Monday, December 15, 2008

CD085-3 farewell buffet lunch

Tuesday, 9/12/2008

Chong Sern organised a class buffet lunch at the Sunway Pyramid Tower. A farewell lunch of my class. Supposely the buffet cost RM40 per person. Our dear lecturer negotiated with the manager (somehow) with the price and we only need to pay RM30 at the end! WEEEEEE~! Chong Sern sir you are da man~ We sat at a place where it is reserved by us. It's absolutely really long I had buffet. I missed one with my family where I still have class on Saturday.

Before the buffet lunch, my class had a figure exam early in the morning at 8 am. Yes......8 in the morning....sienz.....damn early.....afraid I couldn't wake up. Suprisingly, I received a call from Chong Sern. He called a few of my classmates as well to wake us up. considerate of him. He concerns us alot. Really appreciate it sir =)

The food there are pretty delicious. I love the garlic mashed potatoes. Everyone rushed to the sushi section to get the salmon~ First come first serve basis XD. I ate few rounds of the food there. I tried out almost all. In the middle of lunch, I walked around my friend's table. Took pictures of them. Wont be seeing them much next semester. Everyone will move on, choosing different paths, some may take same course but doesn't mean we will be in the same class.

Howe, Syafiq, Kok Jing, Ruzhafir, Ivan

The "Hood"mens : Hon Wai, Chris, Hua Yuan(pretender), Chin Yau, Meng Shen

The girls who came for the buffet =)

Miki, Elaine, me, Zhi Ling, Mei Linn, Wai Yern

a slight better pic of Wai Yern and Mei Linn. Chris la....shake my hand....snap the photo so blurrr

Gavin, Hua Yuan, Shawn

Mark, Kar Leong, Hon Wai

Gavin, Leonard =3, Hon Wai, Hua Yuan

Introducing the groups we have in class......FIRSTLY

Chris, Chin Yau, Ka Long, Chong Sern , Kwok Yong (sorry...i dunno your group name =p)


Kongkamness group. Founder: Ms. Zhi Ling =)


The Escenism Group. Founder: (no idea....probably hubby? =p)

************we will return after a short break****************

Scroll down for ICE-CREAM PARADISE~!!








Tada~! Howe's custom made huge ice-cream

Hua Yuan's five flavour ice-cream with a chocolate chip on each of it placed nicely on the plate


my loving class CD085-3~ =)

I wish you all good luck studying your course. We may not be able to gather up easily as many of us takes up different courses. Thus, we have different timetable. Hard to meet up due to everyone's different timing. Anyway, hopefully we will have a gathering in future like karaoke. It's fun =). Till then, keep in touch guys~! XD


ΤИЗ µňχρεçŦЗĐ Pyro bender said...

you're supposed to send them pics to me email!! >D lol~ gonna miss the class now...T T

HonWai said...

Gona miss the class badly...=(

zhi ling~ said...

me too me too.....!!!
but you noe what,
i think we will still be in the same class next sem!
hahaha...see yea, my dear!

W.K said...

yea...gonna miss the crazy class alot.....
haha yea. we might be in same class zhi ling XD.
let's hope for that. so bloody big and you want me to send to you? are you nutss????

yalor hon wai.......go get a girl XP

MiKi みき said...

I miz u alllllllll~~~~~~ XD
love my CD085-3
i might b abit annoying but u all muz contact me ar~ dun 4get me~ T.T muz call me out for yum char!!!!