Sunday, October 31, 2010

A night at campus

15 hours left to 15.10.10, 5pm

What is it like to have midnight class? We often see vampires like Kuran Kaname and his subordinates have their classes at night. The difference they sleep in the day, wake up at night. As we HUMANS, work from day to the next day. It's been long I remembered working nonstop for 2 to 3 days with less than an hour sleep.

I would never expect I would even spend a night at my college. This was an exception. Anyone who had participated Kancil Awards was seen overnight at A1 classroom. Not everyone overnight but majority of them. What made the day even more thrill and amaze is our SS lecturer was there with us throughout the whole night. He spent the night with us to help out with our work. He is someone we truly look up to. He’s like a total father to all of us. During midnight, a few of us were already dead and he is still awake. Not to mention, I get to see his super SS and cacat mode during critique sessions. How anal can a person be? I witnessed it.

Staying at night meaning I’m joining DG students too. KJ, Gideon and Syafiq was around that night.

Gabriel came in “WOAH! What are you guys doing in my class?” We occupied his class in the morning as well =p. Sorry Gab.

Something I really learn when involving photoshoot,

  1. Plan ahead the whole photoshoot. The pose, the clothing, the props, shots, scene and etc
  2. Go all out in dressing. No thinking about saving money or so. It’s about doing it right!
  3. Never think photoshop will solve all problems. Doing it well at the beginning will save editing time.
  4. How to entertain your models
  5. Find the right people. Shyness is not allowed.
  6. Not to be afraid to ask guidance
  7. Meet the objective shots then consider extra shots

My group was rushing shit. We arrived at the office around 5.05pm. I was already half-dead waiting for my turn. We got to know there are groups who came as early as 7 am to submit their work. Impressive… I would rather utilize the few hours to perfect my work. It’s too early to submit.

After submission, we went to IKEA to chill out abit. We were not in our right minds. We had dinner with the others. Finally, I felt this heavy duty had gone off. I just need my bed now.

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