Saturday, July 26, 2008

sleepless nights

This past 3 weeks was a hectic for me. I only slept for about 2 hours just to finish up assignments and somehow all turn out last minute work. I did it a day before the dateline. Bad....real bad....... well of course, the result turn out bad same goes for the marks. Tangram assignment was difficult to design. Lily didn't want us to follow the reference she showed us on the whiteboard. So, I figured out an interesting pose using the 7 pieces tangram. I admit the designs SUX and I deserve low marks T-T. A few of my classmates tangram shape is senseless.......and yet lily accepted it. Only 4 ppl in my class have full 5 marks for it. The rest mostly got 2.5 that includes me =/.

Howe and I were partners for communication class. We did the assignment just before tuesday =p and it's not finished yet. We only had bread for lunch and was late 20 mins for class!! In actual fact, he did most of the typing. I felt useless for not doing much for the written assignment. Eventhough he didn't mind, I feft bad for taking credit out of it......... You're too nice Howe.....>.< *pokes* I had to run down to the printer shop twice just to print the content page: wrong numbering and works cited: no book reference and not arranged according to alpabetical order. It was my mistake for not checking the written assignment properly.

I stayed back until 5.30pm everyday to do my work. I knew I wouldn't do it at home. The bed is too tempting and I'll ended sleeping the whole afternoon. KK and Howe were always staying back late. So, the three of us would stay in the college and....SLEEEPPPPPP not meeee LOL XD.


zhi_ling said...

Thousands of Assignments
couldnt have agreed more with that!

the stupid tangram...
you have done greatly, dear!
should have blamed lily for din giving clear instructions!

and for the report..
same goes to me..
mark does most of it..
feeling bad for taking credit out of it too!...
we have the same fate..

you and Howe are wonderful pair!
glad that you got him...

must train urself to be immune to ur bed... ><

W.K said...

zhi ling......AHHHHHHH!!! *runs to you and hug* >.<

my tangram designs was bad!! i only like the postition. Kungfu panda! *KICK*

ps: lol! same goes to you. you and mark =p we are nothing more than just a friend...

pps: yea....put a cage or bar or anything to lock my bed XP