Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Thursday, 19/3/09
I went to lagoon with my usual gang and a few of AD class 2 ppl. Sorta like a farewell outing for Ivan. He'll be quiting TOA and study at INTI college where he is in now. Bought a japanese chocolate at the Japanese Spring Food Fair as a birthday treat Ruz XD. Nothing much to be done. Just the usual water park and dry park. Ride kiddy rides, splash water towards each other. Howe, Ruz, Ivan and Neal were competing to see who can stand longer in underwater. Either Ivan or Howe win. Miki were playing scissors, stone and paper with Howe and Ruz. The loser will have to do what the winner says. Basically, the dare is to talk to the person the winner points to and have a conversation with him or her. I came out of lagoon around 5 pm and bought half dozen J.Co donuts on the way. Supposely 3 donuts is for my sister b'day but Howe took one and mum ate one. Left oreo donut for her. Aunt said I so kiam sap. Buy one for her only. Not that I want to, they took it! XP.
Anyway, I made a t-shirt for sis. The designs are very simple. Just a cute kitty with a plate asking where's my cake XD. Thanks Howe for the quote. I did another one by myself but........typo error. Typed "attracting" not "attractive". Haih.....sis loves the font I chose =). I wish you a very Happy __ Birthday to you! Thank you for being a very caring sister to me *BIG HUGS* =).

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