Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas dinner with the Teh's =3

Thursday, 25/12/08

A long waited christmas celebration have come true. I don't need to think christmas as just a normal day like other usual days. My dearest hubby invited me over to his house for dinner!! =3 ahhhhhh~ so happy~ =3. The plan was to follow him to his church early in the morning then stay over until dinner. Mum only allow me to go either one of it =(. Decided on the dinner. He and his dad picked me up around 4pm after collecting the turkey. Before heading back to his house, his dad dropped by at Dominoes Pizza to buy some pizza.

Reached his apartment, greet his family and wish them Merry Christmas. Michelle made a list of course menu that we will have for dinner with title "Christmas with The Teh's". There are appetizers, main course, should really look at the menu. I was shocked to see the list. There was so many food to eat. Buffet man~ Fabulous~ You can drool looking at it XD.

I ate the appetizers: the vege, egg, crunchy bread, slices of tomato (.....err....dun remember what else I add in) with hubby's grandma homemade sauce. It's tastes and looks exactly like Thousand Island sauce!! Yummy~ Her sis made her speciality carbonara spinach spaghetti with sausages and mushroom. Really tasty~!! There is a big bowl of mashed potatoes which can't be finished. After how many scoops I took, it's still there! We have Uncle Ho's turkey. My first time eating turkey. It's like a chicken just the meat is more rough and tough. Had first round of meal and took a break waiting for his relatives to come. I tried Left 4 Dead game. Scary and very chi kek XD. A group of zombies rushing to you. I simply shoot, whack, shoot and whack again.

Michelle's boyfriend came first. Hubby and I had 2nd round. Random picks any food. Really full alreaady. His relatives finally came over. I had his grandma's famous apple pie and banana cinnamon pancake. What a waste it's no longer hot =/. Anyhow, still nice~ Not too sweet. Very different from McD's apple pie. One piece is enough to make my reserved space for desert full. Great to meet his relatives. Nice to chat with them =).

Time for christmas exchange present!!! Took out mine and give it to hubby. He loves it =3 *happy happy*. Hubby's mum gave me a black dress. Aww......really thankful for it. My first casual dress~ THANK YOU AUNTY!! XD Tries it on, I couldn't see myself coz there was no mirror in the room.....or was there......? Hubby and his family say nice. shy shy =3. I received 6 calls from sis and few smses saying mum asking me to go home (geez......ruined the mood). Hubby's dad was nice enough to take me back home as well althought I said I'll call my dad to fetch me home. And so....that's how I spend Christmas this year. It is an enjoyable night. Happy to see hubby once more =3. It is indeed Christmas with The Teh's XD. Merry Christmas everyone~! Hope you enjoy yours like how I enjoy mine =).

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HonWai said... nice...='( touching sia..hahaha...glad to hear u enjoy ur christmas.. hehe...