Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mega Chinese New Year shopping

Shopping for CNY clothes wouldn't take more that 2 days to find the ones you like. I practically took 5 days this year and bought more than before. Apparently I broke the record by going out shopping for 4 days straight this week. This is how it all started.........

Day 1: 1/1/2008, One UTAMA
Objective: take pictures, clothes
We intend to go there to take pictures with Christmas deco. It has not put down although it is New Year day. Last year Christmas decoration is really beautiful. You see a HUGE nutcracker playing the drum and smaller nutcrackers around it placed on the keyboard key. A stairway leading up near the head of HUGE nutcracker. Mom, sis and I took pictures together.
Sis bought a hat for herself for 20% discount and wore it on the spot XD. I tried few slim cut jeans in Romp but it never fit well in me. At the end, I bought nothing.

Day 2: 20/1/2008, Mid Valley
Objective: Clothes, pants, shoe
I went out with my mom to Mid Valley on Sunday to hunt CNY clothes together. There wasn't any CNY decorations put up that day. We spend most of out times in Jusco scouting where there are lots of sales. I've gotten myself two pieces of blouse, a white pants and dark blue(nearly black) DIESEL jeans.

The two blouse i bought =)

Day 3: 21/1/2008, Mid Valley/The Gardens
Objective: have a walk, accompany grandma

My aunt and cousin bro came to our house around 3 p.m and invite grandma and I for a walk at Mid Valley and The Gardens. They just wanted to collect my cousin bro pants that was left at one of the shops in The Gardens for alteration. As you know it is a weekday, there was very few people walking around at MV moreover at Gardens. I saw this pretty light green chinese blouse at Gardens that cost RM300+. The clothes sold there are all high range and price is more than RM100 onwards. We walked across back to MV.

Grandma and aunt went up to the highest floor to look at feng shui. Cousin bro and me decided to walk alone after they are done looking at feng shui stuff. We went to few boutiques that sell formal clothing and compare the materials, designs, price and whatever we can talk about formal clothes. We went into Guess boutique, saw this plain yellow singlet cost RM199!!!!!! What kind of singlet is that?! Some clothes more expensive than usual clothes we see. As i read the tag properly it is Guess by "Marciano". My cousin start saying MAR-CI-A-NO with slang.

We even walk to Jusco again =p. I saw this red shirt partly traditional design near the entrance. I wanted to buy it but forgotten to bring enough money. So, I waited for grandma to pay. The shirt even have 20% discount!! It is so worth to buy. We arrived at home around 6.30 p.m.

Nice eh? =D

Day 4: 22/1/2008, One UTAMA
Objective: Hunt for shoes, accompany grandpa & grandma

I had my first 12 hours driving class in the morning after waited for two weeks since the last class. It was horrible for me. I don't remember how to control the clutch and break. Thus, always causing the car to 'die'. I practiced the 3-pointer and turn up to hit the pole >.<. I even switch to a wrong gear while doing 3-pointer. I was suppose to change from first gear to reverse gear but............I didn't push much the handle to the right and ended up at fourth gear -.-". This is really embarassing.
Not long after lunch, my aunt came by again and took grandpa, grandma and I to 1U. My grandpa bought a new shoe for RM70+ only. The shoe actually cost RM200+. There was discount 70% for the shoe. Mission accomplished for grandpa. Next is grandma. She didn't buy anything either do I. Somehow we couldn't find anything we like. Not many people shop there and we are free to take pictures whenever we want to. We had to take longer way to go reach upper or lower floor using the lift because my grandpa can't walk far. I took some pictures with aunt's camera of the CNY decorations at the new wing and old wing.

upclose/full view (new wing deco)

old wing deco/walkway deco

grandma, grandpa, me

Day 5: 23/1/2008, One Utama

Objective: must get shoes!!!!!

Mom, sis and I walk to Jusco again. I found this shoes, tried it on, like 'em, resonable price (too bad no discount *sigh*) swap sis's credit card *ka-ching!* and I'm done. My sis only got a pair of jeans from Romp. My mom bought new fake yellow flowers for house deco. I am darn tired for shopping 4 days in a row at the same shopping mall.

I decided to follow mom to dance line dancing. I had a light dinner, change to proper exercise clothes and off I go. Suprisingly, I met someone I knew at the court. He is my ex-tuition friend playing basketball with a friend at the court. I did not call out him. I just could not remember his name. I was bored there as I didn't dance for whole 2 hours class. I didn't want to interupt them for they are practising dance for new year performance. Me and my mom returned home right after the class finish.

Me and sis ^^

I have no idea what it means

Finally, the shop is over. I'm darn tired.......can't type much...lazy........ Ok. Time to sleep

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kyaaaaaa~! I want her!!!!!!!!! *woof! woof!* X3

Few days ago, I was awaken by loud voices in my house. I couldn't really get what they were saying. I heard "The eyes are black" "'s black and cute~!". I bet a puppy is in the house so i woke up. Uncle Alex and Aunt Irene was sitting at the living room. There, I saw a black puppy tied near the living room. It is a female puppy.I quickly ran out the house to play with her. She is so adorable and cute~! I'm not quite sure how to spell her name but it's either "Queencey" or "Princey". I'll have to ask uncle again. She looks like my young dog Bobby. Just that her ears are bigger and flip in front. She is only 2 months, loves to jump and loves people to pad her stomach. Her actions are just like Bobby. At least, Queencey or Princey is not as crazy as Bobby. She is a mixed Labrador breed. Her mom(pure breed) mated with an outside dog on the streets and gave birth 10 BLACK puppies!!! geng or not the mom? XD

*Smiles* Ain't I adorable and cute~?

At first, my uncle's friend gave her to another friend to take care. The other friend then pass her to my uncle. My uncle intend to keep her awhile to give it to his wife's father who owns a plantation. After taking care of Queencey/Princey for three days, he developed a friendship bond. He couldn't bare to leave her at his father-in-law place as he knew that she might one day get bitten by snake or any other wild animals at the farm. He was worried and decided to keep her. There it is, my uncle who never thought of adopting a dog came one to him. It must be fate for him to give the puppy. She was lucky that my uncle willing to keep her. Besides, just look at her, aren't you atracted to her adorable face? =) Even i am willing to keep her. Hehehe.......As you can see her legs are brownish-white. Hers' didn't blend well and turn out pretty weird. According to chinese believes, they say dogs with white legs brings bad luck. Like hell my uncle believe so am I. As long the dog/puppy is obedient, friendly, loving, affectionate, serious and loyal to the family.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

End of maintenance class

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I've attended the remaining 3 hours of the class from 2 - 5 pm. I wasn't the only person under Mr. Michael. There was a guy waiting there for him too. Mr. Michael spend the first 1 hour talking about the rules and the things we should do to gain points during the real driving test. He then asked us what are the things you should check before starting your car. After that, he taught us how to drive. We each took turns to drive the Kancil. We were only allowed to drive in the centre since we have not gotten our L license yet. We just have to follow his instructions and you are good to go! XD

First step (before starting your car engine):
- adjust your seat so that your feet touches the clutch(fully), break and the accelerator
- make sure your arm are not too far from the stering. your arm bends 60 degree from the stering
- adjust the rear mirror, side mirror (10% - your car, 90% - another car)
- check the signal, wiper, windscreen
- make sure it it free gear by moving the gear left and right
- handbrake is pulled
- wear seatbelt (optional in the centre but not driving outside)

Second step (starting the car):
- start the engine
- press the clutch fully, move to gear 1, release the handbrake
- press lightly on the accelerator, slowly release the clutch bit by bit
- when the car start moving, release your clutch, and DRIVE!!!
- make sure to keep your hands on the stering and look in front

Third step (driving):
- while on the straight road, release accelerator, press clutch, change to gear 2, release clutch, press acclerator
- press brake to slow down the car
- when slowing down, brake, clutch, switch to gear 1, and repeat the "second step" above.
- change gear 2 to gear 1 when going up the slope. (always press the clutch whenever you switch gear)
- slight brake, clutch, brake, free gear, and pull handbrake to stop the car.

Basically that is all the basic of driving i know of. Just repeat the steps again and again to get used of the clutch. It was raining that day and we get to know how different it is to drive while raining. My next driving class will be on the 22nd of January. I bet i won't remember how to drive by that time. Gomen ne Mr. Michael~ =P

ps: no doing stunts like drifting or any other reckless stunts ESPECIALLY from "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" and "Initial D"

" Be a Safe Driver "