Friday, September 5, 2008

badminton game after how many months??

Monday, 25/08/08
Leonard invited me to join him to play badminton with Hon Wai, Shawn, Gavin and Kok Jing. He picked me up from college and headed to Taman Megah badminton court. We were abit early, waited awhile then went over KJ's house to get him and go back to the court. Without wasting any more time, we started the game first. Suprisingly, there were a group of mat salleh pro players practising there. We were stunned! Ryan went to Genting so didn't join us. Gavin, Hon Wai and Shawn came in later. I am no match for any of them. I'm a noob!!!! How long has it been for me to play this game?? Very malu la play with them. They all so chun, yeng, smash like nobody business. Hon Wai played until so syok and took off his shirt. I was like "Hello?? I'm a girl here. Have manners will ya~? XP". Lucky thing I brought extra shuttlecock. Shawn and Gavin hit the shuttlecock stuck on top of the flourescent light. Leo drove me back home. We kinda got lost on the way because he wasn't sure which way lead to my area from his area (you should know!!! *ding*) and as for me....don't ask. Reached my home, took a warm bath and slept pretty early. Dead tired eventhough it's only 2 hours. Really fun playing with you guys. Thanks for inviting me Leo =).
My arm aches like hell the next day. I couldn't lift up heavy things what more for a spoon!?

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