Thursday, July 3, 2008

a tour around KL

28/6/08, Saturday

After Drawing 1 class, my friends and I had lunch at Ming Tien. We stayed there quite awhile till 2.30 pm chatting and goofing around. Our bags practically took over a table. While they were still sitting there, I took out my camera and took random snapshots of them. Pictures tells it need to write much XD

Starts of with........ not in an order but who cares!!

Zhi Ling, Yoshi!, Me =) and.......ruz hand behind -_-(im too lazy to erase i'll let you off this time ruz)

Miki's silky hair~ jealous jealous XP. aww...don't hide yourself =p

Haha! caught ya XD

Not you too KK

You can't hide from me...... =) *snap*

since when you start dressing like Leo?

Mark, KL.....Why so depressed ah?

Howe and his "opened can" so cheesy~ XP

Finally with a groupie pic =)

hmm...where's KK?

I didn't want to go home early so I joined Mark, Zhi Ling, Kok Kin and Kar Leong to K.L. By the way, it is EXPLORATION WEEK. The time where we "explore" to get ideas and have fun. We took bus no.10 dropped off at Puduraya. Mark wanted to go back to hometown at JB. We accompanied him there to buy his bus ticket. Miki told me of her past. It's good that you are making a change in your life =). Since we are in K.L, why not we head to KLCC or Times Square? Miki lead us to the nearest train station (not exactly near). There was alot of walking. The weather was hot and sunny *sweating* sigh.......

Hah! We walked even faster than you cars XD Enjoy traffic jamming =)

Abandoned prison

We've reached KLCC!!! Ahhhhhh!!! air-con!!!! We walked around, went to Kinokuniya and I met Kat!!!!!! Munyuuuu~! *huggies* I miss nyuuuu~! Apparently she was there to watch Beauty & the Beast broadway musical with her family. How I wished I could watch the musical... Tickets too expensive. No money so dun watch. Her jap teacher was there too. I heard her speak jap for the first time. Nyuuuu~! Proud of ya =) All of us was thirsty thanks to the long walk around K.L. Our bottles were dried up. So, we walked all the way to the ground floor to buy drinks. Zhi Ling drank the whole mineral bottle in one shot. Damn thirsty! dehydrating..... We went home around 4 to 5 pm. I took LRT straight to Asia Jaya wherelse they had to stopped at KL Sentral and take bus back to Sunway.

some cultural art rehearsal

weee~! the largest PLASMA TV in the world!!! Look at how big the tv is!

group pic again^^ *smiles*

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