Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weird combination! (or not?)

For past few weeks, my group overnight at Von's house for our utmost tiring project: Aquaria. I would always have breakfast in the morning. The only things I found that interest me are biscuits, garlic spread, cheese and mayonnaise. What do I do with it? Mixed em' up! XD You'll get to taste 3 flavours very strongly and it is pretty feeling. (sadly no pictures)

Just yesterday, I decided to make my own breakfast since Raspberry bread's cost me RM2 a day. I could save RM8 a week!. Asked mum to buy tuna spread with mayonnaise. This time, I tried out with bread and tuna with mayonnaise and cheese with butter!. Manage to make 4 slices of bread since I woke up late. Made one for Junny since he was pms-ing the day before XP. Turns out the bread is delicious! XD Thanks for the compliment =)

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