Thursday, August 21, 2008

E1 presentation!!!!!

Tuesday, 29/7/08

Everyone in E1 group dressed up more formal than the first presentation. All looking smart, good-looking for guys and pretty for girls. Eventhough we were told not to wear jeans for presentation yet still some of us wore casually. Marks were deduced for appearance. The topic was about corporate identity change. My group picked Sony Playstation. We criticises how unoriginal Playstation logo is. I was not prepared for presentation at all. I couldn't remember my infos, always referring to the paper. I felt like throwing the paper away but I can't coz the infos are there~ -_- I was practically given up on presenting. Howe kept encouraging me to present saying I could do it. So, at the end I did it not my best. It was worst than my previous presentation. Some improved in their presentation skills some didn't. Howe got the highest marks for the group. I was one of the 2nd highest even with my bad presentation. Sigh.....should have done it better. Hon Wai had to take his driving exam so his was postpone next day along with Leonard. Right....after everyone presented their part, what I would always do is....TAKE PICTURE!!! XD

Ryan the next "Sailormoon" & Hua Yuan got a new haircut!! Can I still make your hair stand? =)

Mei Linn & Elaine =)

Howe & Meng Shen. Darn posers~! =p

weee~! nice smile Kar Leong

Meng Shen(again) & Chin Yau

Ryan, Leonard, Chun How, Hua Yuan, Kok Jing

OH YEA! You're the best bodyguard I have. Continue to POKE him!!! XD

Gavin doing his face feature masterpiece~

Kyweeee~ The "black" partners LOL XP

my Language & Communication Skills 1 lecturer, Chong Sern =)
he's a great lecturer and easy to chat with =D


zhi_ling said...

not to say that!
you have done greatly!
is wat i can say...

you have tried ur best!
it has been such a busy week..
you cant do much on it,
since tons of assignments still tightly bonded on you...
so, be happy with that~

try harder next time, and let's strive towards the best!

W.K said...

haha hey!
pretty lazy with updates.
it's holiday!!!! should enjoy more =p

sometimes i dun feel like updating coz alot of things happened....

get stress eventhough no assignment
will try to updates even the news are outdates~ ;)