Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have Homeway at home

Feiyan made homemade subway for Ween Lin and I today~ Totally mixed up ingredients and sauces. Use anything we can find in the fridge and heat it up. We also finished spicy spaghetti with tomatoes that her mum cooked. Totally had heavy breakfast. Thanks Feiyan~ This is what we add in:

oatmeal bread
tomato sauce
cilli sauce
bbq sauce
balsamic vinegar
black pepper

there we have it!

one word: AWESOME! Why not make one yourself? =)

edit: mind the cacat taken photo with my camera phone

Weird combination! (or not?)

For past few weeks, my group overnight at Von's house for our utmost tiring project: Aquaria. I would always have breakfast in the morning. The only things I found that interest me are biscuits, garlic spread, cheese and mayonnaise. What do I do with it? Mixed em' up! XD You'll get to taste 3 flavours very strongly and it is pretty feeling. (sadly no pictures)

Just yesterday, I decided to make my own breakfast since Raspberry bread's cost me RM2 a day. I could save RM8 a week!. Asked mum to buy tuna spread with mayonnaise. This time, I tried out with bread and tuna with mayonnaise and cheese with butter!. Manage to make 4 slices of bread since I woke up late. Made one for Junny since he was pms-ing the day before XP. Turns out the bread is delicious! XD Thanks for the compliment =)