Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who got fooled?

Yes...I did yesterday. By whom? My hubby lo. I cant believe I got tricked by him just becoz it's APRIL FOOL DAY!!. I totally forgotten about it. Considering Im not aware of this "special" day, I get fooled by ppl easily. Eeeee....*ding* =p WTH le.

Now that sem break is officially starting next Monday, April 6,at 5 pm, I've been spending my days playing computer games. I havent been able to play that much mostly due to assignments and my junky comp. I cant even do designing in my old comp. I had no choice but to take over sis's laptop. I feel bad coz she cant do her stuff at the same time. She didnt even make noise. I've come a conclusion to buy a brand new comp. The comp cant boot up well. It keeps on restarting at the loading page. There was some problems in the way. I wouldnt want to say much coz it's happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME and IM FED UP WITH IT. Whenever it comes to money, best get it yourself. Well, at the end problem solved!! Dad decided to get the comp for me. Thanks dad =). Now Im enjoying my brand new super comp with err......I dun remember what specs in it =p. I can multitask easily without any interference, on few games at the same time set to highest resolution, chat and whatever I can think of. My folders are backed up into the new hardisc just in case the old hardisc dies unexpectedly.

As I said, since it's sem break so what do I do at home besides gaming? Every family member of mine goes to work during weekdays and I, in break time take cares of my grandparents at home. Fetch them to buy food, buy groceries or anywhere they want. Few weeks ago, my uncle was admitted to hospital. I had to drive my grandparents to the hospital. The difficult part is I had to push the wheelchair and press the open lift button. Grandma doesnt know which button to press. End up I press, she push the chair. Another thing I have to face grandma's frickle minded. She cant decide what she wants. Wherelse my aunt, she is always emphasizing me holiday = play games too much = doesnt do housechores/work. I didnt even touch my games when college starts. I've been sooo busy working on assignments. Is there wrong to enjoy during hols?? Isnt that what you said agree on "Study hard, Enjoy hard"? So much for saying that. I dont do housechores? Who's doing? You? Forget it. You dun even clean your damn room.

Ok la enough of this...make myself kek hei only....-_- grow more white hair..... Oh one more thing, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CCM =)

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zhi ling~ said...

u never write bout how u got fooled uh~
woof....shes way over...
dun kek hei dear~
enjoy ur holiday!!!!
play harddddd!!!~~