Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are you a Waste or Saviour?

Talk about go green!, save the trees, Earth Hour. How many of us are THAT "green" yet? Almost half or more what we are using are from trees. The more we use, the more it is manufactured, the slower the plantation would be. Trees do grow slow like us.

I came about this board at Burger King while my class has a sort of trip to Kinokuniya. We all know we uses napkins to wipe our hands, or mouth, the tables and etc. since we often get our mouths full with sauce. Have you ever wondered how many napkins do you use for a meal? And so, the board said so:
Test how many napkins you used!

If you do not want to be part of the listed above, its easy!:
1. Just lick your mouth like a cat XP.
2.Use your OWN tissue XD.
3.Wash your mouth in the washroom.

I assume this board above applies to the number of napkins "they give". There you have it. Solutions!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

lemme conclude with this first:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A night at campus

15 hours left to 15.10.10, 5pm

What is it like to have midnight class? We often see vampires like Kuran Kaname and his subordinates have their classes at night. The difference they sleep in the day, wake up at night. As we HUMANS, work from day to the next day. It's been long I remembered working nonstop for 2 to 3 days with less than an hour sleep.

I would never expect I would even spend a night at my college. This was an exception. Anyone who had participated Kancil Awards was seen overnight at A1 classroom. Not everyone overnight but majority of them. What made the day even more thrill and amaze is our SS lecturer was there with us throughout the whole night. He spent the night with us to help out with our work. He is someone we truly look up to. He’s like a total father to all of us. During midnight, a few of us were already dead and he is still awake. Not to mention, I get to see his super SS and cacat mode during critique sessions. How anal can a person be? I witnessed it.

Staying at night meaning I’m joining DG students too. KJ, Gideon and Syafiq was around that night.

Gabriel came in “WOAH! What are you guys doing in my class?” We occupied his class in the morning as well =p. Sorry Gab.

Something I really learn when involving photoshoot,

  1. Plan ahead the whole photoshoot. The pose, the clothing, the props, shots, scene and etc
  2. Go all out in dressing. No thinking about saving money or so. It’s about doing it right!
  3. Never think photoshop will solve all problems. Doing it well at the beginning will save editing time.
  4. How to entertain your models
  5. Find the right people. Shyness is not allowed.
  6. Not to be afraid to ask guidance
  7. Meet the objective shots then consider extra shots

My group was rushing shit. We arrived at the office around 5.05pm. I was already half-dead waiting for my turn. We got to know there are groups who came as early as 7 am to submit their work. Impressive… I would rather utilize the few hours to perfect my work. It’s too early to submit.

After submission, we went to IKEA to chill out abit. We were not in our right minds. We had dinner with the others. Finally, I felt this heavy duty had gone off. I just need my bed now.

Ad Unplugged 2010

Thursday, 28.10.10

Junny and Fei failed to come on time due to overslept. Even so, we are considered one of the “earliest” people to arrive. The workshop was dragged to 10.30am to begin. The whole concept of the workshop is how mutant are you. Literally, we are called the mutants and the 6 ECDs who are the judges are the supermutants. We had Alan, a New Zealand dude from an agency to fill up our group space. Welcome Alan!

It’s such an irony we are to do the same brief as Kancil Awards 2010: create UOX the talk of the town. It does haunt any of us who went through the pain and suffer of purple and orange. Seriously, AGAIN?! We were stonning and writing old ideas or possible ideas that may work. It can be good and bad for us. The challenge this time is to come out a great idea in 4 hours. The good thing is we sorta know what should and shouldn’t include when brainstorming for UOX. The bad thing is coming out new ideas that will capture attention in 4 hours. It wasn’t really easy if it weren’t for Hissham, our group ECD to pinpoint. I was given an opportunity to understand other people who I have not worked before.

Once we decided the idea to use, Alan wrote the steps and I drew out the execution image. It took everyone to outline the images to hasten the speed. It was almost time for submission!

While the judges are deciding, there was a talk of how advertising is change throughout the years. Trend changes all the time. How to build a story around the trend using the technology to interact with the people? The first thing to consider is answer your objective and then connect the audience. A SIMPLE idea can make it BIG. I feel audience participation will make your campaign work whether it’s a simple or big idea.

The climax has arrived. To make the situation more suspense, the emcee announced the 7 finalist. Fei got excited and stood up. Everyone was stunned LOL. Edmond’s group was also one of the finalists. Our hearts was beating damn fast. Edmond’s group was called out!! Hooray! Next was my group! YAY! Seriously, we jumped with joy. To think our college had taken all was truly amazing.

We got ourselves free tickets to Kancil Award Nights 2010! Get to save RM300 from it. Great Experience, great meeting with ECDs, great people and great ideas. Thumbs up to everyone who came for the workshop.

Can’t wait to tell Kins. Oh! Not to mention his birthday is coming Tuesday. How are we gonna surprise him?

Good job Fei, Kenny, Yvonne, Alan, Johnathon, Junny, Celine, Edmond and Ejin!! Seeya guys at Kancil Award Nights!!

PS: Big credits to Kar for snapping pictures for us ^^

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Year 10.10.10

On hour 1000, I watched Ben 10 marathon. That's all I could think when I think of "10". Who says Ben 10 are only for young teens? XD

I still live in the age of watching cartoon. Never too old for it =D.
Happy 10.10.10!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cacated mind

just when my group was about to grasp the direction and idea for the "ganjiong" award (quoted by XQ), everything fall apart. I witnessed one of Kins "super SS mode", speechless I am. given a blow then receiving a wholely "jokes" from him surely changes the mood at that moment. never easy to be an ECD. really impressive when you are working from day to night talking nonstop and able to come out "cacat" yet "relevant" solution. finding the KISS idea is extremely tidious. after yesterday long SS and analysis, our brains went cacated.

let us all be SS and cacated for time being. spread the SS-ness~

ps: for readers, SS means syok sendiri (self - enjoyment)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Symphonic touch

Just as I do my daily surfing on my personal interest of CGs, I managed to find out a particular MMORPG name that I forgotten years back. I came to know Zera: Imperan Intigue as its character art got me interest. This game is developed by Nexon and sadly, it has been closed down. Another reason than just beautiful artworks, never to forget music plays a big part in games too. I'm very captivated with symphonic music. It just give me a great sense of emotion. I would always feel I'm in the ballroom with dancing my partner. hahahah XD typical fairytale imagination. Here are the two different version of the character selection in Zera. The difference is the solo part either its played with violin or clarinet. Both have its unique melody =D.

Clarinet solo

violin solo

credits to uploaders XD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have Homeway at home

Feiyan made homemade subway for Ween Lin and I today~ Totally mixed up ingredients and sauces. Use anything we can find in the fridge and heat it up. We also finished spicy spaghetti with tomatoes that her mum cooked. Totally had heavy breakfast. Thanks Feiyan~ This is what we add in:

oatmeal bread
tomato sauce
cilli sauce
bbq sauce
balsamic vinegar
black pepper

there we have it!

one word: AWESOME! Why not make one yourself? =)

edit: mind the cacat taken photo with my camera phone

Weird combination! (or not?)

For past few weeks, my group overnight at Von's house for our utmost tiring project: Aquaria. I would always have breakfast in the morning. The only things I found that interest me are biscuits, garlic spread, cheese and mayonnaise. What do I do with it? Mixed em' up! XD You'll get to taste 3 flavours very strongly and it is pretty feeling. (sadly no pictures)

Just yesterday, I decided to make my own breakfast since Raspberry bread's cost me RM2 a day. I could save RM8 a week!. Asked mum to buy tuna spread with mayonnaise. This time, I tried out with bread and tuna with mayonnaise and cheese with butter!. Manage to make 4 slices of bread since I woke up late. Made one for Junny since he was pms-ing the day before XP. Turns out the bread is delicious! XD Thanks for the compliment =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Its just how it is

I practically just want to abandon blogging. I dont feel any motivation of typing about my life. Everything had been nothing but sadness, frustration and anger. I had to endure 2 months of family frustration. Not to mention my first time witnessing such horrific actions and behaviour of my dearest family member. Screaming nonsense, shouting, hitting, throwing things, you name it. Imagining seeing all these almost everyday from morning till midnight. Bringing back the past that has no relation with younger generation and dragging them in or their childrens past. It doesnt makes sense actually. Thats how one person will act when they got lost control of themselve. He/she wouldnt care less of how bad spoken they are and hurt people's feeling. They wouldnt accept and refuse to accept the fact that lies in front of their eyes. I dont need to be reminded about the past as I have eyes to see who didnt their part as and adult. I wouldnt blame the person for reacting that way for she had been mentally tormented due to her close minded thinking, keeping everything in her heart. No one would understand what I felt unless you've experience what I've been through. I appreciate friends and family who cares for me

I am greatly affected by it and may lose my sanity anytime soon. I'm still able to keep my mind straight up till now. Probably my philosophy "I look forward and never look back" that has been pushing myself. Other than that, I cant say Im in good shape. I'm not gaining weight, my arms are skinny and low blood pressure. What's the cause of low blood pressure eh?

I do feel lonely at times since my close friends have gone overseas for studies. Even though we are separated by the huge deep ocean and time difference, that wont stop us from reaching each other!!!! T^T I shall await you guys return.........*gaze into the sky*

Its time I should stop whining about my how shit my life is now. IT'S JUST HOW LIFE IS. I will always remind myself there are other people suffer more than me. Shit things happen for some reason whether you believe it or not. It may be a test by the higher up *points* or it could be just pure bad luck. Nevertheless I'm glad my grandpa has recovered more than we could imagine. Thats all I ask. Off to play Supreme Commander with my comrades!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cute & bloody!!!

What is cute and bloody I’m talking about? This is referring to a PS3 demo game that i’ve played few days back which is known as THE FAT PRINCESS. Yup, “THE FAT PRINCESS” weird title huh? Its not just a plain random title, its a game about the fat princess itself! Make sense right? LOL. I’m only stuck with one map since I’m playing the demo version. Maybe I might purchase the full game for RM50. There’s no cd for it since the game is so small.
One of your quest is to save your princess which is locked up at the enemies castle. How did “The Fat Princess” came about? Technically, your princess (slim) loves to eat cakes. Your enemy will feed her with cakes to make her fat! When she gets fatter, she gains weight make it harder for you and your teammates to carry her back to your castle.
I mean REAL OBESE!! anymore cakes?
You start of as a peasant with 2 lives along with the stun ability and run fast. Surely you wont last long with just as a peasant. You have 5 classes to pick: priest, mage, worker, ranger and warrior. I always start of with worker to get resources and I find it very useful. You can switch into any of it anytime you want by picking up their specify class hats. Each classes have their own abilities. They have their 2nd ability if you upgrade their buildings.
Workers: axe wielder – chop trees, mine ore and upgrade buildings. 2)bomb killer
Priest: 1)the healer – heals party members, 2)the dark priest – suck people’s life,
Mage: 1)Fire caster – damage higher 2)ice caster – freeze enemies,
Ranger: 1)bow and arrow – shoot faster, 2)gun – shoot slower, damage higher
Warrior: 1)sword & shield – block attacks, 2)javelin,

You may choose to collect resources to upgrade your classes building or become an offensive player and hunts people down and save your pretty princess. A worker class can only cut down trees, mine ores, upgrade buildings, The overall presentation is colourful, cutesy characters but bloody XD. You see bloods everywhere whenever you hurt or kill a player. Body parts are scattered around. It doesn’t look gory at all. That’s the fact it make the game interesting~ XD which I think. Most of the time you will be multi-playing with other online players. Much more challenging than playing with pc. There are rankings for every player. If you are rank 1st in the winning side, you will turn into an unbeatable grim reaper until the new game begins. Wherelse if you are ranked 1st in the losing side, you will transformed into an unbeatable big chicken. Really jokes la.......This game revolves with strategy and teamwork. You can communicate with other players to cooperate who does what and so. Since I don’t own a microphone, I’ll just have to look at the situation and change my strategy to save the princess and defend the castle.
One of the round I’ve played, I have no idea how 2 grim reapers appeared. Apparently, I was one of the top players along side with another player. It’s funny since there will only be one top player unless we both have the same scores at the same time. How coincident~
look at the blood~~~~ bwahahahah!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

news news~

what you're about to read is yet another not so good news. really....whats wrong with this year...? and its just early of the year. I'm reviving my blog with BAD NEWS rather than good. Not that I wanted to but thats what have been happening around me. I've heard nothing but more bad news. Regarding my grandpa's situation, I would say he is "quite" stable up till now. Its been about 3 weeks he admitted to hospital. My family almost had a heart attack two weeks back. It was great when we see him getting better day by day, able to move his left side of the body and gain his concious back. His feelings came back as well and thats where it is hurting. He was crying, angry at himself of his position when he was still in ICU.

A couple days later, he was transferred to HDU, not so serious as ICU. He responded our calls with nods, hand gestures and even try to talk but couldnt. Blood pressure goes up and down. The bleeding in his left brain have stopped which is good news!! As he knew he is sorta getting better, he began impatient, moved vigorous showing off by moving his legs that he is moving!. Oh...the next thing I heard, he even tried to come down from the bed!! gosh!!! Due to that, his pressure got much higher than before. He also tried writing but not so clear. He was moved to normal ward a few days later.

On the day he was moved to his room, around nighttime he wasnt responsive. We call him, shout at him, shake him yet no reaction from him. His breathing and heartbeat was very shallow. About 30 secs later, he took a deep breath, heartbeat back to normal for few secs and he goes back shallow. This goes on for as along as we are there. Immediately call the nurse, gave him oxygen mask and was sent back to ICU..... For that moment, we thought we were gonna lose him. To be truthful, Im not ready.... I'm still hoping the best from him. Despite hearing discouragement from others, I believe he can heal and it is not his time to leave yet. I would not expect him to recover as well as how he is before. Im still praying till this day. His condition was back to where he entered hospital.

Apparently neurologist surgeon didnt do a good job, changed to a new neurologist. He was stablelise and moved back to normal ward. We were happy he managed to move his throat. Energy coming back slowly. He was restless...moving here and there.....pulling tubes and stuff around him....asking to go home.... The new neurologist gave him a traditional chinese medicine which will him gain energy easily. It works well on him. It was a miracle!! Rushed to the hospital, saw him sitting on the chair with his eyes open!! He even waved at us, crossed his legs (gosh!), even place his face on his hand looking boredly. Hahaha!! You have no idea how happy I was. I almost cried with joy. Really thank God! Its a huge recovery for him. Ever since then he is more awake and energetic. Well...still not strong enough to stand up on his own or do usual things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some ungrateful friend

I was sorta rushing my advertising visual assignment last night until I received a msg from a friend. He was emoing telling me about his relationship problems, asking if he could call me. I said no as im concentrating on rendering my visual but i'll read your msg online. It'll be pointless since my mind is so focus on the screen than the phone. The next thing he said "I'm SELFISH. I'm just like her gf. All girls are the same." WTF is that? Comparing me with her? Oh please~~ I'm hear at least making an effort to listen your rants and you're saying this to me? Who's selfish now? I'm sorry~ Go find your "buddies" or anyone who is more free to listen your call. You dont appreciate a lil help. Don't come find me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Answer my prayers.....

A brand new year where everyone set their own resolutions on what to achieve, what to do and such. Here I am hoping for a better year, guess it doesn't work all that well all the time..? I was having a fun time chatting with my old friend and bullying Kai in her chatroom and something shocking happened. What I most feared had happened few hours ago.

Around 2am, I heard aunt panicking about grandpa. Found him lying on his bed, dad kept on talking to him right beside him. He couldn't move. He can't open his eyes, he has no control of his left part of the body, right arm kinda shaky, he refuses to go to hospital. Cousin bro, sis and aunt calls the ambulance and to be told will be arriving 10 minutes later. That is way too long. Without hesitating, dad and cousin bro carry him to the car and head to the hospital. Entered the emergency room, had brain x-ray, found out he got a stroke. This time round its moderately severed bleeding at his left brain which is much more serious than he had before. Grandpa was sent to ICU. I saw two patient in separate rooms. One of them were mourning or something. Nurses busy walking in and out for that patient's room. Doctor arrived and explain even more detail. They couldnt do anything for now as his blood pressure is high, chances any medication given may cause the veins to shrink which then will cause more problems. We had to wait for 48 hours for another check up to see if he has stabilise. Doctor said he most likely will have to stay on bed after he recovered. This is just unexpected. I couldn't held on my tears and walked out of the room. We were asked to prepare for the worst. We do know at his age, he is bound to have some serious case. Came back at 5am, couldn't sleep, couldn't work and cant stop worrying. I wish, I pray, I hope, I want him to get well. I want him to be safe for he is whom I care and love the most in my life. I do not know if dear God would answer my prayers, please let him pass through this stage.