recover as well as how he is before. Im still praying till this day. His condition was back to where he entered hospital.

Apparently neurologist surgeon didnt do a good job, changed to a new neurologist. He was stablelise and moved back to normal ward. We were happy he managed to move his throat. Energy coming back slowly. He was restless...moving here and there.....pulling tubes and stuff around him....asking to go home.... The new neurologist gave him a traditional chinese medicine which will him gain energy easily. It works well on him. It was a miracle!! Rushed to the hospital, saw him sitting on the chair with his eyes open!! He even waved at us, crossed his legs (gosh!), even place his face on his hand looking boredly. Hahaha!! You have no idea how happy I was. I almost cried with joy. Really thank God! Its a huge recovery for him. Ever since then he is more awake and energetic. Well...still not strong enough to stand up on his own or do usual things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some ungrateful friend

I was sorta rushing my advertising visual assignment last night until I received a msg from a friend. He was emoing telling me about his relationship problems, asking if he could call me. I said no as im concentrating on rendering my visual but i'll read your msg online. It'll be pointless since my mind is so focus on the screen than the phone. The next thing he said "I'm SELFISH. I'm just like her gf. All girls are the same." WTF is that? Comparing me with her? Oh please~~ I'm hear at least making an effort to listen your rants and you're saying this to me? Who's selfish now? I'm sorry~ Go find your "buddies" or anyone who is more free to listen your call. You dont appreciate a lil help. Don't come find me.