Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas dinner with the Teh's =3

Thursday, 25/12/08

A long waited christmas celebration have come true. I don't need to think christmas as just a normal day like other usual days. My dearest hubby invited me over to his house for dinner!! =3 ahhhhhh~ so happy~ =3. The plan was to follow him to his church early in the morning then stay over until dinner. Mum only allow me to go either one of it =(. Decided on the dinner. He and his dad picked me up around 4pm after collecting the turkey. Before heading back to his house, his dad dropped by at Dominoes Pizza to buy some pizza.

Reached his apartment, greet his family and wish them Merry Christmas. Michelle made a list of course menu that we will have for dinner with title "Christmas with The Teh's". There are appetizers, main course, should really look at the menu. I was shocked to see the list. There was so many food to eat. Buffet man~ Fabulous~ You can drool looking at it XD.

I ate the appetizers: the vege, egg, crunchy bread, slices of tomato (.....err....dun remember what else I add in) with hubby's grandma homemade sauce. It's tastes and looks exactly like Thousand Island sauce!! Yummy~ Her sis made her speciality carbonara spinach spaghetti with sausages and mushroom. Really tasty~!! There is a big bowl of mashed potatoes which can't be finished. After how many scoops I took, it's still there! We have Uncle Ho's turkey. My first time eating turkey. It's like a chicken just the meat is more rough and tough. Had first round of meal and took a break waiting for his relatives to come. I tried Left 4 Dead game. Scary and very chi kek XD. A group of zombies rushing to you. I simply shoot, whack, shoot and whack again.

Michelle's boyfriend came first. Hubby and I had 2nd round. Random picks any food. Really full alreaady. His relatives finally came over. I had his grandma's famous apple pie and banana cinnamon pancake. What a waste it's no longer hot =/. Anyhow, still nice~ Not too sweet. Very different from McD's apple pie. One piece is enough to make my reserved space for desert full. Great to meet his relatives. Nice to chat with them =).

Time for christmas exchange present!!! Took out mine and give it to hubby. He loves it =3 *happy happy*. Hubby's mum gave me a black dress. Aww......really thankful for it. My first casual dress~ THANK YOU AUNTY!! XD Tries it on, I couldn't see myself coz there was no mirror in the room.....or was there......? Hubby and his family say nice. shy shy =3. I received 6 calls from sis and few smses saying mum asking me to go home (geez......ruined the mood). Hubby's dad was nice enough to take me back home as well althought I said I'll call my dad to fetch me home. And so....that's how I spend Christmas this year. It is an enjoyable night. Happy to see hubby once more =3. It is indeed Christmas with The Teh's XD. Merry Christmas everyone~! Hope you enjoy yours like how I enjoy mine =).

Friday, December 26, 2008

shop for present XD

Saturday, 20/12/08
My condition is better than yesterday. I tagged along grandma, aunt and sis to 1Utama to grab a present for hubby. Time is running out. Christmas is just 5 days ahead. I had to wear two layer of clothes to avoid showing my err...*eh hmm* it's bandage and still healing. We had lunch at Penang food restaurant. The food are quite delicious. I ordered Nasi Lemak with drumstick chicken and chicken loh bak and jasmine tea with honey^^. I thought the tea is in a glass and turn out it served it in a bottle glass. Makes the drink larger and alot. In fact, it's not that much when you drink it. The shape of the bottle makes it big only. I went to InQBox and found a bullet necklace that hubby has. Looked at other designs. Not really nice. Decided not to buy the necklace. Do you know how hard it is to get something for a guy? You can't buy cute stuff for them. Makes them think they are sissy and girly~ ROFL!

Jasmine tea with honey
Took some pictures of the christmas decoration Alice in the Wonderland concept at the new wing.

main entrance to the main decoration

close up of the tree

position not good....makes the picture dark when i took it
Old wing

Looked around for more choices. Went in Jusco as grandma wants to buy her cosmetics. Then I saw wallets selling at a cheaper price. By the way, it is SALE now. Everywhere is having sale. There are two brands Arnold Palmer and Polo Lauren.....stg stg. You could differentiate the leather quality between those two brands. Found one Polo wallet which is not bad but didnt buy it coz the leather is just bad althought it's much cheaper than Arnold Palmer wallet. And so, I decided to buy Arnold Palmer wallet for hubby. Retail price ah....dun ask...ada banyak digit. After discount...boleh la.....for hubby better quality can last longer. Since his old wallet is almost worn out. A new wallet is best suit him. More practical. Hopefully he likes it =).
(wraps the wallet with my love =3)

Missione completare!! XD

Oh...while we were on the way back to the parking. We heard loud music coming near to our way. A group of dancers were dancing to promote Ipod. Sis took a video of it. Cool~ XD
ps: will upload the video later

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

surgery day

Friday, 19/12/08

Woke up at 8.30am. Had my breakfast then go to hospital. Takes a lift up to day surgery unit. Wears a wrist tag with my name on. Changed into a white robe provided by the hospital. The nurse took me in. Waited for an hour for my turn. Doctor have another patient waiting for me. Lying on the bed about to sleep. Finally, a nurse came bring me to operation room where my surgery will be done. Just like what I seen on TV. Lights on the ceiling above the bed in a wide room. Very eyes >.<. Lie down on the bed. Another nurse telling me she will inject the err......what do you call it....makes you sleep. Clenched my right fist and she injected in my veins (ouch...hurts a bit). My vision starts to get blurry. The next blink of an eye, poof! sleeping......zzz....ZZzz...zzZZ...

The moment I woke up, I find myself oxygen mask on me, still dizzy...not really awake yet. A nurse came to me woke me up. eyes opened. She showed me the lump taken out. It's white about 1.5cm big. 0.o.....that is kinda big. Suddenly, I felt really weak, very dizzy about to faint. The nurse quickly gave me a dripper containing salt or something. I didn't have my breakfast. darn hungry!! Feeling better already, they bring me to the day surgery unit.

My face have colour already. Sat up straight and looked around. I can't see anything clearly without my spectacles! I think I saw the doctor passby but don't dare to call him. What if I mistaken the doctor? Don't feel good......vomitted water. A nurse gave me a cup of warm milo, 2 pieces of biscuit and a cup of water. Ahhhh!!! foooodddddd ahhhh!!! *chomp chomp* XD. Rested quite long at the day surgery unit. Finally, changed into my clothes and meet mom *hugs* =). While waiting for mom settle the payment, hubby called =3. After the payment, mom and I went back home. I don't feel well again.....vomitted a little bread that mom gave me to eat before. Lying dead on mom's bed, mom cooked cintan noodles for me to fill up my empty stomach. Grandma bought fried rice for me. Almost finished it. egg....not so nice. Took my bath, ate painkiller according to nurse to finish the course for today. Helped send calligraphy to Ivan. Super drowsy....can't stand it and just sleeeeppppp.....
I have to drink a bottle of Fu Gui's essence of fish with american ginseng and cordyceps everydat to help my wound heal faster, increase blood flow,..........etc. Taste....fishy....funny taste la....Brand's Chicken essence taste better XD.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More funny, weird, nice, horny pictures taken at the buffet lunch XD


like this pic XD everyone looks at the mirror
k-e-e-p o-n m-o-v-i-n-g

Chong Sern sir you are a celebrity!!!

no wonder you guys are the main attraction in the class XP

nooooo! lemme in!!!
Grab them guys~! I know you want them XD

Monday, December 15, 2008

CD085-3 farewell buffet lunch

Tuesday, 9/12/2008

Chong Sern organised a class buffet lunch at the Sunway Pyramid Tower. A farewell lunch of my class. Supposely the buffet cost RM40 per person. Our dear lecturer negotiated with the manager (somehow) with the price and we only need to pay RM30 at the end! WEEEEEE~! Chong Sern sir you are da man~ We sat at a place where it is reserved by us. It's absolutely really long I had buffet. I missed one with my family where I still have class on Saturday.

Before the buffet lunch, my class had a figure exam early in the morning at 8 am. Yes......8 in the morning....sienz.....damn early.....afraid I couldn't wake up. Suprisingly, I received a call from Chong Sern. He called a few of my classmates as well to wake us up. considerate of him. He concerns us alot. Really appreciate it sir =)

The food there are pretty delicious. I love the garlic mashed potatoes. Everyone rushed to the sushi section to get the salmon~ First come first serve basis XD. I ate few rounds of the food there. I tried out almost all. In the middle of lunch, I walked around my friend's table. Took pictures of them. Wont be seeing them much next semester. Everyone will move on, choosing different paths, some may take same course but doesn't mean we will be in the same class.

Howe, Syafiq, Kok Jing, Ruzhafir, Ivan

The "Hood"mens : Hon Wai, Chris, Hua Yuan(pretender), Chin Yau, Meng Shen

The girls who came for the buffet =)

Miki, Elaine, me, Zhi Ling, Mei Linn, Wai Yern

a slight better pic of Wai Yern and Mei Linn. Chris la....shake my hand....snap the photo so blurrr

Gavin, Hua Yuan, Shawn

Mark, Kar Leong, Hon Wai

Gavin, Leonard =3, Hon Wai, Hua Yuan

Introducing the groups we have in class......FIRSTLY

Chris, Chin Yau, Ka Long, Chong Sern , Kwok Yong (sorry...i dunno your group name =p)


Kongkamness group. Founder: Ms. Zhi Ling =)


The Escenism Group. Founder: (no idea....probably hubby? =p)

************we will return after a short break****************

Scroll down for ICE-CREAM PARADISE~!!








Tada~! Howe's custom made huge ice-cream

Hua Yuan's five flavour ice-cream with a chocolate chip on each of it placed nicely on the plate


my loving class CD085-3~ =)

I wish you all good luck studying your course. We may not be able to gather up easily as many of us takes up different courses. Thus, we have different timetable. Hard to meet up due to everyone's different timing. Anyway, hopefully we will have a gathering in future like karaoke. It's fun =). Till then, keep in touch guys~! XD

Sunday, November 30, 2008

i got "hit" by a lorry

Thursday, 27/11/08

I was on my way to college driving. I was using the middle lane and need to keep left lane to go to Sunway. A lorry was at the left lane, he put right indication and there was a gap between the truck and the car in front. So, I put my signal and slowly move to the left lane. I guess the car was abit close to the lorry. Driving normally suddenly I saw the lorry right beside me REALLY near, purposely hit the side mirror and even scratched the car! The driver dashed off to subang road after hitting the car. WHAT THE HELL MAN!??!! I was shocked. Luckily it didn't cause any accident. My grandparents were in the car. I curse you till the day you die and never rest in peace. Even if you are mad I "take over" you or too close to your bloody truck, you have no right to HIT THE CAR!! I couldn't get the car number plat.....

Lesson learned.....never try to cut or take over a LORRY, TRUCK or any big vehicles.....Most of them are immoral people......sikit-sikit tak suka..... sikit-sikit mau gaduh. This is how Malaysian drivers are......
Reached block M, quickly hug hubby.....*cries* T-T

Friday, November 21, 2008

Red Christmas!

Christmas is coming soon! Decorations are up at Sunway Pyramid. I assume red colour is the trend now. The christmas trees are in red, the stage is red, the cloth is red....everything is red. After seeing Leo off, walked around awhile and stopped by at the main stage. The performance caught my attention decided to looked on. Jolly songs were played along with performers wearing fancy costumes dancing along. For some reason, I felt unhappy....

I did my life sketch in class using artline pen for the first time. Difficult to control and can't erase once you did a mistake. Not too bad.......but certain part of the figure is kinda distorted. I'll just stick to pencil for the moment. Did another two life sketch at Pyramid then headed to library to complete my last design workshop thumbnail. Then, I took a nap and overslept. Library is about to close and I'm the only one still there. Mum was about to leave me if I don't pick up my phone. When I woke up it is around 6 can't expect me to set my phone in loud mode in the library......... will take better pictures of the christmas decoration when I bring camera next time......

nothing serious! confirmed!!

Thursday, 20/11/08

Mum picked me up from coll after lunch to Assunta Hospital to meet Dr. Kishnan. I did ultrasound again and very much confirmed with the previous test I did at a medical centre. It is a solitary fibroadenoma and measures about 2 cm big 0.o......... swt.....did it grow..? Not cancerous but still have to operate it out. The surgery is just a one day thing. Within few hours I can return home......(yes!! I feel uneasy staying in the hospital) Before I go for the surgery, there is a place I got to go first. That is.......Sunway Lagoon!!! Gonna enjoy gau gau first because after surgery cannot go play water~ and also my membership card expires this year. The membership card is only free for ONE year...-_-.....
Gosh.....I waited for more than an hour plus for my turn. There were many people waiting for their turns to do x-ray. I practically fell asleep there......what's more I didn't bring my sketchbook.......adds on my boredom. Mum bought a pink ducky for contribution to breast cancer. Pink ducky became my company for a day........

Friday, November 14, 2008


I went for ultrasound test at Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre to check my chest if it's really a lump at my left side. It turn out to be true......NO WORRIES!!. Nothing cancerous but still need to remove it. Thanks to aunt Phyllis who worked there so I don't need to pay the x-ray. The consultant gave me a letter to hand it to the surgeon when I need to operate later. Don't think will be doing the operation that soon.....most likely during holidays. Can't afford to miss any lessons and it is where all my final project and final exam comes in. Worried if you ask me? Well....who is not worried about this kind of thing happened to them? May not be harmful for now but what if it grows bigger and......I dunno....I just want it out from my body ASAP! When will I do the operation? Who knows......... having some issues now =/

Thursday, November 6, 2008

College Tips 101 from Dominoes Pizza

Study Tips:
  1. Be involved in your classes
  2. Take GOOD notes
  3. Review your notes every day

Assignment Writing Tips:

  1. Start early, don't procrastinate.
  2. Plagiarism is a NO - NO! Quote your cources.
  3. Before printing your final draft, run spell-check and proof read.

Preparing for Exams:

  1. Review your notes.
  2. Rework problems.
  3. Do not stay up all night studying. You'll be less clear-headed than if you don't get some rest.

After reading, I checked myself whether I am the good and hardworking person. I attended every single class, take notes all the time due to practice back in high school but hardly look through the notes XP. Sometimes I procastinate, sometimes there's just too much work to complete. Plagiarism? I bet most design ideas are quite similar..... Yes.....Checks every single detail of art. Since I draw more than I write so it is the other way round. Nah.......what's there to revise for exams unless for history and calligraphy class exam. We don't stay up late to study, we DRAW TILL DEATH COMES UPON US! XD

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get a new evening dress?

Browsing through sis's old post in her blog, saw her wearing a blue-ish and green-ish (don't remember the specific name for that colour) dress she wore for her college night ball. Reminds me the brown dress I saw in Asian Avenue. Liked it at very first glance. Thought of buying it but......probably won't be wearing it anytime soon since no formal night function at my college. Never heard any of it YET. Hard to find one when you needed it most but easy to find when you dont need it at this point of time.............. Buy or not buy? =/

Friday, October 31, 2008

A visit to Starhill Gallery

Tuesday, 28/10/08

I informed my family that I'll be going to Starhill Gallery at KL right after the courses talk. Mum didn't answer so I considered it a yes. Even if she wouldn't allow me to go, I'll just follow because I need to write a report about the gallery I'll be going to. Howe got a list of art exhibition or galleries from Reis. Most of it are not available anymore. The only places we know are Starhill Gallery and Lim Kok Wing University. Bah...who would want to go LKW Uni. Don't want to be the odd ones there and who knows the students there think we are spies intruding LKW Anyhow, the main reason is LKW campus is way too far...... So, we decided to go Starhill Gallery. Off we go!!

Elaine and Miki

Leo hubby~ =3

Cheesy Meng Shen XD

Elaine, Leo and I sat in Miki's car wherelse Ruz and Kok Kin in Howe's car along with his mom. Miki will be dropping Meng Shen somewhere along the way since his house is around. And so, the journey begins. Miki drove faster when Howe got close to her. Howe's mum restricted him from driving fast on highways. We reached Starhill about 6.30pm. Apparently, there was some party going on at the gallery. Ruz and the others got chased out by the staff. We had no choice but to find another entrance to the gallery. Coincidently, we met an ex-lecturer from TOA and his painting is displayed in the gallery. One of the paintings I like the most in there.

Eston Tan's KL night view painting

The Thickest Koi Fish Painting in THE WORLD

Look how thick it is o.0

Chinese painting section
Howe's mum had to rushed back for her date. We had not choice but to wait for her. Miki didn't want to leave us there so invited us over to her house. They agreed to it and sat in her car. I was like WHATT!!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? 7 ppl in the car wei??? At most, I experienced 6 ppl in the car. That is 4 girls at back seat. I find it tight for me and my family members. This time really break the record. Believe it or not 5 at back seat!!! I repeat 5 people!! 7 people in ONE car. Ruz and I had to squeezed in. *head knocks the car ceiling* This is crazy.....we had to bend our heads from blocking Miki's view and avoid police catch us =p.

Essenism group pic before leaving to Miki's house

Hang in there Ruz XD

I'm having FUN! hehehehhe XD
Stayed at Miki's house for quite awhile before heading to Leisure Mall for dinner. Howe, Ruz and KK were having fun wearing Miki's kimono or yukata. They took turns to hold her katana too. Heavy.......but not to worry....the blade is blunt. Her nicely done bathroom is inside her closet, the most modern part I could fin in her house and I got locked in there with.......=3. Lemme out!!!

ooo~ i'm pretty~ =p

Howe: My turn now shoo!
KK: turn la......
Miki: muahahha carry me!!!
Howe: this girl........*flush*

Poor KK......being victimized. No peace for you

I received many calls from my family that night. Asking me when I'm coming home and scolded me for following them. "WHY" question doesn't apply to them. They refused to give me a relevant answer and kept saying the same thing. Anyhow, I didn't lie about going out for assignment just that I had some fun after the visit. I reached home at 11pm. Is that considered late? I enjoyed it the most as this is my first night outing with my friends. Happy to be able to spent time with you all. Yes....doing all crazeeeee stuff. Hopefully we will have more in sometime later.....and HOPEFULLY I can join you guys (prays hard everyday).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I see TWO cockroaches in my room. The other day in my living room. Not just any ordinary cockroaches, it can fly!! *rolls a newspaper and WHACK!* or *spray with Shieldtox* Dun play dead. I know you are still ALIVE. E-x-t-e-r-m-i-n-a-t-e any insects you come across.

I did mention bees appear near any light source outside or inside my house by 6am. I got stung once when a bee still flying around in my room. Hurts a bit and it leaves its sting in my finger(Ouchies >.<). Where on earth did they come from? Can't exterminate them......whole swamp of bees will come flying at you. Get ready your suits people!. Bah.......just OFF THE LIGHTS.

Never knew a wasp or bee about 2 inch big built a nest near my main entrance. The nest is too small for it to fit in. Can see its butt sticking out (Yuck!). Grandparents destroyed its nest 3 TIMES. Finally, the wasp or bee didnt come back after the third time. It flew somewhere........shoo shoo! Dun come back here anymore. I conclude......


Monday, October 27, 2008

yet another day......

Exploration week starting on Monday. A not-so enjoyable week for me. Lecturers giving home assignments to keep us busy. Not many compared to last semester but could take up time to complete when you ran out of ideas to start any of them. I am totally blank right now...... *silence* *hear clock ticking* *staring at the laptop* yes......that's why I'm blogging now. My ex-high school teacher used to say this: the more you write, the more you can improve in your writing skills.

Last Tuesday, I went to college my usual time eventhough com skill class starts in the afternoon. Met up with Leonard and Ruz then KJ, Ivan, Gideon and Zhan Yang on the way to attend a short brief on Samsung competition. Apparently, only a few of us appeared. It was suppose to be compulsory for all Year 1 Semester 2 students to join but not many knew of this competition. I only found out last night. Round of applause to my dear CD085-3 class!!! Having the most number of students to turn up. woots! Had lunch at the vegetarian restaurant. The food there not bad....but......though Seafood Fried Rice tastes good, the portion is too small for me!!! I'm still hungry...

Zhan Yang

Poke yer nose~

Bite yer pinky~

I squash yer head~! bite my hubby's finger....

Amelia Sia, my ex-schoolmate

Hubby and I =3 luv ya~!

Ti Ming the cursing boy and Ruz the retarderniser

Chong Sern was dead tired. He can barely keep his eyes open. He came back from his trip around midnight. E1 and E2 combined just for the day and we sorta made too much noise. Sorry about that sir =/. Caused for headache for you. He briefed us on our last group presentation. We are given choices to choose between Bruce Barton style and Rosser Reeves style. Bruce Barton emphasizes more on negativity, bringing up stories to dramatise the scenario and propose a solution to solve the particular issue. On the other hand, Rosser Reeves focus on one concept: unique selling proposition. In short, something that can't be found in other products than yours. Being the only product that has it. It also applies to exclusive hotels or restaurants with special priviledges. Cousin bro recommended a chinese restaurant to me. I've looked through the website. The website provides a short info of the restaurant, menu list, promotions and nice pictures. Very shanghai-ish. Unique in a way. Might be using that for the advertisement. Hope you have a good rest sir. You won't be seeing us for a week XD