Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cooking mood =)

I have a sudden cooking mood. Last week, I made pancake according to a recipe I found on net. Depending on how much you pour dough on the pan you can control the number of pancakes be cooked. I'm saving time and energy so made about 7 pieces of it. One piece of pancake is filling =p. My first time making pancake SUCCESSFUL!!

Pancake XD

The next round was cookie. I baked chocolate chip cookie. Again found a recipe on net. It's a pain making it. Why so? Well...I dun have a tray and that is a BIG PROBLEM. I take about 5 hours just to complete baking my cookies -_-. I couldn't find the tray had not choice to use the baking cake tray (whatever you call it). The first few rounds, I can't catch the timing right so my cookies got burn =p. After few round of burning cookies, I adjusted the temperature lower and the time place in my electric oven. My oven heats so fast -_-' What's more the screws that holds the handle on the cover came off =_=". Everytime I open the cover, the handle comes off. Eeeshhhhh!!! Cheapo brand memang cheapo. Karat faster somemore. After 5 hours of baking (includes the mixing flour and other ingredients), my cookies are done. But it's a failure. Due to taking long time to bake my cookies, the dough started to melt along with the chocolate chips in it. Eventually the chocolate chip cookies turn chocolate cookie. And becoz the dough became soft, the cookies I baked is flat. Sigh......really failure. But the taste is there. Not bad~ heheh XD.

Chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cookies (some are abit burn at the side)

Recently, I've made mango pudding. I was curious how mango pudding was made as most of the time eat it at restaurant. The intructions are really simple. It needed puree fresh mango. Grandma bought some mangos (not cheap ya know). Around in the evening, mum cut the mangoes into small pieces. We tried to fix the blender but dunno how. Ended up using the food processor =x. Everything done, pour it in the cups and chilled it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. 3 hours later, went to check on the puddings. The pudding is a failure again. I made mango yoghurt instead of mango pudding =_="". Zm said I really need cooking lesson =P. The flavour is there. Cousin ate 2 cups of mango pudding eh i mean mango yoghurt XP. Made like 9 cups of it. Sis refuse to eat it coz she thinks yucky and she doesnt like yoghurt. At least cousin is helping me to finish it. Heheheh XD.

Mango yoghurt =p

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