Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a week before sem breaks

Monday, 11/08/08

We had gone through worst week, can relax more and prepare for Finished Art greeting card presentation. This time everyone I repeat EVERYONE wore formal same dressing XP. No other formal clothes to wear just like me. Some greeting cards are really unique and nice. At first, William called out the names according to name list then suddenly he jumped to Miki. He started calling out names randomly. I waited really long for my turn. Almost everyone's name were called out and I heard my name, third last presenter -_-. YES!! FINALLY!!! Walked in front, presented my Christmas card and asked questions regarding my stucked Santa in the chimney. Gavin spotted my faceless children. So embarassing~ >.<. Elaine was next followed by Gavin last. They were in the same group and chose Chinese New Year. She made hers like a fan and one of her pop-up makes sound to represent fireworks =). Interesting eh? Gavin told a story from his card about dragon or lion or something.....dont remember..... I totally forgotten to take pictures of everyone's card!!!! Gahhhhh!!! I want mine back!!! (left out some details =p)

Here's mine. I kinda like the cover I did. Not really complete but handed in already. I used acrylic paint to paint the blue toning for background.

Inside. I left out Santa footsteps, angel decoration behind.....

Back cover: forgot about it. I drew two reindeer looking inside the house. Just below the picture, I wrote this: NOT FOR SALE (heheh! =p) doing it just for last assignment.

I won't be seeing William for next semester. I enjoyed doing his assignments making boxes, pop-up cards and all the art & crafts. He's really tidious on the measurement. He can see if you cut out 1 cm extra or less. He never asked me to redo any of the assignments which is good. Pretty waste of time to redo when you have other assignments to rush.

William the perfectionist XP

Howe, Zhan Yang, Jian Ye, Mark, Kar Leong, Kok Jing

Gideon and Shawn behind

everyone packed up and ready to go home

Had lunch with KK at Ming Tien, bought lunch for Howe and Ruz and head to H1 classroom for short brief on L&C skills 1. We found out our marks for final assessment paper and the overall marks. I passed with 60%...........sigh.....could have done better....... Some of my classmates have to retake the final paper because not having enough marks to pass the subject. They would have pay for the paper. Nothing comes free eh?

Mei Linn, Elaine, Zhi Ling, Me =)

Zhi Ling and her brothers, Kar Leong & Mark

haha....luv your smile =D

my brothers, KK(lil'bro) and KJ(big bro) XD

you guys can do it!!! aja aja! fighting~!

Leonard and Ryan was meddling around in class. Right....typical for both of you =p.

muahahha!! you're down!!

And then.......it got weirder.....I caught them being gay in class......-_-

Chong Sern looking handsome everytime I see him =)


Leonard said...


W.K said...

you let him "gay" you XD

Leonard said...

I'm innocent!!!!

zhi_ling said...

hey dear!
so nice that you did update...
wee~...claps for kwan kwan!
26 aug posted article for 11 aug..
what an OLD story..

nice card, dear!
LOVE ur blue toning background!!!
the stucked Santa and the hiding children are cute and creative!
well done, kwan!

yea, will miss William alot!
we have been well trained to become perfectionist uh~
have to be EXTRA careful n patient..
still clearly remember ur "annoying" shouts in his class
*SHIT...1 MM off!*
(hey...it's only 1 mm!!)

yea, you can do a lot better for com skill...
ur English is so PRO!

nice photos!

10 days left for hol~