Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a week before sem breaks

Monday, 11/08/08

We had gone through worst week, can relax more and prepare for Finished Art greeting card presentation. This time everyone I repeat EVERYONE wore formal same dressing XP. No other formal clothes to wear just like me. Some greeting cards are really unique and nice. At first, William called out the names according to name list then suddenly he jumped to Miki. He started calling out names randomly. I waited really long for my turn. Almost everyone's name were called out and I heard my name, third last presenter -_-. YES!! FINALLY!!! Walked in front, presented my Christmas card and asked questions regarding my stucked Santa in the chimney. Gavin spotted my faceless children. So embarassing~ >.<. Elaine was next followed by Gavin last. They were in the same group and chose Chinese New Year. She made hers like a fan and one of her pop-up makes sound to represent fireworks =). Interesting eh? Gavin told a story from his card about dragon or lion or something.....dont remember..... I totally forgotten to take pictures of everyone's card!!!! Gahhhhh!!! I want mine back!!! (left out some details =p)

Here's mine. I kinda like the cover I did. Not really complete but handed in already. I used acrylic paint to paint the blue toning for background.

Inside. I left out Santa footsteps, angel decoration behind.....

Back cover: forgot about it. I drew two reindeer looking inside the house. Just below the picture, I wrote this: NOT FOR SALE (heheh! =p) doing it just for last assignment.

I won't be seeing William for next semester. I enjoyed doing his assignments making boxes, pop-up cards and all the art & crafts. He's really tidious on the measurement. He can see if you cut out 1 cm extra or less. He never asked me to redo any of the assignments which is good. Pretty waste of time to redo when you have other assignments to rush.

William the perfectionist XP

Howe, Zhan Yang, Jian Ye, Mark, Kar Leong, Kok Jing

Gideon and Shawn behind

everyone packed up and ready to go home

Had lunch with KK at Ming Tien, bought lunch for Howe and Ruz and head to H1 classroom for short brief on L&C skills 1. We found out our marks for final assessment paper and the overall marks. I passed with 60%...........sigh.....could have done better....... Some of my classmates have to retake the final paper because not having enough marks to pass the subject. They would have pay for the paper. Nothing comes free eh?

Mei Linn, Elaine, Zhi Ling, Me =)

Zhi Ling and her brothers, Kar Leong & Mark

haha....luv your smile =D

my brothers, KK(lil'bro) and KJ(big bro) XD

you guys can do it!!! aja aja! fighting~!

Leonard and Ryan was meddling around in class. Right....typical for both of you =p.

muahahha!! you're down!!

And then.......it got weirder.....I caught them being gay in class......-_-

Chong Sern looking handsome everytime I see him =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

E2 presentation turn!

Wednesday, 30/7/08

My gang and I had lunch at KFC and saw Ruz's sis and her friend there. We went up to D1 classroom after that. Presentation have not begun, funny things happened....don't remember much. OH I recruited 2 new bodyguards =p. E2 group always did better than E1 since they have one day extra to prepare. Gavin once again got the highest among all. Mark and Zhi Ling's written assignment and presentation was good. Unfortunately, Chong Sern was unhappy with the results. The presentations in both groups didn't impressed him. He was expecting much more since we had it before but we failed to deliver. Everyone was lacked of happy expression, looking all tired so didn't give the best they got. At the end of the class, the usual me....*takes out camera* *SNAP SNAP* =D

bwahahhaa! his "ex-wife" tied it for him! oh man! *ROFL* XD

saya adalah perajurit ryan dari TOA ! bersedia lah! *twink!* ;p

why that expression? oh....i deleted your file XD haha NOT!

happy-go-lucky Hon Wai XD

introducing.....HAYATI! her first appearance in my blog XP

Miki: you! you! you! why you never do this!? why you never do that!? why? i order you to do so la XD

See Jek, Ryan, Zhi Ling.
1...2...3....eh? wrong la....why 2,2,3,4? asking me to buy this number is it? XD

Ashley and Wai Yern

Leonard and SailorRyan *twink* XP

Gavin: peace~!
Chun How: peace~!
Hon Wai: *jumps in* peace~!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

E1 presentation!!!!!

Tuesday, 29/7/08

Everyone in E1 group dressed up more formal than the first presentation. All looking smart, good-looking for guys and pretty for girls. Eventhough we were told not to wear jeans for presentation yet still some of us wore casually. Marks were deduced for appearance. The topic was about corporate identity change. My group picked Sony Playstation. We criticises how unoriginal Playstation logo is. I was not prepared for presentation at all. I couldn't remember my infos, always referring to the paper. I felt like throwing the paper away but I can't coz the infos are there~ -_- I was practically given up on presenting. Howe kept encouraging me to present saying I could do it. So, at the end I did it not my best. It was worst than my previous presentation. Some improved in their presentation skills some didn't. Howe got the highest marks for the group. I was one of the 2nd highest even with my bad presentation. Sigh.....should have done it better. Hon Wai had to take his driving exam so his was postpone next day along with Leonard. Right....after everyone presented their part, what I would always do is....TAKE PICTURE!!! XD

Ryan the next "Sailormoon" & Hua Yuan got a new haircut!! Can I still make your hair stand? =)

Mei Linn & Elaine =)

Howe & Meng Shen. Darn posers~! =p

weee~! nice smile Kar Leong

Meng Shen(again) & Chin Yau

Ryan, Leonard, Chun How, Hua Yuan, Kok Jing

OH YEA! You're the best bodyguard I have. Continue to POKE him!!! XD

Gavin doing his face feature masterpiece~

Kyweeee~ The "black" partners LOL XP

my Language & Communication Skills 1 lecturer, Chong Sern =)
he's a great lecturer and easy to chat with =D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a day before presentation

I did say I missed out some days I want to blog about. I had to constantly read Howe's blog to refresh my memory. So yea.....Howe was my partner for second presentation. We did a last minute work on powerpoint at the library. While we were doing it, Ruz was bored and took pictures of 4 of us. Nothing much to type. I prefer posting pictures than typing alot. Yea...that shows how lazy I am =p.

Bored-looking Howe there
How dare you slappa me?!
Ruz loves to camwhor himself =p

oh my...what's wrong with your neck!?

aww.....too bad it's blur. i like this pic alot =)

the best shot we took after few tries *SMILES*

Saturday, August 16, 2008

what have i done.......? >.<

I've made Howe mad over something stupid I did. Why did I even think that he would mind what I said to him? I was silly enough to hide it from him. He got frustrated over me avoiding and ignoring the question. My action reminds him of "porn addict" in my class. He tried hard to find out thinking it would be important as that day I was complaining about my problems. I never thought he would get serious about it and I'm foolish enough to play around with him. I called up Ruz for help, felt really guilty and cried while explaining the story to him......

The next day feeling moody and depressed, I didn't sleep at all to finish figure assignment. After what happened, how could I sleep..? I went to college as usual, met up with Leo and had breakfast at Ming Tien. He was emoing too. So, we sama-sama emo..... Ryan, Hon Wai, Gideon and......don't remember who else joined up and we headed to H1 classroom. I didn't put effort in my figure test as I was moody the whole morning. The feeling was really awkward. After class, I walked up to him, repeatedly apologising him and asking him to forgive me for what I did. Well...he forgave me although I think he's still mad. I'm glad everything went back to normal (I think). I don't know what I will do.....I do not want this to ruin our friendship since you are one of the closest friend I've known in college.....

ps: Leo, you still haven't tell me your story....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

crazzzeeeee weeek!

Finally the worst is over. Lily's class is finished for good. I don't need to see her anymore. Our class got nagged by her AGAIN! She didn't accept quite a number of my classmates last assignment because they passed her dateline time. Henry handed in his assignment just few seconds after she closed the submission. She just refused to accept it. Henry was angry, he screamed, tore his scenery artwork and broke his two illustration board into half. Howe, Ruz and KK were late to come class for about 10 minutes. Well...they got nagged for not coming earlier and so....her nagging continues..... I hope you guys passed the subject >.<>

The whole week was just so crazy (4/8/08 - 8/8/08).

Monday: We had to show William 70% or more completion of our greeting card. I couldn't do it in time. Got a really low mark..... He was disappointed.. Sorry sir!!

Tuesday: Malaysia Studies exam! Screw it!!!

Wednesday: Practically, the whole class was cutting the board and pasting their poster outside the computer lab. It was a mess out there! My poster sux and deduced 5 marks for handing in late -_-. I dun wanna retake Irwin's class!!!!! L & C skills 1 exam after lunch. We were falling asleep while doing the exam. Don't blame us CS. We didn't sleep for days and didn't mean to sleep on purpose in class.
Thursday: Majority of us didn't hand in 3 figures as promised. Gavin's grade dropped from A to C because of he missed out 2 figures. I got a bloody C though. Didn't hand in one figure.
Friday: Right....lily's crazy assignment. Just as I said at the starting. I only handed in the scenery and one piece of illustration board work. Well...at least I think I pass for this subject. It is also the dateline to hang the history masterpieces at the 3rd floor corridor.

There's much more to type. I left out certain days. Oh well....will blog about it later =p