Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at His Sanctuary of Glory

On the 23rd of December, I attended Hannah's church for christmas event in the morning. This is my second time going to her church. The event started at 10.30 a.m but my dad totally forgotten to fetch me as he went to the car showroom right after breakfast at one of the shops. I was really late and missed the first 15 minutes of the event. Luckily, i didn't missed out Hannah's perfomance^^. At first, i wanted to take pictures of her but i sat quite far from the stage. She was dancing and it's hard to take moving pictures. So, I decided to record the performance using the camera. And there it is, you see pretty Hannah and her sister dancing again^^ (Hehehe......). Now I do realise that the skirt you wore that day looks like curtain cloth......... Victoria arrived an hour plus later. She couldn't decide whether she should come or not. It was a very last decision. Anyway, glad that you came and join us Vicky^^

Hannah, Victoria, Me =)

After the event, her parents invited us for lunch around OUG. We ordered noodles for ourselves and some side dishes like cha siew, meatballs, wanton, prawn wanton and fried chicken (yummy!.....delicious! XD). Her father was chatting with us while eating lunch. He is very friendly towards us as well as her mom. He also offered to fetch us back to our homes. Thanks for the lunch!! I finally found out where Vicky lives. Hehehe......I will sure come to pay a visit to your house for New Year next year. Prepare angpau for me ya =). By the time i reached home, my family is back from eating 'DIM SUM' again (Haih....... can't my grandma get bored of dim sum).

*sorry for the blur picture. I'm such a bad photographer >.<

*gah!!......blogger reduced the resolution of the video and it turn out blur!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!


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