Sunday, June 8, 2008

My first random class photo XD

After Drawing 1 class, we were called to gather up to take class photo. It's the first photo we had ever taken. But sadly, a few of my classmates left early and some just ignored and left the class (yea...emo king). A few shots were taken with Miki's handphone and Ruz's camera. Miki's phone fell while trying to placed on a tin or something. Hopefully your phone is still working fine. Too bad the picture I received from Miki is not very clear and small. Better than nothing =/. There is it, presenting CD085-3 random class photo !!! XD

Smiley everyone^^

Not long on Tuesday, Yen (ex-class monitor) was asked to change to another course. This is due to his SPM results. He failed his BM.....o.O... The college had to follow the education rules to placed him under Certificate in Design course according to his results. The admin should have put him in that course in the first place. It's obvious they did not check properly. I did see some new faces in my class lately. Anyway, we won't forget you Yen!! Hope you enjoy your class as much as you enjoy in ours. Good Luck!! XD

1 comment:

zhi_ling said...

wee~ my dearest kwan kwan..
this is the very first comment i add for you!
touched uh?

our class is actually a very nice class! agree?
i feel really fortunate for being arranged in this class...
and it is really GREAT to have meet you!
we gotta work very hard together for this entire year!
hectic life, but enjoyable!
hopefully we won have to say "damn lily" again in future.. haha..

and for yen, yea, that's the lost of our class... T.T .. damn sad!

"you are my closest fren in class" -remember?-
frenz 4eva!!!!

p/s... rest more!