Monday, March 31, 2008

GE limited signature edition box set!!!!

I've been wanted to buy the box set for a long time but it was pricey. Then I thought it was sold out and didn't bother to look for it anymore. I always see players asking to buy Emilia the Sage card (ETS) in-game. After checking out her profile, she has some additional stances which the normal Emilia Giannino does not have it. ETS can fly or you could say levitate =). She is able to use Levitation and Psychokinesis stance.
One day at Digital Mall, I saw a shop selling the box set. The shop charge RM198!!!!! I was like "WHHATTTT!!?? That freaking expensive wei!" so, didn't buy it. I search at that still sell the box set. The price is SG$79.90 converted RM187. The shipping will be free if the orders are above SG$35 and delivered within Singapore. They charge extra SG$5 shipping to Malaysia. In total, the box set with the shipping fee would cost around RM197. What's the point of paying that amount of money and have to wait 9 - 12 working days for package arrive? I went to the same shop selling the box set to bargain the price. I was shocked that the box set is selling at RM190. I immediately grab one and check out the box. There is a Certificate of Authenticity with serial number matching the serial number printed at the bottom of the box. Mine is 4112 of 9999. WEEEEEEE~! FINALLY I BOUGHT IT!!!! XD

front box

the goodies inside the box

the 4 disc soundtrack
For more details, refer to the link below

Monday, March 17, 2008

Two weeks part-time job

My mom asked me whether I would want to work at MCA PJS for two weeks. They needed more people to help during the election. I invited a friend of mine to work with me. The boss lady there, Ms. Sharon charge pay RM50 approximately 10 working hours a day. I didnt really care about the working hours. I work as long as I want, sign in/sign out whenever I want. Just like she said it is just a voluntary job. I do not need to put much commitment on my job since the pay is only RM5 per hour.

The first day was absolutely unexpected. We were told to sort out the merchandise such as caps, shirts, badges, umbrellas,.......and etc etc. We even need to cut the banners! One of the staff allowed us to take something back home. Both of us took umbrella, the best merchandise from what I think. The staff insisted us to take the t-shirt. I wouldn't want it. You see *coughs* the big boss's face on front t-shirt. The quality of the t-shirt is bad and S size is men's cutting. Later at lunch, we had nasi lemak. In fact, this part-time job is good. They provide lunch and dinner for you =).

The following day onwards, we had proper jobs. We were put under IT section whereby we pick up calls for enquiry and print the voter paper for them. Nevertheless, we still do other jobs given by Ms. Sharon. At times, we were too free and went online. The wireless network connection is sooooooo slowwwwwww. This time, we had tastier food; squid, lemon chicken, steamed fish,..........etc!!!! (too many. can't name it all) All very delicious XD. I took few rounds of the food. But most of the time, the food finishes very fast. It's not alot and first come, first serve. The moment the food arrives, hurry run to the food =p. If not, walk out and eat at one of the nearby shops.

I was caught in one photo in Star newspaper. I was kinda busy doing something back then. Suddenly, I saw flashes here and there, looked up and saw big boss. I immediately stood up. He said to sit back and continue what I am doing. There you have, a snapshot of me ^^.

For news and picture, click link below:
From left to right: me, Yap (my leader), big boss

On the election day, I had to reached the office by 7 a.m. There was nothing to do until the evening. I decided to leave first asking permission from my boss. At last my job is done. I don't have to work there anymore. Free at lassstt!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

V-day where love comes around~

14/02/2008, Thursday - In front of computer

Valentines day is just another day for me to pass. I may not receive any roses from any guys in reality but virtually, yes. My faction leader gave me handmade chocolates and heart spray^^. Thanks Muz. You are so sweet~! ^_^ I shall train my character more so that I can help lvl up the faction. Hehe.......

weeeeee~ hearts falling down from the sky~!

Hiatus for very long >.< Gomen! *bows*

Gahhhh......I havent been blogging for very long. Sorry for leaving you blog T-T. I was lazy at times and later then busy working part-time at office. Now, I'm back to post previous history up till latest.