Sunday, December 16, 2007

FFXII and versus XII new trailers!!!! XD

While i was busy downloading manga i decided to drop by one of ff13 websites. There hasn't been any latest news about the game until recently. Someone has uploaded the both new trailers in Ahhh......the main character in versus 13 is really leng chai =) Did i tell you he is a real hottie XD. This trailers is something similiar to what i've watched in any old trailers with some new footage. You get to see the main characters in action! (oh yea! show your power to them leng chai!!! XD) Here are the trailers. Enjoy them =)

Final Fantasy versus 13 new trailer

Leng chai in action with his 11 swords (i think...according to the picture) fending off the soldiers who invaded his country to steal his family crystals. His name has not reveal yet but rumors says that his name is 'Storm' o.0.........

Final Fantasy 13 new trailer

Lightning (codename) expert with mastery of gun, sword, hand-to-hand, and magic based combat as shown in the old and new trailers. Square-enix have not reveal much on this game. Seems like they made it into action RPG where you are able to move around. An unknown blondie guy came to the rescue at the end of the trailer.

credits goes to tigersnake86 for uploading good quality trailers ^^ thanks alot!!

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