Saturday, June 28, 2008

normal day for normal b'day

Lily ended the class early since there is nothing to teach for the time and gave us home assignments -_-(sigh....more to do..). So, I had 3 hours before the next class start. A few of my classmates wish me happy birthday =). Miki didn't know that it was my b'day. She gave me a hug and carried me up! Gosh....she almost made me fall! Me and my group of friends joined Chris and Meng Shen for karaoke at Red Box. The room is way bigger than the Red Box at the Curve. Both of them are REAL good singer unlike me =X . I sang out of tune for most of the songs and couldn't sing high tunes especially Endless Story by Yuna Ito. Miki....why did you even chose that song when either you nor me can sing that high!? Zhi Ling is pretty good harmonizing =). I don't remember which song we sang together but I could hear it well. Not later then, our food arrived. I ordered cheesy mushroom, chicken, prawn with rice. Zhi Ling was so in a singing mood that she refused to eat her portion! She gave her fried rice Howe, the "garbage" bin for food. So.....any food you can't finish or you don't want to eat, you can pass it to him XD LOL!!! just joking. Howe...if you're reading this don't be angry kay? =p. Zhi Ling make sure I don't hear any complains of you getting gastric or stomache or so.... you kena gau gau from me =).

Left to right: Me, Zhi Ling, Elaine, Miki, Howe, Kok Kin, Mark, Kar Leong, Chris, Meng Shen

The posers... =p

Peace man......

There's still one hour more before class officially start. We went to arcade to spend some time. Chui Jun and Cynthia was there playing Para Para Dance. Without haste, Miki challenged Howe at PPD. Howe did his "shoo shoo" style while Miki danced her.....erm....dunno how to explain...ok it's her style. And guess who won? It's Howe again! Believe it or not? LOL He is still no.1 in the list. I played one round of DDR with Ruz then another round with Miki before going back to coll. Ruz, Howe, Miki and I were the only ones still at the arcade. We were 5 minutes late for class. We tried using the backdoor but it was locked. As we entered the hall, it was dark, movie just started, I was surprised to see a naked lady at the beginning of the movie. Oh...not just that, the movie even showed couple of minutes of the main character making out with the lady. She was naked and the movie did not censored at all. The movie is called "Incognito". We had to write report of it. Not too hard to write as it is a movie not a documentary.

SM King & Queen in action!
I got back home, changed into my home clothes and sleep until around 9 pm. Then got up, took my bath, had dinner and went back to bed. I was dead tired thanks to lily's assignment. And so....that's my present to myself XD. Tidur sepanjang hari....zzzZZzz...ZZzz.....
Ps: Sorry Zhi Ling for not picking up your call. I forgot to change the vibrate mode so I can't hear any ringtone. Thanks for wishing me^^ You are the first one to do so. Thanks to my best pals too, Kat, ZM,WY, Lydia, Mabel...... Your messages made my day happier =) I miss you guys alot >.<

HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO mE!

() () ()
/= = =\

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zhi_ling said...

feel so proud that my name has been repeated for 1..2...3...4...5 yea, 5 times!! hahaha..

first of all,
HAPPY 18 my dear!
you have just stepped on to be an adult!
clubbing, 18sx stuff..... are waiting for you! haha..~

thanz for making up the day!
it was a contented and happy day!

kwan, you can sing very very well too!
especially with japanese songs..

yea...dat's why i earn a sickening nick name..
what the...***
singing makes me full d..
wee~...thanz HOWE!

you are lateeeee!!!
sorry for din wait for you!
the movie is awesome uh?
hahah..may be you cant truly enjoy it by sitting at the back..
again, sorry...

p/s, hng, for din pick up the fon!
pp/s, sorry, for being EMO that day..
ppp/s, not to worry, i dun have gastric!
pppp/s, wat a sleeping beauty.. and wat a "nice present" for ur bday...
ppppp/s, i owe you a cake cake.. remember? ..hehe ^^

again, happy birthday, my dear!