Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bball time XD

Times of arcading is switched to sports. A more healthy activity that does not require money to pay to play everytime except buying the basketball. I stayed back at college on Firday to discuss the advertisement with Syafiq while they hunt around for basketball. It was a waste of time discussing with him. Hardly any ideas gotten from him. I end up coming up the vitamin water product. Left asap to joined my gang at Pyramid. Then, we headed to the nearest basketball court. Leo and KK team against Howe, Ruz and Ivan. Leo's team won at the end. Hurray!

The next bball game was on Tuesday after presentation day. Arghh...thinking of presentation it was baddddd. Back to bball. KK couldn't come since his presentation is in the afternoon. So...this round Kok Jing, Meng Shen Hon Wai joined in. Kok Jing always shoot 3 point ball. Pretty acurate everytime he shoots. On the other hand, Meng Shen played bball really long. He has alot of experience. Can see the way he plays. I was doing my figure while watching them play at the court. Hon Wai stripped in front of me again!!! XP I couldn't shade my figure as there were wind blowing and not drawn on a flat surface. Chek Yen came to visit us!! weee~! This first time seeing him ever since he transferred to another course. Good to hear you're doing fine despite the gay guy chasing you. Ignore him!!! Stay far far away from that guy!! Back to usual me, takes out camera *SNAP SNAP* XD

game on!

waaaaaa!!! hon wai ahhh~! *cover eyes* XP


trying his shot after gotten lessons from howe. wei..leo dun kacau him!

1-on-1 game KJ vs Leo

ruz fishing at the court

Meng Shen pose no.1

Leonard pose no.1

Leonard pose no.2. hou yeng ahhhh~! XD *falls on the ground*

resting after 2nd game

lying dead on the floor after 3rd game


the ball got stuck on the net!!! bring it down boys!!

Lastly, I shall end the post with........

poser Meng Shen. no need to say.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Lantern Festival at TOA =)

Friday, 12/09/08

My guiltyness, sadness and moodyness have finally ended. Really happy things are back to normal. Really grateful to have you as a friend who's willing to forgive me after hurting you so much and be patient with me all this time. I won't forget a great friend like you, Howe. As the issue have settle, Leo was waiting for me at student lounge. I'm sorry for making you worried *hugs*.

To add on the joyful moment, a mini lantern festial was held AT college that starts at 7pm. There were still time before the event start. Howe, Ruz, KK, Leonard and I along with Licia and Ivan headed to Mc'D for our dinner. We sat at the same place, same table and same chairs XD. We took awhile to order our food as we were too busy chit-chattiFng. Someone started up to compare our ICs. A family tree was built up, placing Licia and Howe, mum and dad (they look old mature in the picture among all of us). Licia's old hairstyle resembles KK's mum. Hence, Licia became KK's "mum" from that day onwards.......Now you have a sister, brother and mum. Who will be dad...? I wonder......lazy to edit the Ic picutre.

having fun at Mc'D

We were busy enjoying our time at Mc'D arrived about half an hour late. Some performance by the students, stomping, group singing, band..... Food was provided at the corner. You'll find noodles, kuihs and mooncakes. Beside the food corner, you see a few lanterns made by students who participated the lantern making competition. Zhi Ling, Mei Linn, Kar Leong, Mark and Meng Shen came to join the event.

stomping performance *bang box, bang tong sampah, bang bottle....*

group singing *applause for standing in front stage* XD

still enjoys the performances so far XD

everyone rush to the food when break time. faster take ah! later finish!!

There are quizes too. If you guessed it right, prize wil be given. Howe got 3 questions right and his prizes are.......

The event ended with Ruz's forced voluntary performance XD. Erm.....with the help of Leo, Howe, Ivan, Licia, KK...and whoever knows him pulled him up to stage. One way to promote your fire dancing skills. I sat front sit to record his performance. Give me credit for recording the video!!.

Never forget group pictures =)

Dad picked me up from college and then went over to uncle's house to pass some things to him. Pyramid was filled with colourful lights at night. Took shots of the entrance. Really beautiful at night. You don't see it in the day.

inside sunway
Sunway Pyramid entrance

I enjoyed alot and hoped more enjoyable times like this in the rest of my college life =).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

4 day MERDEKA trip at JB =p

Whenever it comes to National Day usually people would either stay at home watch the programme or gather at the event day to celebrate National day showing how patriotic they are (Like we care XP). Grandma and grandpa wanted to visit uncle at JB moreover cuzzie bro will be going there too. My sis and I tagged along. This is my first time seeing my uncle's new house. His house was still under construction when my mum and I went there about 2 years back. His old home was at the apartment. Not a good location......really noisy.....just facing the main road even with the windows closed you can still hear the noise. Cars keep on running up and down. I had a long chat with mum over the past outings I went with my friends. She kept my passport with her. So, might as well just talk things over. Ok...settle already, apologised to her *huggies*, grabbed the passport (OH YEA!!! XD) and off to bed.

Day 1, 30/8/08

We woke up late so reached JB around the afternoon. We were exhausted from the trip and it'll be really late if we were enter Singapore. We had lunch at one of the restaurant. Uncle ordered this unique vege dish. It's cooked in two different method - fried and deep fried. Something that you can't find in KL (i think). The leaves were crispy~ *munch munch* XD. After lunch, head to uncle's house and uncle goes back to office. There was no Astro or internet in the house. Moonlight Resonance DVD was the only thing that can entertain me in the house. Uncle's house is gorgeous~! sound weird....basically it's a nice house =). There were many feng shui stuff around the house.

Living table with no TV =p

Dining table

Grandparents room at ground floor

small LCD TV brought down from cousin's room

another living room upstairs

where me and my sis sleep =) pretty isn't it?

Grandparents wanted to have teabreak. Uncle came back just in time and we went out together to one of the mamak restaurant. Sis misses mamak food ordered a roti planta and fried maggi noodles. o.0 rare for her to eat that much. Grandpa's old friend came to join us and chatted quite a while. Gladly we had teabreak because aunt came back around 10pm and grandparents were starving~. Finally, I was able to eat my long waited crabbie. It's as delicious as how they describe. One of the best I've eaten. I was about to sit down and enjoy my tea, they got up and the restaurant is closing soon. I had to drink my tea in one gulp -_-.

Day 2, 31/08/08

Grandparents, aunt and uncle were not around by the time we woke up. We got ourselves ready, waited for them to return, had lunch first then goes into Singapore. I got dragged in by aunt to do my hair. I spent about 4 hours for rebonding. Sis and the others drove to Woodlands to pay a visit a relative who lives there. It was late evening. I followed aunt take bus back to JB since she was tired from work and no one to walk with me. Uncle belanja me eat crabbie again^^. This time I can enjoy eating my crabbie with no one to rush me!! hahahaha XD Did I say aunt gave me iPhone 3G???

Tada!!!! it's touch screen~! XD

Tada~!! Can you see the glossyness of the phone~! *shines*'s not mine. The phone belongs to my uncle. How come he is more high-tech than me!? I wish I had one.... =p

Day 3, 1/09/08

We were suppose to head back to KL today but bro, sis and I woke up late again at 11am *rolls around the bed* XD. Bro drove us out for yong tau fu at one of the foodstalls. We met up with other family members and checked out newly open Sutera Mall. Ok.....not a place for me. The mall sells "lala" stuff for "lala" people. You see some so-called cosplayers walking around in the mall. I wouldn't mind you dressing up as one in Japan but not in Malaysia. Not appropriate to wear in out in public especially here, Malaysia. Grandparents and aunt had foot massage there. Bro and I spent most of our time playing Time Crisis 4 at the arcade while uncle and sis went yam cha.

After that, we went to AEON Tebrau City. The building is sooooo huge much bigger than 1 Utama. I wanted to grab a shirt at WH shop but after thinking through it's not really worth buying for that price for that kind of quality. It was late evening that time. We decided to stay overnight so that grandma wouldn't complain driving late at night. Cousin bro had to take emergency leave at very last minute. I received a message from mum sulking because either sis nor I told her that we are staying one more night. Why make another call when you already knew before when cousin made a call? sigh.......

Day 4, 2/09/08

We are going home this time. Had breakfast, bid aunt and uncle farewell and left JB. Got back home around the afternoon, dropped my luggage and jumped on my bed. ZZzzz...zzZZZzz..... Don't disturb me. I'm taking my nap......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Am I a friend or a troublemaker...?
All I ever did was to make others angry.
Never cared what other feels.....blindly acts on my own
Not knowing it may hurt the person
I'll never forgive myself.....
Can things go back to the where it was...?
Can't smile like how I used to be....
A mask is put on everyday.....
Tears just flows out whenever I think of it
Couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried to hide it.....
Why wouldn't it work out the way I think it is..?
Am I doing the right thing..?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

grandma's belated birthday shopping day =)

On Friday, 22/08/08, cousin bro and I were abit late back home (to my family, yes). We bought a little gift for grandma to cheer her up. It was her actual birthday and there wasn't any celebration at night. Cousin gave her Lo Wong Ka birdnest and I bought her one slice of cake from Secret Recipe~. She's happy =)

Saturday, 23/08/08

My cousin bro took my grandma and I for shopping at Pavillion at KL. It was my first time going there. The objective was to take grandma out and buy her clothes at Parkson. She has quite alot of Parkson voucher after purchasing her cosmestic products and need to use it up soon as it's gonna expired. Cousin bro used the SMART tunnel since I haven't seen it before so he showed me. One long tunnel~

are we there yet..?
yay! out from tunnel and Times Square is just there!

Got a parking and have a walk around Pavillion. We spend most of our time in Parkson. Grandma couldn't make up her mind to buy her clothes but ended up buying for someone else. She bought a formal shirt made from Italy for dad. Now dad has more choice on wearing for special occasion. As we walked on, we saw a white long sleeve shirt displayed in Elements. I tried on and it fits well. This type of shirt can't be found in any other shopping mall. I wanted to grab the slacks too but expensive >.<. Considered Pavillion is like The Gardens, well......price are expected high. The stuff sold there are more high class than Mid Valley and 1 Utama. The shirt was new arrival so no discount. Grandma paid for me. I have no worries on what to wear for presentation! Thanks grandma =).

one of the entrance to Parkson
a cafe inside Parkson for us to have teabreak
fitting room......

ladies washroom......

Cousin bro brought us to Westin Hotel for lunch to celebrate grandma's belated birthday. We had to walked across the road to the hotel. Oh and there were horses designed beautifully placed under the hot sun. Cousin bro and grandma was rushing so I quickly took a picture of the horses. Very absract, suitable for designing especially Lily's class =p *Steals the idea*.

As we reached the restaurant, we got a table and ordered quite alot from the dim sum buffet lunch menu. We can order as much as we want. Then we had desert. We purposely ordered some desert to tempt grandma to eat. She had one scoop for each desert we ordered and she prefers the mango rice milk something something. It wasn't too sweet like the other two. Although she said "Aiya....too sweet. I dun wanna eat. Later diabetes. You all eat la" while pushing the desert away, grandma couldn't resist her lust for sweet food, pushed back to her and finished that desert by herself XP. Called up for bill, cousin paid for it........o.0..even with the member card it's costly (come'on! we're eating in a hotel!! HOTEL!!!). We walked back to Pavillion continue walking the same area. Pavillion so big how to walk finish. Leo was there too. My battery phone died so didn't get to contact and meet him there. Too bad~ =p

open kitchen

food~! XD
desert~! XP

mango pudding =3

enjoying the pudding!

grandma and I =)

fashion bro~

At the end, grandma didn't get anything for herself. Mission failed~ -_-. We had dinner at The Greenview later at night.