Saturday, September 6, 2008

grandma's belated birthday shopping day =)

On Friday, 22/08/08, cousin bro and I were abit late back home (to my family, yes). We bought a little gift for grandma to cheer her up. It was her actual birthday and there wasn't any celebration at night. Cousin gave her Lo Wong Ka birdnest and I bought her one slice of cake from Secret Recipe~. She's happy =)

Saturday, 23/08/08

My cousin bro took my grandma and I for shopping at Pavillion at KL. It was my first time going there. The objective was to take grandma out and buy her clothes at Parkson. She has quite alot of Parkson voucher after purchasing her cosmestic products and need to use it up soon as it's gonna expired. Cousin bro used the SMART tunnel since I haven't seen it before so he showed me. One long tunnel~

are we there yet..?
yay! out from tunnel and Times Square is just there!

Got a parking and have a walk around Pavillion. We spend most of our time in Parkson. Grandma couldn't make up her mind to buy her clothes but ended up buying for someone else. She bought a formal shirt made from Italy for dad. Now dad has more choice on wearing for special occasion. As we walked on, we saw a white long sleeve shirt displayed in Elements. I tried on and it fits well. This type of shirt can't be found in any other shopping mall. I wanted to grab the slacks too but expensive >.<. Considered Pavillion is like The Gardens, well......price are expected high. The stuff sold there are more high class than Mid Valley and 1 Utama. The shirt was new arrival so no discount. Grandma paid for me. I have no worries on what to wear for presentation! Thanks grandma =).

one of the entrance to Parkson
a cafe inside Parkson for us to have teabreak
fitting room......

ladies washroom......

Cousin bro brought us to Westin Hotel for lunch to celebrate grandma's belated birthday. We had to walked across the road to the hotel. Oh and there were horses designed beautifully placed under the hot sun. Cousin bro and grandma was rushing so I quickly took a picture of the horses. Very absract, suitable for designing especially Lily's class =p *Steals the idea*.

As we reached the restaurant, we got a table and ordered quite alot from the dim sum buffet lunch menu. We can order as much as we want. Then we had desert. We purposely ordered some desert to tempt grandma to eat. She had one scoop for each desert we ordered and she prefers the mango rice milk something something. It wasn't too sweet like the other two. Although she said "Aiya....too sweet. I dun wanna eat. Later diabetes. You all eat la" while pushing the desert away, grandma couldn't resist her lust for sweet food, pushed back to her and finished that desert by herself XP. Called up for bill, cousin paid for it........o.0..even with the member card it's costly (come'on! we're eating in a hotel!! HOTEL!!!). We walked back to Pavillion continue walking the same area. Pavillion so big how to walk finish. Leo was there too. My battery phone died so didn't get to contact and meet him there. Too bad~ =p

open kitchen

food~! XD
desert~! XP

mango pudding =3

enjoying the pudding!

grandma and I =)

fashion bro~

At the end, grandma didn't get anything for herself. Mission failed~ -_-. We had dinner at The Greenview later at night.

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