Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cute & bloody!!!

What is cute and bloody I’m talking about? This is referring to a PS3 demo game that i’ve played few days back which is known as THE FAT PRINCESS. Yup, “THE FAT PRINCESS” weird title huh? Its not just a plain random title, its a game about the fat princess itself! Make sense right? LOL. I’m only stuck with one map since I’m playing the demo version. Maybe I might purchase the full game for RM50. There’s no cd for it since the game is so small.
One of your quest is to save your princess which is locked up at the enemies castle. How did “The Fat Princess” came about? Technically, your princess (slim) loves to eat cakes. Your enemy will feed her with cakes to make her fat! When she gets fatter, she gains weight make it harder for you and your teammates to carry her back to your castle.
I mean REAL OBESE!! anymore cakes?
You start of as a peasant with 2 lives along with the stun ability and run fast. Surely you wont last long with just as a peasant. You have 5 classes to pick: priest, mage, worker, ranger and warrior. I always start of with worker to get resources and I find it very useful. You can switch into any of it anytime you want by picking up their specify class hats. Each classes have their own abilities. They have their 2nd ability if you upgrade their buildings.
Workers: axe wielder – chop trees, mine ore and upgrade buildings. 2)bomb killer
Priest: 1)the healer – heals party members, 2)the dark priest – suck people’s life,
Mage: 1)Fire caster – damage higher 2)ice caster – freeze enemies,
Ranger: 1)bow and arrow – shoot faster, 2)gun – shoot slower, damage higher
Warrior: 1)sword & shield – block attacks, 2)javelin,

You may choose to collect resources to upgrade your classes building or become an offensive player and hunts people down and save your pretty princess. A worker class can only cut down trees, mine ores, upgrade buildings, The overall presentation is colourful, cutesy characters but bloody XD. You see bloods everywhere whenever you hurt or kill a player. Body parts are scattered around. It doesn’t look gory at all. That’s the fact it make the game interesting~ XD which I think. Most of the time you will be multi-playing with other online players. Much more challenging than playing with pc. There are rankings for every player. If you are rank 1st in the winning side, you will turn into an unbeatable grim reaper until the new game begins. Wherelse if you are ranked 1st in the losing side, you will transformed into an unbeatable big chicken. Really jokes la.......This game revolves with strategy and teamwork. You can communicate with other players to cooperate who does what and so. Since I don’t own a microphone, I’ll just have to look at the situation and change my strategy to save the princess and defend the castle.
One of the round I’ve played, I have no idea how 2 grim reapers appeared. Apparently, I was one of the top players along side with another player. It’s funny since there will only be one top player unless we both have the same scores at the same time. How coincident~
look at the blood~~~~ bwahahahah!!!

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