Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ad Unplugged 2010

Thursday, 28.10.10

Junny and Fei failed to come on time due to overslept. Even so, we are considered one of the “earliest” people to arrive. The workshop was dragged to 10.30am to begin. The whole concept of the workshop is how mutant are you. Literally, we are called the mutants and the 6 ECDs who are the judges are the supermutants. We had Alan, a New Zealand dude from an agency to fill up our group space. Welcome Alan!

It’s such an irony we are to do the same brief as Kancil Awards 2010: create UOX the talk of the town. It does haunt any of us who went through the pain and suffer of purple and orange. Seriously, AGAIN?! We were stonning and writing old ideas or possible ideas that may work. It can be good and bad for us. The challenge this time is to come out a great idea in 4 hours. The good thing is we sorta know what should and shouldn’t include when brainstorming for UOX. The bad thing is coming out new ideas that will capture attention in 4 hours. It wasn’t really easy if it weren’t for Hissham, our group ECD to pinpoint. I was given an opportunity to understand other people who I have not worked before.

Once we decided the idea to use, Alan wrote the steps and I drew out the execution image. It took everyone to outline the images to hasten the speed. It was almost time for submission!

While the judges are deciding, there was a talk of how advertising is change throughout the years. Trend changes all the time. How to build a story around the trend using the technology to interact with the people? The first thing to consider is answer your objective and then connect the audience. A SIMPLE idea can make it BIG. I feel audience participation will make your campaign work whether it’s a simple or big idea.

The climax has arrived. To make the situation more suspense, the emcee announced the 7 finalist. Fei got excited and stood up. Everyone was stunned LOL. Edmond’s group was also one of the finalists. Our hearts was beating damn fast. Edmond’s group was called out!! Hooray! Next was my group! YAY! Seriously, we jumped with joy. To think our college had taken all was truly amazing.

We got ourselves free tickets to Kancil Award Nights 2010! Get to save RM300 from it. Great Experience, great meeting with ECDs, great people and great ideas. Thumbs up to everyone who came for the workshop.

Can’t wait to tell Kins. Oh! Not to mention his birthday is coming Tuesday. How are we gonna surprise him?

Good job Fei, Kenny, Yvonne, Alan, Johnathon, Junny, Celine, Edmond and Ejin!! Seeya guys at Kancil Award Nights!!

PS: Big credits to Kar for snapping pictures for us ^^

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