Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a day before presentation

I did say I missed out some days I want to blog about. I had to constantly read Howe's blog to refresh my memory. So yea.....Howe was my partner for second presentation. We did a last minute work on powerpoint at the library. While we were doing it, Ruz was bored and took pictures of 4 of us. Nothing much to type. I prefer posting pictures than typing alot. Yea...that shows how lazy I am =p.

Bored-looking Howe there
How dare you slappa me?!
Ruz loves to camwhor himself =p

oh my...what's wrong with your neck!?

aww.....too bad it's blur. i like this pic alot =)

the best shot we took after few tries *SMILES*

1 comment:

zhi_ling said...

nice photos...wink~
glad that "everything" is over..
am i right?