Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Lantern Festival at TOA =)

Friday, 12/09/08

My guiltyness, sadness and moodyness have finally ended. Really happy things are back to normal. Really grateful to have you as a friend who's willing to forgive me after hurting you so much and be patient with me all this time. I won't forget a great friend like you, Howe. As the issue have settle, Leo was waiting for me at student lounge. I'm sorry for making you worried *hugs*.

To add on the joyful moment, a mini lantern festial was held AT college that starts at 7pm. There were still time before the event start. Howe, Ruz, KK, Leonard and I along with Licia and Ivan headed to Mc'D for our dinner. We sat at the same place, same table and same chairs XD. We took awhile to order our food as we were too busy chit-chattiFng. Someone started up to compare our ICs. A family tree was built up, placing Licia and Howe, mum and dad (they look old mature in the picture among all of us). Licia's old hairstyle resembles KK's mum. Hence, Licia became KK's "mum" from that day onwards.......Now you have a sister, brother and mum. Who will be dad...? I wonder......lazy to edit the Ic picutre.

having fun at Mc'D

We were busy enjoying our time at Mc'D arrived about half an hour late. Some performance by the students, stomping, group singing, band..... Food was provided at the corner. You'll find noodles, kuihs and mooncakes. Beside the food corner, you see a few lanterns made by students who participated the lantern making competition. Zhi Ling, Mei Linn, Kar Leong, Mark and Meng Shen came to join the event.

stomping performance *bang box, bang tong sampah, bang bottle....*

group singing *applause for standing in front stage* XD

still enjoys the performances so far XD

everyone rush to the food when break time. faster take ah! later finish!!

There are quizes too. If you guessed it right, prize wil be given. Howe got 3 questions right and his prizes are.......

The event ended with Ruz's forced voluntary performance XD. Erm.....with the help of Leo, Howe, Ivan, Licia, KK...and whoever knows him pulled him up to stage. One way to promote your fire dancing skills. I sat front sit to record his performance. Give me credit for recording the video!!.

Never forget group pictures =)

Dad picked me up from college and then went over to uncle's house to pass some things to him. Pyramid was filled with colourful lights at night. Took shots of the entrance. Really beautiful at night. You don't see it in the day.

inside sunway
Sunway Pyramid entrance

I enjoyed alot and hoped more enjoyable times like this in the rest of my college life =).

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