Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bball time XD

Times of arcading is switched to sports. A more healthy activity that does not require money to pay to play everytime except buying the basketball. I stayed back at college on Firday to discuss the advertisement with Syafiq while they hunt around for basketball. It was a waste of time discussing with him. Hardly any ideas gotten from him. I end up coming up the vitamin water product. Left asap to joined my gang at Pyramid. Then, we headed to the nearest basketball court. Leo and KK team against Howe, Ruz and Ivan. Leo's team won at the end. Hurray!

The next bball game was on Tuesday after presentation day. Arghh...thinking of presentation it was baddddd. Back to bball. KK couldn't come since his presentation is in the afternoon. So...this round Kok Jing, Meng Shen Hon Wai joined in. Kok Jing always shoot 3 point ball. Pretty acurate everytime he shoots. On the other hand, Meng Shen played bball really long. He has alot of experience. Can see the way he plays. I was doing my figure while watching them play at the court. Hon Wai stripped in front of me again!!! XP I couldn't shade my figure as there were wind blowing and not drawn on a flat surface. Chek Yen came to visit us!! weee~! This first time seeing him ever since he transferred to another course. Good to hear you're doing fine despite the gay guy chasing you. Ignore him!!! Stay far far away from that guy!! Back to usual me, takes out camera *SNAP SNAP* XD

game on!

waaaaaa!!! hon wai ahhh~! *cover eyes* XP


trying his shot after gotten lessons from howe. wei..leo dun kacau him!

1-on-1 game KJ vs Leo

ruz fishing at the court

Meng Shen pose no.1

Leonard pose no.1

Leonard pose no.2. hou yeng ahhhh~! XD *falls on the ground*

resting after 2nd game

lying dead on the floor after 3rd game


the ball got stuck on the net!!! bring it down boys!!

Lastly, I shall end the post with........

poser Meng Shen. no need to say.....

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