Thursday, January 10, 2008

End of maintenance class

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I've attended the remaining 3 hours of the class from 2 - 5 pm. I wasn't the only person under Mr. Michael. There was a guy waiting there for him too. Mr. Michael spend the first 1 hour talking about the rules and the things we should do to gain points during the real driving test. He then asked us what are the things you should check before starting your car. After that, he taught us how to drive. We each took turns to drive the Kancil. We were only allowed to drive in the centre since we have not gotten our L license yet. We just have to follow his instructions and you are good to go! XD

First step (before starting your car engine):
- adjust your seat so that your feet touches the clutch(fully), break and the accelerator
- make sure your arm are not too far from the stering. your arm bends 60 degree from the stering
- adjust the rear mirror, side mirror (10% - your car, 90% - another car)
- check the signal, wiper, windscreen
- make sure it it free gear by moving the gear left and right
- handbrake is pulled
- wear seatbelt (optional in the centre but not driving outside)

Second step (starting the car):
- start the engine
- press the clutch fully, move to gear 1, release the handbrake
- press lightly on the accelerator, slowly release the clutch bit by bit
- when the car start moving, release your clutch, and DRIVE!!!
- make sure to keep your hands on the stering and look in front

Third step (driving):
- while on the straight road, release accelerator, press clutch, change to gear 2, release clutch, press acclerator
- press brake to slow down the car
- when slowing down, brake, clutch, switch to gear 1, and repeat the "second step" above.
- change gear 2 to gear 1 when going up the slope. (always press the clutch whenever you switch gear)
- slight brake, clutch, brake, free gear, and pull handbrake to stop the car.

Basically that is all the basic of driving i know of. Just repeat the steps again and again to get used of the clutch. It was raining that day and we get to know how different it is to drive while raining. My next driving class will be on the 22nd of January. I bet i won't remember how to drive by that time. Gomen ne Mr. Michael~ =P

ps: no doing stunts like drifting or any other reckless stunts ESPECIALLY from "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" and "Initial D"

" Be a Safe Driver "


wing yann said...

wai, if you bagi duit kopi no need to do all those wan la.. hahaha sure pass for the jalan raya di. just concentrate on the slope, parking and three point turn is enough. =))

W.K said...

aiya....tak payah lar......very fast to learn anyway. might as well save the few bucks to eat something good^^

yann said...

you dont pay la then they purposely fail you. then have to waste more time and money again...LOL