Saturday, August 9, 2008

crazzzeeeee weeek!

Finally the worst is over. Lily's class is finished for good. I don't need to see her anymore. Our class got nagged by her AGAIN! She didn't accept quite a number of my classmates last assignment because they passed her dateline time. Henry handed in his assignment just few seconds after she closed the submission. She just refused to accept it. Henry was angry, he screamed, tore his scenery artwork and broke his two illustration board into half. Howe, Ruz and KK were late to come class for about 10 minutes. Well...they got nagged for not coming earlier and so....her nagging continues..... I hope you guys passed the subject >.<>

The whole week was just so crazy (4/8/08 - 8/8/08).

Monday: We had to show William 70% or more completion of our greeting card. I couldn't do it in time. Got a really low mark..... He was disappointed.. Sorry sir!!

Tuesday: Malaysia Studies exam! Screw it!!!

Wednesday: Practically, the whole class was cutting the board and pasting their poster outside the computer lab. It was a mess out there! My poster sux and deduced 5 marks for handing in late -_-. I dun wanna retake Irwin's class!!!!! L & C skills 1 exam after lunch. We were falling asleep while doing the exam. Don't blame us CS. We didn't sleep for days and didn't mean to sleep on purpose in class.
Thursday: Majority of us didn't hand in 3 figures as promised. Gavin's grade dropped from A to C because of he missed out 2 figures. I got a bloody C though. Didn't hand in one figure.
Friday: Right....lily's crazy assignment. Just as I said at the starting. I only handed in the scenery and one piece of illustration board work. least I think I pass for this subject. It is also the dateline to hang the history masterpieces at the 3rd floor corridor.

There's much more to type. I left out certain days. Oh well....will blog about it later =p

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zhi_ling said...

glad that the crazy FINAL week is over..
it's tiring..
most of us din sleep for the entire week i guess...
great description about the week..
was in the toilet when lily started to kisiao..
Henry DID that in front of the class?
oh my...
it's really crazy..

well, it sounds crazy,
but i miss TOA life when i come to this boring semester break..
ahhh...i miss you guysss~!!

enjoy ur sem break, dear!
the awful war is going to start in 2 more weeks!