Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter day at SWCC

Saturday, 11/4/09

Attended Mabel's church, Sungai Way Christian Church for easter event at 8am. Really really really miss youuuuuu ahhhhhhh *BIG HUGS* XD. The theme for this event is Why Did He Die?. Her mom told me of her friends that spelled her name wrongly. Mabel becomes Mable. Aduh..... I known her during secondary school and she's my partner in Form 4 and 5. Err....dun get the wrong idea of "partner" I mentioned. She sit next to me XD. Leonard and Chen Ghee came along too. The church is not really big but it's ok. Most of the ppl who went are friends. Usual singing, preaching and a drama that Mabel worked really hard on coordinating it. Give support!! The drama shows a group of ppl in the bus met and accident while on the way to Genting Highlands. The reporter then interviewed 3 survivors and they tell their story. I met Jethro apparently ex-schoolmate of Leonard. I just realise I'm meeting more ex Taman Sea-ians. Not becoz it's Leonard's friend but also some I met in college. He was the singer XD Sadly cant really hear him coz the band music covered his voice =X. Mabel played the keyboard. After the event, we had some refreshments. Got chocolate/cheese cake, curry puff, dunno some cake again, big nuggets take tastes like McD nuggets, and longan tong sui and yi mai pak cuk for drink lolll XD. Took some pics together and off we go. Really thank you for inviting me there. If not, I wouldn't be able to meet you after a long time. Stay in touch ya =). All the best in your exams Mabel!!

snap snap snap XD

two emcees lead the event

Leonard, me, Mabel, Jethro, Chen Ghee

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