Monday, March 31, 2008

GE limited signature edition box set!!!!

I've been wanted to buy the box set for a long time but it was pricey. Then I thought it was sold out and didn't bother to look for it anymore. I always see players asking to buy Emilia the Sage card (ETS) in-game. After checking out her profile, she has some additional stances which the normal Emilia Giannino does not have it. ETS can fly or you could say levitate =). She is able to use Levitation and Psychokinesis stance.
One day at Digital Mall, I saw a shop selling the box set. The shop charge RM198!!!!! I was like "WHHATTTT!!?? That freaking expensive wei!" so, didn't buy it. I search at that still sell the box set. The price is SG$79.90 converted RM187. The shipping will be free if the orders are above SG$35 and delivered within Singapore. They charge extra SG$5 shipping to Malaysia. In total, the box set with the shipping fee would cost around RM197. What's the point of paying that amount of money and have to wait 9 - 12 working days for package arrive? I went to the same shop selling the box set to bargain the price. I was shocked that the box set is selling at RM190. I immediately grab one and check out the box. There is a Certificate of Authenticity with serial number matching the serial number printed at the bottom of the box. Mine is 4112 of 9999. WEEEEEEE~! FINALLY I BOUGHT IT!!!! XD

front box

the goodies inside the box

the 4 disc soundtrack
For more details, refer to the link below

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