Friday, June 20, 2008

2nd time for not sleeping >.< stress~!

Lily's assignment has almost killed me for another week again. There was so much to do, the colour wheel, colour experiment, media experiment, the feeling work...... gahhhh!!! getting more and more!!!! I had to stayed up till morning to finish the work yet I can't make it in time. Supposely I told myself to take a nap for half an hour. Mark "offered" to wake me up but he didn't!! you bad boy >.<

As usual, we handed in our assignment and we get new ones, dateline next week!!!! *knock my head on the wall* We had to draw the animal assignment with different colour tonings. No restriction for the work. Just draw and colour however you like. We also need to colour the fruit or flower according to it's original colour, cut it to segments, follow and colour as many parts as you want. Lily nagged again about our attitude towards work and all. She advised us to do your best for all assignment given even if you dislike doing certain assignment. That's how we learn and experience the importance dateline.

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zhi_ling said...

everyone seems to be staying awake every thursday nite...
lily's fault!
overloaded assignments...

no @rt no life
but assignments can make ones die!