Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cooking mood =)

I have a sudden cooking mood. Last week, I made pancake according to a recipe I found on net. Depending on how much you pour dough on the pan you can control the number of pancakes be cooked. I'm saving time and energy so made about 7 pieces of it. One piece of pancake is filling =p. My first time making pancake SUCCESSFUL!!

Pancake XD

The next round was cookie. I baked chocolate chip cookie. Again found a recipe on net. It's a pain making it. Why so? Well...I dun have a tray and that is a BIG PROBLEM. I take about 5 hours just to complete baking my cookies -_-. I couldn't find the tray had not choice to use the baking cake tray (whatever you call it). The first few rounds, I can't catch the timing right so my cookies got burn =p. After few round of burning cookies, I adjusted the temperature lower and the time place in my electric oven. My oven heats so fast -_-' What's more the screws that holds the handle on the cover came off =_=". Everytime I open the cover, the handle comes off. Eeeshhhhh!!! Cheapo brand memang cheapo. Karat faster somemore. After 5 hours of baking (includes the mixing flour and other ingredients), my cookies are done. But it's a failure. Due to taking long time to bake my cookies, the dough started to melt along with the chocolate chips in it. Eventually the chocolate chip cookies turn chocolate cookie. And becoz the dough became soft, the cookies I baked is flat. Sigh......really failure. But the taste is there. Not bad~ heheh XD.

Chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cookies (some are abit burn at the side)

Recently, I've made mango pudding. I was curious how mango pudding was made as most of the time eat it at restaurant. The intructions are really simple. It needed puree fresh mango. Grandma bought some mangos (not cheap ya know). Around in the evening, mum cut the mangoes into small pieces. We tried to fix the blender but dunno how. Ended up using the food processor =x. Everything done, pour it in the cups and chilled it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. 3 hours later, went to check on the puddings. The pudding is a failure again. I made mango yoghurt instead of mango pudding =_="". Zm said I really need cooking lesson =P. The flavour is there. Cousin ate 2 cups of mango pudding eh i mean mango yoghurt XP. Made like 9 cups of it. Sis refuse to eat it coz she thinks yucky and she doesnt like yoghurt. At least cousin is helping me to finish it. Heheheh XD.

Mango yoghurt =p

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Levi's Warehouse Saleeee

Saturday, 18/4/09

Mom and I went for Levi's first warehouse sale (I think) along with my 2 other uncle, aunt and grandma. T he sales last for two days. The sale is known through invitation. You need a flyer to enter. Aunt has plenty of flyers. She kept on passing to ppl. We had to line up to enter as the hall is not big enough and is crowded. As we enter, gosh....everything is a mess. The bad thing is you cant try on the jeans and it's not exchangable. Since it's so packed, some ppl stayed at the side and forced to try on. It's really really difficult to buy your size when you want different cutting. I heard some customers wore the clothes and went out without paying =/. Met Zuang Mei there working as a volunteer there (why do you even work when you dun get paid? at the end she got paid =p). Finally found out who's her cousin working there. I bought a jeans, a belt, a shirt for Leonard and a couple shirt =p. The couple shirt comes along with a box. There are few designs. I chose the bird. I think it's nicer than the alien looking combine couple shirt. Not to mention's an old stock so it's only sold for RM20 XD. The prices for all items are from RM10 - RM120. Darn cheap for Levi's/Dockers brand. Went home tried on the jeans, kinda tight for me =/. Need to slim down my thighs >.<.

Sunday, 19/4/09

Mom, sis and I went the next day. We saw a group of indian mens taking advantage to collect illegal parking fee. The guy wanted to collect from us. Mom said there's is no such thing. I came yesterday and there is none. Dont come collecting. The indian man replied my mom lansi or whatever la. Aiya...we ignored him and enter the hall. The last day of sales is not that crowded and easier to find things. The shoe price dropped from RM70 to RM50!!! LOLLL super cheap. Anyone who bought on first day too bad =p. I decided to get one since my sneakers are worn out. Bought another jeans that fits me better. I think mom spent almost 1000 O.O for both days item. Yay! my 2nd pair of Levi's jeans XD

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter day at SWCC

Saturday, 11/4/09

Attended Mabel's church, Sungai Way Christian Church for easter event at 8am. Really really really miss youuuuuu ahhhhhhh *BIG HUGS* XD. The theme for this event is Why Did He Die?. Her mom told me of her friends that spelled her name wrongly. Mabel becomes Mable. Aduh..... I known her during secondary school and she's my partner in Form 4 and 5. Err....dun get the wrong idea of "partner" I mentioned. She sit next to me XD. Leonard and Chen Ghee came along too. The church is not really big but it's ok. Most of the ppl who went are friends. Usual singing, preaching and a drama that Mabel worked really hard on coordinating it. Give support!! The drama shows a group of ppl in the bus met and accident while on the way to Genting Highlands. The reporter then interviewed 3 survivors and they tell their story. I met Jethro apparently ex-schoolmate of Leonard. I just realise I'm meeting more ex Taman Sea-ians. Not becoz it's Leonard's friend but also some I met in college. He was the singer XD Sadly cant really hear him coz the band music covered his voice =X. Mabel played the keyboard. After the event, we had some refreshments. Got chocolate/cheese cake, curry puff, dunno some cake again, big nuggets take tastes like McD nuggets, and longan tong sui and yi mai pak cuk for drink lolll XD. Took some pics together and off we go. Really thank you for inviting me there. If not, I wouldn't be able to meet you after a long time. Stay in touch ya =). All the best in your exams Mabel!!

snap snap snap XD

two emcees lead the event

Leonard, me, Mabel, Jethro, Chen Ghee

Some updates

I'm back on track ppl lol!! Really slacking ever since holiday start. I'm so engrossed to my new comp that supports any new games. I'm really addicted to Mass Effect now. This game is really cool. I would say the character creation is one of the best I've played so far. It won't turn out like crap well...that depends on what looks do you want. The other thing I'm amazed is those normal citizens that you meet at the city or anywhere, you can hear them talking. Most games they usually put a speech talk for them with no voice. You can choose to be the male or female Shepard (main character). I no longer experience the total lag-ness while I play GE unless the internet slows down it would just lag abit. Not as bad as last time.

I went for Cheng Ming last Sunday. After that, my family and other relatives have lunch at the same restaurant that we have for once a year. The owner remembered us as the "once a year customer" XD. Headed back home, switched on comp, played awhile then took my bath. Unfortunately, it's a bad day for me...... While I was taking my bath, it suddenly heavy storm and lightning came. I couldnt switch off my comp coz I AM IN THE BATHROOM!!! My aunt couldnt switch off the comps on time. The storm was so bad it cut off the electricity. I had to use cold water to quickly wash my hair. After the storm subsided, I plug in the internet and found out the modem is spoilt. Sis soon found out her belkin wireless router and the streamyx acc spoilt and went haywire. No choice to buy a new modem, change the router at the office as it's so called thunderproof and the company are so sure it wont get strike but at the end also kena strike, then called tmnet to reset the acc. Now whenever I see dark sky, I quickly off it no matter if it rains or not. Dun wanna take the risk......

For the past two weeks, I followed hubby to play badminton at Triple K. Met some new friends. The first time was with, Chea Wen, Johnny, Andy, San Dee, Daniel, Ka Kei, ah Beng, hubby and I. The 2nd time was with much bigger group. About 15 ppl came!! Pee Chien, Shawn, Jun, Aaron, Xiao Qing, Celine somemore dunno who their names is. All the pro ppl play together. SMASH! SMASH! Really cannot tahan smashing. We took up 4 courts and paid for 1 court for 3 hours game XP. We are evil and smart~ bwahahahha XD. My racket got broked while I was playing. Sigh....need to buy one. Had lunch at A&W near the court and sorta celebrated Aaron's birthday. Sat there until 3pm, hubby fetch me home. Not long after I reach home, I had to drive out to pay water bill and collect mom's cheque book. Tiring~ -_- Gimme a break~ >.<

Alright, I shall end my post here......Nights ppl~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who got fooled?

Yes...I did yesterday. By whom? My hubby lo. I cant believe I got tricked by him just becoz it's APRIL FOOL DAY!!. I totally forgotten about it. Considering Im not aware of this "special" day, I get fooled by ppl easily. Eeeee....*ding* =p WTH le.

Now that sem break is officially starting next Monday, April 6,at 5 pm, I've been spending my days playing computer games. I havent been able to play that much mostly due to assignments and my junky comp. I cant even do designing in my old comp. I had no choice but to take over sis's laptop. I feel bad coz she cant do her stuff at the same time. She didnt even make noise. I've come a conclusion to buy a brand new comp. The comp cant boot up well. It keeps on restarting at the loading page. There was some problems in the way. I wouldnt want to say much coz it's happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME and IM FED UP WITH IT. Whenever it comes to money, best get it yourself. Well, at the end problem solved!! Dad decided to get the comp for me. Thanks dad =). Now Im enjoying my brand new super comp with err......I dun remember what specs in it =p. I can multitask easily without any interference, on few games at the same time set to highest resolution, chat and whatever I can think of. My folders are backed up into the new hardisc just in case the old hardisc dies unexpectedly.

As I said, since it's sem break so what do I do at home besides gaming? Every family member of mine goes to work during weekdays and I, in break time take cares of my grandparents at home. Fetch them to buy food, buy groceries or anywhere they want. Few weeks ago, my uncle was admitted to hospital. I had to drive my grandparents to the hospital. The difficult part is I had to push the wheelchair and press the open lift button. Grandma doesnt know which button to press. End up I press, she push the chair. Another thing I have to face grandma's frickle minded. She cant decide what she wants. Wherelse my aunt, she is always emphasizing me holiday = play games too much = doesnt do housechores/work. I didnt even touch my games when college starts. I've been sooo busy working on assignments. Is there wrong to enjoy during hols?? Isnt that what you said agree on "Study hard, Enjoy hard"? So much for saying that. I dont do housechores? Who's doing? You? Forget it. You dun even clean your damn room.

Ok la enough of this...make myself kek hei only....-_- grow more white hair..... Oh one more thing, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CCM =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Thursday, 19/3/09
I went to lagoon with my usual gang and a few of AD class 2 ppl. Sorta like a farewell outing for Ivan. He'll be quiting TOA and study at INTI college where he is in now. Bought a japanese chocolate at the Japanese Spring Food Fair as a birthday treat Ruz XD. Nothing much to be done. Just the usual water park and dry park. Ride kiddy rides, splash water towards each other. Howe, Ruz, Ivan and Neal were competing to see who can stand longer in underwater. Either Ivan or Howe win. Miki were playing scissors, stone and paper with Howe and Ruz. The loser will have to do what the winner says. Basically, the dare is to talk to the person the winner points to and have a conversation with him or her. I came out of lagoon around 5 pm and bought half dozen J.Co donuts on the way. Supposely 3 donuts is for my sister b'day but Howe took one and mum ate one. Left oreo donut for her. Aunt said I so kiam sap. Buy one for her only. Not that I want to, they took it! XP.
Anyway, I made a t-shirt for sis. The designs are very simple. Just a cute kitty with a plate asking where's my cake XD. Thanks Howe for the quote. I did another one by myself but........typo error. Typed "attracting" not "attractive". Haih.....sis loves the font I chose =). I wish you a very Happy __ Birthday to you! Thank you for being a very caring sister to me *BIG HUGS* =).