Friday, December 26, 2008

shop for present XD

Saturday, 20/12/08
My condition is better than yesterday. I tagged along grandma, aunt and sis to 1Utama to grab a present for hubby. Time is running out. Christmas is just 5 days ahead. I had to wear two layer of clothes to avoid showing my err...*eh hmm* it's bandage and still healing. We had lunch at Penang food restaurant. The food are quite delicious. I ordered Nasi Lemak with drumstick chicken and chicken loh bak and jasmine tea with honey^^. I thought the tea is in a glass and turn out it served it in a bottle glass. Makes the drink larger and alot. In fact, it's not that much when you drink it. The shape of the bottle makes it big only. I went to InQBox and found a bullet necklace that hubby has. Looked at other designs. Not really nice. Decided not to buy the necklace. Do you know how hard it is to get something for a guy? You can't buy cute stuff for them. Makes them think they are sissy and girly~ ROFL!

Jasmine tea with honey
Took some pictures of the christmas decoration Alice in the Wonderland concept at the new wing.

main entrance to the main decoration

close up of the tree

position not good....makes the picture dark when i took it
Old wing

Looked around for more choices. Went in Jusco as grandma wants to buy her cosmetics. Then I saw wallets selling at a cheaper price. By the way, it is SALE now. Everywhere is having sale. There are two brands Arnold Palmer and Polo Lauren.....stg stg. You could differentiate the leather quality between those two brands. Found one Polo wallet which is not bad but didnt buy it coz the leather is just bad althought it's much cheaper than Arnold Palmer wallet. And so, I decided to buy Arnold Palmer wallet for hubby. Retail price ah....dun ask...ada banyak digit. After discount...boleh la.....for hubby better quality can last longer. Since his old wallet is almost worn out. A new wallet is best suit him. More practical. Hopefully he likes it =).
(wraps the wallet with my love =3)

Missione completare!! XD

Oh...while we were on the way back to the parking. We heard loud music coming near to our way. A group of dancers were dancing to promote Ipod. Sis took a video of it. Cool~ XD
ps: will upload the video later

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