Sunday, November 29, 2009

A scary moment...O.O

Aunt's house got robbed when aunt and cousin went for vacation few days back. Dad went over to her house to check and found out the drawers and cupboards were opened. Clothes were eveyrwhere, expensive jewelries were stolen, briefcase were opened....etc. I had to follow dad and cousin bro to take pictures of the raided rooms. While I was taking pictures, I heard noises. Not sure I'm paranoid or what but I heard it a couple of times. I stepped away from the windows, called cousin bro and dad up to 1st floor. Not long after they left, I heard again. I got scared. I just stopped taking pic, held the dslr tightly and wait till cousin come back up. Police can't investigate or take picture of the house unless they are back from their vacation. But it is best suggested for them to come back asap before anything more went missing. Who knows, their house may be empty for upcoming attempts O.O. I dun think they can stay there anymore, since their house got broke in. Never ever get flashy items. It will just draw wrong attention.

Not long I came back, I heard news of a friend of mine who met an accident O.O. I was shocked to hear it and that clarify his nickname. He could have lost his life. I cannot imagine if it really do happen........ Please.....appreciate your life.....dont be reckless.....

For all I know, I feel very insecure and scared.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

yam cha cha XD

this is really random....i just felt like blogging all of sudden and im happy =D. I came back not long from a rarest yam cha I had. Why am I still typing when I'm suppose to rush for my marker rendering tomorrow? ahhhh...whatever~

These few weeks it was raining everyday heavily and its COLD!!! I even stole Wuzzy's jacket to keep me warm in the library coz i was practically freezing there. I came back from college, changed into my short pants and jump straight to my bed with my blanket. Fan set to level 1 only. Sleep until dinner time, wake up then eat, took my bath and stone for awhile. The routine had been repeating for the past few days. Really stressed out just need to take a break. As I was resting on my bed, having this shoulder sore that irritates me, I felt vibration. Feiyan called me asking me out for yam cha at Picadilly.

So, Ajeet picked me up and we all meet up with his other friends. Turn out that it was Justin's birthday!! She didn't want to be alone besides, I live nearby so....=D. Felt bad for intruding =x. Anyway, Happy 19th Birthday to him =D. There were 9 ppl in total. They ordered a beer towel and some food. Had a sip of it, drank my hot chinese tea to warm myself. The only names I remembered are Justin the bday boy, Ming, Don, the filipino guy, the indian boy, another boy (LOL!)....yea thats all. The TV was tuned to Starworld. It was showing wrestling that time and all of us were talking about how silly or epic it is. After all of us are done with our drinks, we bid farewell and went home at 12am. It was short but nonetheless it was fun too =). Guess what...mum open the door for me....... she was waiting...... =x

Fei felt she might be giving a wrong impression to my family just bringing me out for outings at night. Knowing how my family thinking, they may have a misperception about her. The typical mind set of being influence of "hanging out" too much especially at night
would affect my studies and such. I know how it feels to be in that position. Even so, I know what is right or wrong. I know who I should or shouldn't be mixing. What's wrong with friend's smoking? Smoking doesn't prove you are a bad person. Its just an impression put upon by ppl. It is not wrong meeting new people. In fact I like meeting more ppl. I met few new ppls around this semester, got to know them well and I had fun hanging out with them, chatting and stuffs. Nevertheless, I'm grateful I met her =). God bless her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


just a LIL UPDATE before anyone else starts to bug me for updates =p. i was a temporarily model XD. pretty fun ya know. ppl take shots of you and you just be natural i guess. gosh...i feel so vain~~~ XP XP

pic courtesy of YAU

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Shen Shen!! =D

Monday, 22/6/2009

My first post after a long hiatus. I must blog already before anyone more start to bug me to update and really proud ppl do read my blog XD. I shall blog about Meng Shen's birthdayyyyy!!! yayyyy!! XD. His b'day is actually on 21st June. Since it's a Sunday, our fellow classmates will be busy doing figures LOL. I'm such a bad friend. I actually forgotten his b'day!! Seriously lo...aiyo...until he invited to join him karaoke baru ingat. Jangan marah Meng Shen, no matter how busy I still celebrate your b'day XD. Arrived at the Red Box entrance, Shen Shen, Chris and Yoke Wan were the only ppl there. We entered the room first and started to pick songs to sing. Once again, get to hear one of the karaoke king singing. Yoke Wan also sang solo. Gosh....all the familar chinese songs I heard of. Yvonne, Ah B, Jonathan, Jun and Yee Jin joined in later and sing together. Sorry to have you hear my childish and cacat singing. Suprisingly, Aaron and his friend was in the other room singing as well. Yee Jin and Chris collaborated to sing few duet songs. WOW! Damn nice and powerful~! Show your powerful voice Yee Jin!!!Sang a couple of english songs since that's the only language I can understand. We left at 3 pm then MS, Yoke Wan and I went to cinema to buy tickets to watch Terminator: SALVATION. Decided to take a one day break from doing figures. MS fell asleep for 5 mins at the beginning of the show XD. I guess all of us are tired after singing like mad. What I can about the movie is.......Christian Bale and Marcus Wright are hot~! haha!! Let say the resistance won the war this time. The movie ended just nice at 6.15pm and headed straight to class. Mr. Tay brief us about our 3rd assignment. Need to construct a packaging design. Trace the images, create the effects, patterns....etc Luckily he revise us our basic illus and photoshop skills or surely do all wrongly. Had dinner with the others then Yvonne and I went up to 2D lab to kacau Daniel. Not long have to come down coz dad's car came. Here's a pic of three of us before watching movie XD

What can I say about you? Haha...we were same class since year 1 till now and our friendship is still strong. There's much to share with you. You encourage me in many ways, telling me not to be afraid in anything, your philosophies =p, giving all the support you can and makes lots of jokes during class XD. You've made my college life enjoyable. I hope our friendship remains =). Really thank you for the day. Great to have someone to be born in the same month XD. Once again, I wish you a very HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to you!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Howe~! XD

Tuesday, 5/5/09

The plan we planned to prank Howe was sorta unsuccessful. This is how it goes. Ruz asked him to go Sunway Lagoon on his b'day since he enjoys water and we can splash him all we want. Just to let you know Sunway Lagoon is closed every Tuesday. Coincidently his b'day falls on Tues =p. Believe it or not he fell for it. On his b'day, he totally forgotten about the lagoon and came without any extra clothes. 1st SUCCESS in pranking him XD. Luckily, Ruz brought some clothes. We blind-folded him at McD and led him to lagoon entrance. He is asked to lie down so we can throw waterballoons at him!! To avoid wetting his jeans since no spare jeans for him. muahahha!!!! Sadly.....really SADLY, the balloons didnt pop! We ended up hitting him with the balloons. Sorry Howe! XP. We did make him wet at the end.

Headed to Gloria Jeans for some drinks. I didnt order due to short of money. I'm saving ya'know...... for future purposes. Really brings back the old times where we used to hang out back in sem 1 the four of us. It was really fun. Next, went makan at Gasoline chat pretty long there while waiting for Neal to arrive. The waiter came to our seat and smiled upon Neal. Gosh.....we couldnt hold it and burst into laughter. The way he smiled is really funny. Moved on to next level in DDR. No more light difficulty. Standard man Yea!

I was sad I couldn't join them to watch X-men Origins: Wolverine. There were really good reviews on it and how cousin bro describe about it really makes me to watch it my own. It is a 2 hours movie which starts at 4pm. I had to go back in between. While they left for movie, I wander around Pyramid until my parents arrived. I hope you have a good time Howe. Oh and the presents we chose for you. Happy Birthday~! =)

Friday, May 1, 2009

YES!! Go out!!!

Finally an outing with my old gang. Truthfully, I'm glad you asked me out Ruz. I'll go crazy if I stay any longer at home. Boredom really takes over you and can kill you too. I'll soon reach my insanity level. Emotionally retard for days and I'm back to normal after hearing words that can comfort me.

Last Sunday, I had lunch with with my friend. Initially, we wanted to eat at SS2 but surely no parking coz it's SUNDAY!! You get what I mean? He suggested to Mid Valley and off we go. Parked at The Gardens coz more parking space there. We had a tour around to search for food at the same time window shopping. I dun often go The Gardens as you all know, the things sold there are not something I could buy or will buy. We had a look at the art store. It's like paradise in there where you can get any art stuff related you want there. Not for colour pencils though =/. Food not to our liking and price is exceptionally high. Walked to Mid Valley and ate Kenny Roger's. Win Ceok ordered macaroni cheese when he saw a portion of it in my quarter meal of chicken. When it comes to the bill, the restaurant was generous to pay the macaroni cheese for him XD. It was not listed in the bill so why bother to pay? Hahaha too bad =p. Grandma and sis was there too but they still wanna walk. Sat awhile in his car enjoying the air-con, listening to Jay Chou songs while waiting for Kenneth and Azlan to be ready. Seriously, the weather is damn freaking hot. It feels as if I'm living in the oven. Dropped me at home before he and the others go play snooker. Thanks for the Jay Chou CD anyway =D

Back to gang outing. Before I meet up with Ruz and KK, I dropped by at Chong Sern's office to pass my cookies to him =). He likes eat =) Gehehe.... Due to budgeting, we ate McD lunch meal. Well, worth the price coz a soft drink and french fries included. And that is bad!! Attract people to eat more McD and get high cholesterol. LOL. Gave some cookies to them to try and they liked it too !=D. This shall encourage me to make better cookies in future!!! XD. While we were hanging around at Asian Avenue, the fire alarm rang. The shutter started to close halfway. I thought it was some extra decoration they want to add in Asian Avenue but it doesnt look right after we walked out from there. Jusco entrance had the shutter closed halfway. Same goes for every shutter in Pyramid. No idea who's the fella who press the fire alarm button.

that's cheating Ruz!

Never to forget, arcade time!! It is a MUST to go arcade whenever I'm with them. A must to play DDR!!! They changed some of the game machine placement and added new machine in there. Rambo game is there -_-. This time, Ruz and I tried playing EZ Dance whatever the name is. You need to move your hands and legs together. At first, I couldn't catch it. After few tries, I kept up the moves. It was fun!! We both couldnt pass the final stage yet. We shall soon.....The machine better stay there. Right Ruz? =p Took KK outside of pyramid to redraw his 3-point perspective. Burning hot outside. Lucky there's the bolder and wind blowing but stil HOOOTTTT! I went to checked Vision Art if they sell the 48 Prisma Colour pencils and it's sold out!!! NOOOOOOO!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I WANT THEM!!!! No choice to wait for them to restock and dunno when is it =/.

see my rosey cheeks? waiting under hot sun while listening to music

Anyway, the outings really brings up my mood. Looking forward for next week =). Curious on the surprise XD. EHEHEHHEE.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cooking mood =)

I have a sudden cooking mood. Last week, I made pancake according to a recipe I found on net. Depending on how much you pour dough on the pan you can control the number of pancakes be cooked. I'm saving time and energy so made about 7 pieces of it. One piece of pancake is filling =p. My first time making pancake SUCCESSFUL!!

Pancake XD

The next round was cookie. I baked chocolate chip cookie. Again found a recipe on net. It's a pain making it. Why so? Well...I dun have a tray and that is a BIG PROBLEM. I take about 5 hours just to complete baking my cookies -_-. I couldn't find the tray had not choice to use the baking cake tray (whatever you call it). The first few rounds, I can't catch the timing right so my cookies got burn =p. After few round of burning cookies, I adjusted the temperature lower and the time place in my electric oven. My oven heats so fast -_-' What's more the screws that holds the handle on the cover came off =_=". Everytime I open the cover, the handle comes off. Eeeshhhhh!!! Cheapo brand memang cheapo. Karat faster somemore. After 5 hours of baking (includes the mixing flour and other ingredients), my cookies are done. But it's a failure. Due to taking long time to bake my cookies, the dough started to melt along with the chocolate chips in it. Eventually the chocolate chip cookies turn chocolate cookie. And becoz the dough became soft, the cookies I baked is flat. Sigh......really failure. But the taste is there. Not bad~ heheh XD.

Chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cookies (some are abit burn at the side)

Recently, I've made mango pudding. I was curious how mango pudding was made as most of the time eat it at restaurant. The intructions are really simple. It needed puree fresh mango. Grandma bought some mangos (not cheap ya know). Around in the evening, mum cut the mangoes into small pieces. We tried to fix the blender but dunno how. Ended up using the food processor =x. Everything done, pour it in the cups and chilled it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. 3 hours later, went to check on the puddings. The pudding is a failure again. I made mango yoghurt instead of mango pudding =_="". Zm said I really need cooking lesson =P. The flavour is there. Cousin ate 2 cups of mango pudding eh i mean mango yoghurt XP. Made like 9 cups of it. Sis refuse to eat it coz she thinks yucky and she doesnt like yoghurt. At least cousin is helping me to finish it. Heheheh XD.

Mango yoghurt =p

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Levi's Warehouse Saleeee

Saturday, 18/4/09

Mom and I went for Levi's first warehouse sale (I think) along with my 2 other uncle, aunt and grandma. T he sales last for two days. The sale is known through invitation. You need a flyer to enter. Aunt has plenty of flyers. She kept on passing to ppl. We had to line up to enter as the hall is not big enough and is crowded. As we enter, gosh....everything is a mess. The bad thing is you cant try on the jeans and it's not exchangable. Since it's so packed, some ppl stayed at the side and forced to try on. It's really really difficult to buy your size when you want different cutting. I heard some customers wore the clothes and went out without paying =/. Met Zuang Mei there working as a volunteer there (why do you even work when you dun get paid? at the end she got paid =p). Finally found out who's her cousin working there. I bought a jeans, a belt, a shirt for Leonard and a couple shirt =p. The couple shirt comes along with a box. There are few designs. I chose the bird. I think it's nicer than the alien looking combine couple shirt. Not to mention's an old stock so it's only sold for RM20 XD. The prices for all items are from RM10 - RM120. Darn cheap for Levi's/Dockers brand. Went home tried on the jeans, kinda tight for me =/. Need to slim down my thighs >.<.

Sunday, 19/4/09

Mom, sis and I went the next day. We saw a group of indian mens taking advantage to collect illegal parking fee. The guy wanted to collect from us. Mom said there's is no such thing. I came yesterday and there is none. Dont come collecting. The indian man replied my mom lansi or whatever la. Aiya...we ignored him and enter the hall. The last day of sales is not that crowded and easier to find things. The shoe price dropped from RM70 to RM50!!! LOLLL super cheap. Anyone who bought on first day too bad =p. I decided to get one since my sneakers are worn out. Bought another jeans that fits me better. I think mom spent almost 1000 O.O for both days item. Yay! my 2nd pair of Levi's jeans XD

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter day at SWCC

Saturday, 11/4/09

Attended Mabel's church, Sungai Way Christian Church for easter event at 8am. Really really really miss youuuuuu ahhhhhhh *BIG HUGS* XD. The theme for this event is Why Did He Die?. Her mom told me of her friends that spelled her name wrongly. Mabel becomes Mable. Aduh..... I known her during secondary school and she's my partner in Form 4 and 5. Err....dun get the wrong idea of "partner" I mentioned. She sit next to me XD. Leonard and Chen Ghee came along too. The church is not really big but it's ok. Most of the ppl who went are friends. Usual singing, preaching and a drama that Mabel worked really hard on coordinating it. Give support!! The drama shows a group of ppl in the bus met and accident while on the way to Genting Highlands. The reporter then interviewed 3 survivors and they tell their story. I met Jethro apparently ex-schoolmate of Leonard. I just realise I'm meeting more ex Taman Sea-ians. Not becoz it's Leonard's friend but also some I met in college. He was the singer XD Sadly cant really hear him coz the band music covered his voice =X. Mabel played the keyboard. After the event, we had some refreshments. Got chocolate/cheese cake, curry puff, dunno some cake again, big nuggets take tastes like McD nuggets, and longan tong sui and yi mai pak cuk for drink lolll XD. Took some pics together and off we go. Really thank you for inviting me there. If not, I wouldn't be able to meet you after a long time. Stay in touch ya =). All the best in your exams Mabel!!

snap snap snap XD

two emcees lead the event

Leonard, me, Mabel, Jethro, Chen Ghee

Some updates

I'm back on track ppl lol!! Really slacking ever since holiday start. I'm so engrossed to my new comp that supports any new games. I'm really addicted to Mass Effect now. This game is really cool. I would say the character creation is one of the best I've played so far. It won't turn out like crap well...that depends on what looks do you want. The other thing I'm amazed is those normal citizens that you meet at the city or anywhere, you can hear them talking. Most games they usually put a speech talk for them with no voice. You can choose to be the male or female Shepard (main character). I no longer experience the total lag-ness while I play GE unless the internet slows down it would just lag abit. Not as bad as last time.

I went for Cheng Ming last Sunday. After that, my family and other relatives have lunch at the same restaurant that we have for once a year. The owner remembered us as the "once a year customer" XD. Headed back home, switched on comp, played awhile then took my bath. Unfortunately, it's a bad day for me...... While I was taking my bath, it suddenly heavy storm and lightning came. I couldnt switch off my comp coz I AM IN THE BATHROOM!!! My aunt couldnt switch off the comps on time. The storm was so bad it cut off the electricity. I had to use cold water to quickly wash my hair. After the storm subsided, I plug in the internet and found out the modem is spoilt. Sis soon found out her belkin wireless router and the streamyx acc spoilt and went haywire. No choice to buy a new modem, change the router at the office as it's so called thunderproof and the company are so sure it wont get strike but at the end also kena strike, then called tmnet to reset the acc. Now whenever I see dark sky, I quickly off it no matter if it rains or not. Dun wanna take the risk......

For the past two weeks, I followed hubby to play badminton at Triple K. Met some new friends. The first time was with, Chea Wen, Johnny, Andy, San Dee, Daniel, Ka Kei, ah Beng, hubby and I. The 2nd time was with much bigger group. About 15 ppl came!! Pee Chien, Shawn, Jun, Aaron, Xiao Qing, Celine somemore dunno who their names is. All the pro ppl play together. SMASH! SMASH! Really cannot tahan smashing. We took up 4 courts and paid for 1 court for 3 hours game XP. We are evil and smart~ bwahahahha XD. My racket got broked while I was playing. Sigh....need to buy one. Had lunch at A&W near the court and sorta celebrated Aaron's birthday. Sat there until 3pm, hubby fetch me home. Not long after I reach home, I had to drive out to pay water bill and collect mom's cheque book. Tiring~ -_- Gimme a break~ >.<

Alright, I shall end my post here......Nights ppl~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who got fooled?

Yes...I did yesterday. By whom? My hubby lo. I cant believe I got tricked by him just becoz it's APRIL FOOL DAY!!. I totally forgotten about it. Considering Im not aware of this "special" day, I get fooled by ppl easily. Eeeee....*ding* =p WTH le.

Now that sem break is officially starting next Monday, April 6,at 5 pm, I've been spending my days playing computer games. I havent been able to play that much mostly due to assignments and my junky comp. I cant even do designing in my old comp. I had no choice but to take over sis's laptop. I feel bad coz she cant do her stuff at the same time. She didnt even make noise. I've come a conclusion to buy a brand new comp. The comp cant boot up well. It keeps on restarting at the loading page. There was some problems in the way. I wouldnt want to say much coz it's happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME and IM FED UP WITH IT. Whenever it comes to money, best get it yourself. Well, at the end problem solved!! Dad decided to get the comp for me. Thanks dad =). Now Im enjoying my brand new super comp with err......I dun remember what specs in it =p. I can multitask easily without any interference, on few games at the same time set to highest resolution, chat and whatever I can think of. My folders are backed up into the new hardisc just in case the old hardisc dies unexpectedly.

As I said, since it's sem break so what do I do at home besides gaming? Every family member of mine goes to work during weekdays and I, in break time take cares of my grandparents at home. Fetch them to buy food, buy groceries or anywhere they want. Few weeks ago, my uncle was admitted to hospital. I had to drive my grandparents to the hospital. The difficult part is I had to push the wheelchair and press the open lift button. Grandma doesnt know which button to press. End up I press, she push the chair. Another thing I have to face grandma's frickle minded. She cant decide what she wants. Wherelse my aunt, she is always emphasizing me holiday = play games too much = doesnt do housechores/work. I didnt even touch my games when college starts. I've been sooo busy working on assignments. Is there wrong to enjoy during hols?? Isnt that what you said agree on "Study hard, Enjoy hard"? So much for saying that. I dont do housechores? Who's doing? You? Forget it. You dun even clean your damn room.

Ok la enough of this...make myself kek hei only....-_- grow more white hair..... Oh one more thing, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CCM =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Thursday, 19/3/09
I went to lagoon with my usual gang and a few of AD class 2 ppl. Sorta like a farewell outing for Ivan. He'll be quiting TOA and study at INTI college where he is in now. Bought a japanese chocolate at the Japanese Spring Food Fair as a birthday treat Ruz XD. Nothing much to be done. Just the usual water park and dry park. Ride kiddy rides, splash water towards each other. Howe, Ruz, Ivan and Neal were competing to see who can stand longer in underwater. Either Ivan or Howe win. Miki were playing scissors, stone and paper with Howe and Ruz. The loser will have to do what the winner says. Basically, the dare is to talk to the person the winner points to and have a conversation with him or her. I came out of lagoon around 5 pm and bought half dozen J.Co donuts on the way. Supposely 3 donuts is for my sister b'day but Howe took one and mum ate one. Left oreo donut for her. Aunt said I so kiam sap. Buy one for her only. Not that I want to, they took it! XP.
Anyway, I made a t-shirt for sis. The designs are very simple. Just a cute kitty with a plate asking where's my cake XD. Thanks Howe for the quote. I did another one by myself but........typo error. Typed "attracting" not "attractive". Haih.....sis loves the font I chose =). I wish you a very Happy __ Birthday to you! Thank you for being a very caring sister to me *BIG HUGS* =).

Saturday, March 28, 2009

60 Earth Hour

My whole house is dark except the living room coz aunt want to watch tv. There is 15 more minutes left before the event end. Mom will start nagging if she sees my room lights are off. I wonder how many people participate. We shall see in the newspaper tomorrow. Dont be impatient. Off all lights. It's just for an hour. Feel the darkness~ LOL =p

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

night outing

Thursday, 21/3/09

Hon Wai invited me to join them for yam cha at Taman Megah at 9pm. Well, for those who know my curfew, I'm not allowed to go out at night. After my figure class, I followed Zhi Ling to visit Chong Sern. It's been so long I can sit and chat with him. Most of the time I only see him in class teaching other students or the 3rd floor corridor or block D stairways. And yes, I miss you sir! I miss your lessons! =). Chong Sern had diahrroa yesterday. He said he must have kena-ed when he had lunch with his colleagues at Bao Bao restaurant. Sorry to say this but the pan mee doesnt taste good (Don't go there to eat! =p). I saw this History of Art & Design 1 invitation card made by the 1st sem 2009 students. I dunno if I should say they are insane and hardworking or insane and kiasu =p. Everthing is written by hand and there are some cut-die, pasting and designs. Don't tell me they did it the same for 100 staffs? Gosh.....probably is just a way to safe printing money. You're wasting time writting so much unless you have people willing to write that much for the next 100 staff LOL.

Anyway, Chong Sern and Zhi Ling asked me to come tonight too. I went home asked my family. They said it was "too late". Somehow the time changed to 7.30pm and meeting at Asia Cafe. Yay! Got permission! Hubby picked me up and I lead him to Asia Cafe..... Hon Wai, Chong Sern, Zhi Ling and Mei Linn arrived there first. We sat awhile and took turns to order our food. There were so many stalls selling variety of foods. Cant really make up my mind. At last, I ordered my favourite Grilled Chicken with butter and rice served with coleslaw at the Thai stall. Paid RM8.90 for it. 4 of hubby's friend came over and sat with us. Gavin, Hua Yuan and Shawn wore black shirt and came together. Chong Sern belanja a large honeydew drink. TQ sir =D. Sat there until 10 pm then go home before my phones rings non-stop. I have one word to say FUN~! XD

Thursday, March 19, 2009

100 Truths tagged by ZM

For your info, the numberings are wrong. There are less than 100 questions.

001. Real name → WK =p
002. Nickname(s)→ Wai Kwannie XP
004. Zodiac sign → Cancer (I love crabbies =D)
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → SK Assunta 2
007. Middle School → SMK Assunta
008. High School → SMK Assunta
009. College School → TOA
010. Hair color → Dark brown
011. Long or short → Long
012. Loud or Quiet → Depends on the crowd
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
014. Phone or Camera → Both
015. Health freak → I eat normally
016. Drink or Smoke? → Neither
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → I already have somebody =3
018. Eat or Drink → Both to live
019. Piercings → None
020. Tattoos → Probably fake ones....? =p

023. First piercing → None
024. First best friend → No idea. Everyone I'm close with XD
025. First award → Highest Mathematics scorer in Standard 3 (I think)
026. First crush → Dun remember
027. First pet → Doggies~! =3
028. First big vacation → USA
030. First big birthday → none at the moment

049. Eating → Nah....
050. Drinking → Nope
052. I'm about to → complete this tag
053. Listening to → none
054. Plans for today → Do my figures
055. Waiting for → suprises =)

058. Want kids?→ one boy and one girl is enough
059. Want to get married? → of course....where's my wedding ring? =p
060. Careers in mind → all rounder does it make sense?

068. Lips or eyes → lips =p nice to kiss XP
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Both!
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → mean 6 packs?
074. Sensitive or loud→ hmm....I would say caring =p
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship man!
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → None

080. Lost glasses/contacts → I care for them but squashed it once before XD
081. Ran away from home → Bad idea
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → dun carry dangerous things
083. Killed somebody → I'll be dead meat
084. Broken someone's heart → I guess not
085. Been arrested → I dun do crimes
087. Cried when someone died → YES......

089. Yourself → if you dun, how are you gonna believe in others?
090. Miracles → probably
091. Love at first sight → dun think will work
092. Heaven → there's definately hell too
093. Santa Claus → christmas presents!! hehehe XD
094 Tooth Fairy→ that's fairy tale
095. Kiss on the first date→ eee.....get steady first

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → my dear hubby *hugs* =3
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → not until I achieve my FREEDOM
099. Do you believe in God → well.....we are here in this world
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.

Anyone who wants to do this tag. Just copy and paste the questions.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stop Motion!!!

I team up with Howe, Ryan, Meng Shen, Neal and Fei Yan. Our idea for our stop motion is based on Fei Yan's random lyrics she did with her friend during her high school. It's about this retard boy walking down the street. Suddenly this crazy women threw a microwave with a bread inside from her apartment. The microwave landed on the boy. He got knocked down and was sent to the hospital. At the hospital, the nurse served him bread and peanut which he hated the most. This is an ad for "Prodential". We purposely changed the original "U" to "O". Meng Shen traced the Prodential logo but couldn't insert in the program. No choice to take the picture of the storyboard cover to replace it. The dateline for stop motion is the week after end of CNY on Thursday. We had no choice to go to her house on Saturday to make the characters and buildings. Neal was still at his hometown.

At lunch time, we sat in Meng Shen's manual car to 1U. We didnt want to walk coz it's kinda far and the weather is freaking hot! I declared Meng Shen's driving SAFE~. The funny thing he did was he stop his car away from the ticket collecting machine. The machine is right next to the passenger seats. We were like "Aren't you too far away from the machine? Oh, my mirror cannot wind down." Fei Yan had to take the ticket for him. LOL!! Total sweatness man.... We ate at Vietnamese Kitchen, walked around abit, Howe and Fei Yan bought some ice-cream..... The ice-cream was soft and watery, complaint to the guy....dunno he refund the money or give them new ice-cream which is the same. We went back to her house to continue making the stuffs.

Two days before submission, we were rushing to snapshots every single movement. We went to her house again to compile the pictures and make the song. Meng Shen and I had to wait for others to finish class at 5.30pm. Followed Neal's car to damansara. It was pretty jam at LDP. Reached her house, had noodles cooked by her dad (yummy~ anchovies in it. had two plates =p) and start work! I kept practising the piano to get the rhythm, timing and key right. After numerous tries, we finally get the song right and recorded it. Next step is editing the video. There were missing shots and no choice to repeat some pics. It was almost 1 am, the video is not done yet!! ahhhhh!! *panicked* >.<. I had to leave first as mom kept asking me to go home. They finished the video around 2am +. The video turn out ok. We successfully made the retarted boy RETARD. Love the beginning XD.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

CNY weeksss

Right.......a thousands of apologies for not showing initiative to update my blog and to the ppls who reads my blog. Thank you! The reason? I dun have to say. Zhi Ling, I finally updated my blog!! XP Gonna talk about CNY celebration. This year, there were slight different in decorating my house. I made 18 koi fishes and stuck it on my living room wall. I saw the idea outside Vision Art. I didn't followed how they did coz I forgotten how it looks like. So, I modified and created my own koi fish and it turn out well =). Much better than the ones I saw at Vision Art. Heheehhe.... I proud of my work XD. Grandma bought 2 new lanterns and 2 fake firecrackers to hang. It was a bad choice to buy the firecrackers. Whenever you turn off the lights and on it back, it must play the explosion sound for few secs. It's annoying and can frighten ppl. I must say, it may even attract the policeman attention =x. Aunt's friend brought 10 flowers to our house. Very colourful but too bad I didnt take a picture of it while it's still alive.
First day of CNY, my family had "chai" for breakfast. We only ate vegetarian for half day. After breakfast, get changed into new year clothes and ready for relatives to come over. Yay~! angpau time! =p I served my relatives with drinks and foods we have. Naughty cousins came over. Walking around my house and simply enters room -_-.
2nd day of CNY, my parents, sis and I goes back to Ipoh to visit my relatives from mom's side. Enjoyed delicious lunch and dinner cooked by my aunty. Yummy~ Drank my grandma's soup. Didn't go anywhere since everyone is tired from the trip to here. Cousin bro brought Nintendo Wii to Ipoh. My little cousins, nieces and nephews were hogging the Wii to play. Fighting each other to snatch the wii controller. Did a lil figure at night and went to sleep. Oh by the way, I drew Gordon Ramsay the founder for Hell's Kitchen. Sis didn't want to sleep in air-con room coz she can't stand the cold. I took over the queen size mattress!!! weeeee~! *rolls around* =p
3rd day of CNY, I went visit step- grandma at wo fung. Had 2 pink hard-boiled egg. The pink eggs is a remembrance of step-grandpa. He loves to eat egg according to mum. After that, we headed to grandma's sis rumah papan. She has to renovate her house coz the white ants drilled her wooden house till her ceiling is gone. Gah! forgot to take the missing ceiling picture. We had this funny looking colour fish for dinner. Seriously, the colour makes it like a aquarium fish. Is it edible? Is it poisonous?? The fish turn out really tasty. Can taste the freshness and the softness of the fish with aunt's sauce. Did figure again almost done with the face. Mom wanted to stay one more night. I told her no way!! I have to rush stop motion!!
The next day, went home after lunch. The weather was darn weird. It was raining heavily halfway then sunny, raining and sunny again. Yes~!! Home sweet home~ Roarie~ I miss youuuuu *huggies*
Last day of CNY, my aunt belanja my family to have dinner at the newly open Imperial Garden Restaurant under Tai Thong group. A high class place I would say but too bad the structure of the building sucks. The entrance and exit to the parking is so tight and it's opposite. It can cause accident if you didn't look at the mirror hung on the wall. You have to look at the mirror for incoming cars. The rooms are hidden. I dun even know where am I leading to. Everything is red in the room, the curtains, the lights, the napkins...... well...except the chairs. It's made out of leather......I wonder if it's genuine? What's good is there is washroom in every room. What's bad is there are mirrors near the door. If you're sitting near the door, you can see your reflection and that is distracting.
End of CNY 2009.
ps: pictures will not be uploaded due to unable to boot up my comp that contains all the pics.

Friday, January 30, 2009

my first orchestra =p

Sunday, 11/1/08

I attended my first ever orchestra concert with my sister at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. I went for A Viennese New Year : a selection of music by Strauss. I've always watching and listening to orchestra on tv. Now I get the chance to see it live XD. My dearest sister paid my ticket for me as her treat to me. She bought the RM40 ticket since the cheapest ticket is sold out (really fast). We took LRT from Asia Jaya to KLCC. The to-and-fro ticket cost about RM5. We had to wear semi-formal. Strictly no casual wear. I still find it hard to walk on heels. It hurts my feet if I walk any longet than half an hour =/. I saw a man having the same ticket in the train. He must be watching with the same concert too. We reached the hall just in time.

KLCC CNY deco. I'm only fascinated by the 2 big tanglungs

the FREE booklet

Here I am, sitting in the hall, experiencing the astonishing performance by the orchestra players. The conductor, Martin Sieghart leads the orchestra. There are about 13 music pieces played. I'm familar with some of the music pieces. Heard it before when I was young. Arpine Rahdjian, a soprano singer makes the performance even better. Her voice is so powerful that blew my mine away. Both her and the conductor had to walk back on stage to bow to the audience as we clapped our hand longer. Flowers were given to them to show their appreciation. He had 3 encores to play. The final piece was interesting. We tagged along, clapping our hands by following the music beat. It was fun!

After the concert, sis and I went to Isetan to buy some sushi to eat. We walked awhile since sis needed to find a present for her colleague. At last, she bought a handmade necklace. The pendant has a flower shape in it surrounded by 2 swarovski crystal along the necklace. Took LRT back to the station. feet aches! I have few blisters on both feet =/. Anyhow, I enjoyed the concert. Hoping to attend another =)

smile smile =)

Upcoming concert: Symphonic Fantasies

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad luck wei....

Friday, 9/1/09

Yet another outdated post of mine. This happened last friday (look up above at the date) and I'm posting it today, Friday. I am getting lazier and lazier day by day. Why did I name my title in such way? Well, let's just say.......IT'S BLOODY BAD LUCK LA! The other day I got followed by this indian school boy and now.......I hit an indian man!!! Haiyoo....why so dark wan??

My friday class starts at 2pm. Can sleep more and no need to rush to college that early in the morning. I hate driving out in the afternoon. There were more cars, jamming their way here and there. The road I used to go is lined with cars and I can hardly have a chance to crossover. So, grandpa asked to take another route. I turned left out from my house road, go straight, I was confused of what turning my grandparents were saying. They wanted me to U-turn from one of the housing road to the main road. I was about to pass the housing road until grandpa pointed out it's that housing road. I put left indication and turn my stering. As I made my turning, a motorbike came from the left and hit the left side mirror and fell down. I was careless. I didn't look at the mirror before turning. I was so shocked.I quickly got down from the car to check if the man is alright. What made matters worst the driver is an indian -_-. A few people came and help out. I insisted to take him to the clinic or hospital. He was ok still able to ride the motorbike. I was practically late for class. I didn't want things to be worst. I led him to the 24 hours clinic near my house. Called Howe to informed that I'll be late for class. Grandparents were saying just give him some money then go to college. They didnt even want to pay coz saying it's his fault coming fast from the left, scratched the car and made the side mirror came off (the wire is hanging it). They wanted to report him. He got pissed off and want to report. I said there's no need for it since it's both our fault. Why want to make it so serious? He said he doesn't just want us to give money. He just wants us to pay his medical fees. Ok fine, I accompanied him to the clinic which I shouldn't have gone to.

The service sucks. The doctor and nurse was busy chatting. They were taking their sweet time. His right arm and leg was aching. The doctor suggested to check with x-ray to see any broken bone or something. Logically, if his bone is broke, he wouldn't be able to ride the bike after the accident. Grandma paid the RM70 medical fees. I told him after you went for checkup give me a call and bring along your receipt and I shall pay it back to you.

Grandpa took off the dangling side mirror. Later then, I headed to college. Grandpa drove the car instead of me. I was 1 hour late for class. My first time late for this semester. I have a good reason for that. During class, the indian man smsed saying he's going for another clinic than having his checkup at Assunta Hospital because it's expensive there. I told dad and mum the accident. They asked me to ignore him. If he calls, pass the phone to dad. At night, he called my phone few times with his house number. I didn't want to pick up. Until, he called using his handphone but I wasn't in my room. He smsed asking me to call him back. And so, I called him asked what is the matter. He replied I dun need to pay his medical fees. He thanked me for taking him to the clinic. Most people dun bother taking them to hospital or clinic. He asked about the car, if Iwant to claim insurance I have to make a police report and so does he. There's no need for it. He even insisted to pay back the RM70 medical fees. Nvm just forget the whole thing. Finally, the issue settled. He's not that bad. I'm pretty lucky I met an kind indian man. This accident really brings down my confident in driving. Dun really want to drive after this but no choice. For the sake of grandparents, I shall drive CAREFULLY.......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dangerous walking alone.......

Tuesday, 6/1/09

I took a bus home after having lunch with hubby. I didn't want grandpa to drive all the way to Subang Jaya just to pick me up. I also didn't want to wait till dad to pick me after his work as I have yet to have assignments to do. Might as well I go home earlier and rest more. The bus reached my area, I came out and walked the same way back to my home as how I always did if I take a bus. As I was walking around the housing area, I saw two indian secondary school boy stopped at a car to sort out some textbook or something. I continue walking. One of the boy came walking the same road. Suddenly he got near me and asked what is the time. I faked the time and kept walking. I walked slower on purpose so he would be in front of me. I find it weird when he slowed down making me taking the lead. He start asking many questions where do I live? Where I come from? yada yada. His action was very suspicious. He tried to get my attention saying "Excuse me. Sorry" I ignored him and start walking even faster to the condominium. He used another entrance to the condo. While I was about to enter the condo, I tripped over the stairs (how clumsy can I be at this time??) Ahhhhh!!! I didnt bother the pain. Quickly got up and guess what, I saw him!!! He walked to a shop and flipping through some magazine. I dunno if he's pretending or what coz he is facing me! I quickly went down the escalator stayed at one corner near Picadilly and take a look if he is following me. Stayed awhile, wanted to call hubby but he's having class and too far away from me. Wanted to call Win Ceok but not sure he's having class too or even bring his darling phone to school. I was worried......but I remained as calm as possible. No sign of him I fast fast walked back home. Constantly looking behind to check he's really hiding somewhere and follow me. Finally, I reached home safe and sound............ Really an unlucky day for me. Don't think I want to walk again. This is the first time happened to me. Either follow hubby's car or dad's car. I dun wanna be the next victim at my area. Thanks to my clumsiness, I had a big pinkish, purplish and bluelish bruise on my knee..... it's so darn swollen. So ladies out there, PLEASE DO NOT WALK ALONE.
Lesson learned : Never walk alone to anywhere. Find a friend to walk with if possible.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new semester begins.....

Monday, 5/1/09

Semester 3 finally begun......I got my timetable on the results day. I am in AD085-1, same class with Zhi Ling, Meng Shen, Chris and Chin Yau. It sucks badly...... Friday class starts from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. That is crazy!!!! There is Saturday class this sem again!!! Mom scolded me for not letting her know early and immediately ask me to change. I wrote the letter and submitted on Saturday.

As Monday come, I went to check if my letter approves. Howe and Mei Linn's letter was approved except mine. But the person allowed me to attend class 2's digital design class. Good that I dun need to go college at the most jam hour and go home at night. Sadly, remained in my class having Saturday classes =/. Weeee~! Met my ex-classmates and gave them hugs. I get to see hubby again!! XD *BIG HUG* Really missed him alot. College times can see him more. Although not much due to different timetable timing, we still can see each other awhile =3. Since I remained in my current class, my first class begins at 2.30pm. Howe, Henry, Miki and I went up to student lounge to kill time. Henry was playing Left 4 Dead in his laptop. I played his nintendo DS while waiting for hubby finishes his class. We then had lunch together and I attended my first class which is Perspective Studies.

We had to draw at least 2 areas that show perspective. I did 3 because my 2nd piece didn't show much of perspective. I saw the Edmund's GODLY work. He drew Pyramid view. So detailed~! I felt abit left out coz everyone speaks mandarin except a few. I can't understand a thing they said. Went back home feeling abit unhappy. Just gonna know the class better.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

gathering with me gfwens =D

Sunday, 28/12/08

Messaged Wing Yann, Zuang Mei, Kathryn and Lydia free to go out walk walk. Semua pun ok. If tak ok, I sepak you guys. December not free meh. The plan was to go out 2 weeks before but Kat attending Comic Fiesta on both weekends =/. So postponed 2 weeks later lollllllll. And finally we meet up on Sunday.

Supposely we meet up at Mc'D at 10.30am. I woke up around that time =p. Quickly had chee cheong fun for breakfast, changed clothes then ask cousin bro to drop me there. I am the late one XD. Sorry XD. Changed meeting spot to Carl's Junior. Nah....I give presents to you guys. So, dun marah marah =p.

Zuang Mei the organizer XD ahahhahah

Kathryn, Lydia and Wing Yann (look at camera your pancake later =p)

Our movie starts at 12.55pm. We had lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes. I wouldn't say it's lunch because the pancake we ordered is not filling to me. My teabreak appetite. Delicious but too little for all of us. Ordered wrongly. Not cheap wei. They paid my portion as I gave them presents XD. Thank you guys. Love you all~!!. We watched Beverly Hill's Chihuahua. A funny and your typical movie. Not too bad actually. Lydia paid the ticket for me. Thanks Lydia =). We hanged around at MPH bookstore. Kat had to leave early coz have to celebrate her mom's b'day at Red-box later. Cool eh~? My tummy making noise liao. Hunt for more filling food: Spagetti!!! Search around where have spagetti to eat. Delifrance tak mau.

We ate a quarter of it. Weee~ bananas, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and stg stg......

Finally, we went in Dominoes Pizza. WY, Lydia and I orderd the carbonara spagetti set with mushroom soup with a glass of iced lemon tea. ZM ordered the pizza set. Rm10 for each set including tax. Quite worth althought the spagetti not the best. As long can fill up my stomach can liao. Michelle's spagetti still the best XD. About 5pm, we say bye bye to each other. Sigh...although we can't spend longer time together but happy to see you guys in good shape XD. Next year gathering coming up! Make sure you reserve some days for us all ; ).


Goodbye year 2008!! And Hello 2009!!
Wish everyone have a prosperous year.
Never forget the fun times we had together
See you somehow somewhere in this year
Fellow CD085-3 -ians let show them how bonkers we can be XP
Enjoy your life~!

A new beginning for everyone as we had finished our 6 months of Foundation in The One Academy. We will be majoring a course that we chose. We will have parting ways and move on with our lives. We get older and mature in years pass. We learn new things and gain more knowledge in anything we study. We have covered the very basics or aft and design in our selected school.

I've learnt alot through my 6 months time in TOA. I learn how to sketch and shade properly in college. Something that I wouldn't learn in my high school. I think I said this before......bahhh who cares =p. I've been through the first stage of my toughest life in TOA. 1st semester was really a hectic. Tons Of Assignments coming in your way. Restless semester but it was fun. I meet many new friends. I enjoy working with them especially in group works. I had fun hanging out the crazy group I met (you know who you are ; p). We are the noisiest whereever we go. 2nd semester.......hehe...a lovey dovey moment =3. Never forget my ex-schoolmates who knew me for many many years =).

Long-winded post coming up like now( or not) XD. I am really happy I picked something that I really like to study. Many people thinks people who take up art & design will not earn a living and thinks your job is draw on the street. What you see around the world is ART. I am proud to have a family that support me. Without them I wouldnt be here. I wouldn't be on one of the best college in the country. Nevertheless, I hope they keep on supporting in whatever I do and be proud of me.

Oh the good thing of 2008, I didn't fall sick at all! It's just almost almost XD. Weehehehe my antibodies strong eh... XP
I stayed at home the whole day...bored......Not allowed to go out.....I have headache somemore...make the feeling worse. After dinner, still got headache. I can't take it took 2 pills of panadol and rested awhile. What a waste le.......the condominium blocked my perfect view of watching fireworks. I can only hear the explosion sound. Wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stayed awake until hubby comes back home. Chat chat awhile then sleep. I miss you hubby *huggies* =3