Sunday, July 6, 2008

skating = butt pain XP

It was around 1 am, Ruz told me Howe was bored needed to go out (ya..I can see that in his nickname). I was feeling bored at the same time. No mood to do any assignment. Slacking!!! XD I thought of going skating. So, why not invite them to join me? I managed to invite Ruz, Howe, Kok Kin and Adib and Zhi Ling. It was late at night. Don't expect me to call up ppl just to ask whether they want to join us.

Adib and I were the first to reached sunway. We chatted for almost an hour, waiting for others to come. He lended me Evangelion: 1.0 movie. I can't wait to watch it =). The shops were still closed when we went in. Howe came at 10am and we went in skating first. Zhi Ling wore shorts on purpose to avoid skating. I'll make sure you skate the next round I asked you. She sat at Mc'D to finish her figure drawing. Ruz and KK came in much later. Howe's main objective was to make us fall. I became his first victim......I can't sit properly thanks to you. I may failed to make you fall but....... you fell on your own. Not just once but twice on your knee! XD Big impact indeed..... Everyone stopped just to look at him LOL! He couldn't walk so he was dragged out of the ice rink. Adib brought him some ice to ease the pain on his knee. Adib said "Hey, not blue enough" and smacked the ice on Howe's swollen knee. Obviously, Howe in pain still he jokes around lol..... The four of us fell at least once in the ice rink. Mission accomplish for Howe. We met two new friends, Tarid/Tarik and Leia/Laia (sorry!! i dunno how to spell your names >.<) from err........somewhere in Arab, came to M'sia for holiday. They talked about how serious gangsterism in Saudi Arabia.

weee~! cute black & white bunny~ XD

After 4 hours of skating, Zhi Ling was practically rotting at Mc'D waiting for us to come out (She called me few times asking when are we done skating XP) . We had lunch at Mc'D since all of us are STARVING and Mc'D is the nearest and fast. Zhi Ling merajuk coz we didn't take group pic while having lunch. We'll take later ok? Food comes first...picture later. We were asking each other what are we gonna major after our foundation year. The three mc chicken guys are going into digital animaton. Big Mac eater and fillet-o-fish girls are into advertising design.

Mc chicken, mc chicken, mc chicken = major in digital animation

We sat somewhere between the old and new wing after trying to search flexible magnet for Lily's class next friday. Group shot again =D Ruz had to leave first so he's not in the picture.
My columbia gangster styled cousin came to fetch me at 5 pm. Head back home, took a shower then sleepppppppp. arghhh....butt ache!

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