Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interesting day.....XD

I had to blog about what happened yesterday. There's just so many funny weird things occur. We watched three videos related to Malaysian Studies. No studies for yesterday. The first video was about how Malaysia got its independence and interviews with people who survived the war till now. At the end of the video, they show the difference before and after independence. You see part of the hand wearing British clothes steals Peninsular Malaya from the Malay girl shows British came to conquer our land. The second video is rather funny. The title of the video is "Bo Lang Chai" in translation forgotten. It started of with a play doll that speak Fucheon, hokkien...whatever chinese dialect they use, singing here and there and The video tells us about the life of jetty clan in Penang.

After class, I had lunch with Howe, Ruz, Adip, Kok Kin Mark and Kar Leong at Pizza Hut. I'm the only girl there!!! Zhi Ling you left me with them!! How could you?! XD The coincident thing is that all of us were wearing almost the same colour t-shirt. Ruz, Howe, Mark and I were wearing black wherelse Kok Kin and Kar leong wore white with greenish design except for Adip. Lol....While eating pizza, Howe was telling us his experience with "good service" in Singapore and recently at 1U. We burst into laughter XD. Not gonna say much about your experience. Your handsome looks have attracted gay indian mens.......hahhahah!! oh well.....hopefully you wont meet any indian mens with horny minds......poor you....XD. We had to pay extra RM5 for extra cheese~ for large pizza. The waitress who took our order didn't let us know! No wonder I felt it cheesy... Not going there to eat anymore because of the "bad service" your staff gave pizza hut~ =p

My classmates were studying in the library. I kept on asking Ruz to transfer files to another pendrive. Interrupted his studies XP sorry!!! *poke poke* =] *pokes more* hehehheh

L & C test was kinda bad for me. I couldn't remember certain notes so I repeated the answers for some questions. Zhi Ling's structure answer is soooooo longggggg >.< Don't write so much mah..XP. Arafad was late again. He have about an hour to finish the test. A few of us stayed back to have a chat with Chong Sern as usual. Howe mention his "good service" experience again and once again we laughed XD. They start talking about age, how old they are getting...the oldest would be CS obviously XD...Arfad next and Howe =p. I didn't know you were married before, Arafad. Chatted many interesting things with CS for quite sometime and he had to leave soon. I joined my few classmates drawing figure in the library while waiting for dad & mom to pick up me. That's it for now....need to continue with Lily's assignment and EXPLORATION WEEK is next week!! weeee~!!!

darn...I have not idea how to change and colour my animal assignment and the dateline is.....this friday.......


zhi_ling said...
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zhi_ling said...

theres lots of prob with ur post!
is YOU
you you you
how dare you?!
T.T ....

pizza with 6 guys...
kinda syok wat..

ur structure is LONG AS WELL!!!
and long doesnt mean anything..

hehe...howe's horny experiences really...funny uh?..
-good service phobia-

lily's work is killing me as well..

and last..
exploration week!!!!
but with tonnes of assignments..
"enjoy" ur "holiday"!