Thursday, January 21, 2010

Answer my prayers.....

A brand new year where everyone set their own resolutions on what to achieve, what to do and such. Here I am hoping for a better year, guess it doesn't work all that well all the time..? I was having a fun time chatting with my old friend and bullying Kai in her chatroom and something shocking happened. What I most feared had happened few hours ago.

Around 2am, I heard aunt panicking about grandpa. Found him lying on his bed, dad kept on talking to him right beside him. He couldn't move. He can't open his eyes, he has no control of his left part of the body, right arm kinda shaky, he refuses to go to hospital. Cousin bro, sis and aunt calls the ambulance and to be told will be arriving 10 minutes later. That is way too long. Without hesitating, dad and cousin bro carry him to the car and head to the hospital. Entered the emergency room, had brain x-ray, found out he got a stroke. This time round its moderately severed bleeding at his left brain which is much more serious than he had before. Grandpa was sent to ICU. I saw two patient in separate rooms. One of them were mourning or something. Nurses busy walking in and out for that patient's room. Doctor arrived and explain even more detail. They couldnt do anything for now as his blood pressure is high, chances any medication given may cause the veins to shrink which then will cause more problems. We had to wait for 48 hours for another check up to see if he has stabilise. Doctor said he most likely will have to stay on bed after he recovered. This is just unexpected. I couldn't held on my tears and walked out of the room. We were asked to prepare for the worst. We do know at his age, he is bound to have some serious case. Came back at 5am, couldn't sleep, couldn't work and cant stop worrying. I wish, I pray, I hope, I want him to get well. I want him to be safe for he is whom I care and love the most in my life. I do not know if dear God would answer my prayers, please let him pass through this stage.