Monday, April 13, 2009

Some updates

I'm back on track ppl lol!! Really slacking ever since holiday start. I'm so engrossed to my new comp that supports any new games. I'm really addicted to Mass Effect now. This game is really cool. I would say the character creation is one of the best I've played so far. It won't turn out like crap well...that depends on what looks do you want. The other thing I'm amazed is those normal citizens that you meet at the city or anywhere, you can hear them talking. Most games they usually put a speech talk for them with no voice. You can choose to be the male or female Shepard (main character). I no longer experience the total lag-ness while I play GE unless the internet slows down it would just lag abit. Not as bad as last time.

I went for Cheng Ming last Sunday. After that, my family and other relatives have lunch at the same restaurant that we have for once a year. The owner remembered us as the "once a year customer" XD. Headed back home, switched on comp, played awhile then took my bath. Unfortunately, it's a bad day for me...... While I was taking my bath, it suddenly heavy storm and lightning came. I couldnt switch off my comp coz I AM IN THE BATHROOM!!! My aunt couldnt switch off the comps on time. The storm was so bad it cut off the electricity. I had to use cold water to quickly wash my hair. After the storm subsided, I plug in the internet and found out the modem is spoilt. Sis soon found out her belkin wireless router and the streamyx acc spoilt and went haywire. No choice to buy a new modem, change the router at the office as it's so called thunderproof and the company are so sure it wont get strike but at the end also kena strike, then called tmnet to reset the acc. Now whenever I see dark sky, I quickly off it no matter if it rains or not. Dun wanna take the risk......

For the past two weeks, I followed hubby to play badminton at Triple K. Met some new friends. The first time was with, Chea Wen, Johnny, Andy, San Dee, Daniel, Ka Kei, ah Beng, hubby and I. The 2nd time was with much bigger group. About 15 ppl came!! Pee Chien, Shawn, Jun, Aaron, Xiao Qing, Celine somemore dunno who their names is. All the pro ppl play together. SMASH! SMASH! Really cannot tahan smashing. We took up 4 courts and paid for 1 court for 3 hours game XP. We are evil and smart~ bwahahahha XD. My racket got broked while I was playing. Sigh....need to buy one. Had lunch at A&W near the court and sorta celebrated Aaron's birthday. Sat there until 3pm, hubby fetch me home. Not long after I reach home, I had to drive out to pay water bill and collect mom's cheque book. Tiring~ -_- Gimme a break~ >.<

Alright, I shall end my post here......Nights ppl~

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